How to use pendulum  crystal ?

How to use pendulum crystal ?

Have you seen films where a pendulum is used to hypnotize someone? Yeah, these aren’t the types of the pendulum, or the way of using them, that we’re talking about in this blog post. What we are talking about is crystal dowsing. It’s a specific type of pendulum work that reveals answers to troubling questions or problems you may have.

Read on to find out what a pendulum is used for spiritually, how it works, and how you can use them yourself. But first, what is a pendulum?

What Is A Pendulum?

A pendulum is a weighted object, usually but not always a crystal, that hangs from a chain or cord of some kind. It points downwards and is most commonly symmetrical to avoid any bias in the direction of the swing.

The pendulum is the middleman between you and the universe. Ask a question and the spiritual pendulum will receive your answers, transmitting them to you by the way it moves. If you want to know how to use a pendulum, you must first learn to read the signs. But before we delve into that, what is a pendulum used for, more specifically?

What Is A Pendulum Used For?

A pendulum crystal is used for many things. Most commonly, it’s used to provide answers to questions, advice for future decisions, and to help find things like lost objects, pets, or water for example. They also have spiritual uses. For instance, they are often used for healing purposes, or for purifying the negative energy of a room. Some say they can even identify allergies through pendulum work.


How Does A Pendulum Work?

A pendulum crystal is often compared to a sixth sense. Unseen energy transmits information which causes the pendulum to move so that you can interpret it. Whether you believe it’s some kind of guardian angel, a spiritual teacher, or a form of divine guidance is up to you. The answers and the interpretation are what we’re discussing here, not the philosophical and theological reasoning. 

Some suggest that it brings together the right and left hemispheres of the brain, empowering you to make a decision with your rational and intuitive minds combined, rather than just one or the other. 

Relax, believe in yourself and the universe, and approach it with an open mind. It may just surprise you.

Which Type Of Pendulum Should I Use?

Firstly, it’s not necessary to purchase a flashy pendulum for it to work. You can get equal or better results from a basic or simply made pendulum just as well. Choose whichever one feels right for you. With pendulum crystals, energy plays a large part. You’ll want to find one that suits you and is compatible with your energy.

If you’re having trouble choosing which crystal you should use, then here’s a brief guide to three of the most popular: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Fluorite.

Clear Quartz is the most popular choice. It’s one of the easiest crystals to find and it’s also one of the most powerful across the board. The gorgeous gem amplifies intentions which can be a great bonus for dowsing. If you ask for advice, Clear Quartz won’t steer you wrong.

Amethyst is another common choice for a pendulum crystal. It has a strong spiritual connection that could increase its transmission capacity. It’s also one of the best crystals for improving decision-making.

Fluorite is an excellent stone for enhancing decisiveness too. A relatively popular stone for pendulums, fluorite assimilates positive energy which helps relax the body. These properties are fantastic for the frame of mind needed while dowsing.

How To Use A Pendulum Crystal?

Before you use your spiritual pendulum, it’s a good idea to ensure the crystal is cleansed. A simple way to do this would be to leave it in nature for 24 hours. Letting it bask in the sunlight, and then the moonlight is one of the easiest ways to purify a natural stone. Read our post on cleansing crystals to learn more. 

After retrieving your pendulum crystal, hold it in your hands for around 10 minutes. Close your eyes and focus on the stone’s energy passing into you, and your energy passing into the stone. Think of it as a spiritual bonding. You’re intertwining the crystal’s energy with your own. Some people like to recite a mantra or pray. This is down to personal preference. When charged, if you aren’t using it immediately, then keep it in a safe and comfortable location. Wrap it in something soft and store it until you’re ready to use it.

To begin, ensure you have an open mind and you’re not listening to doubts. Hold the pendulum in the hand that’s most comfortable for you. A lot of people suggest your dominant hand, but it’s only relevant if that feels more natural. Pinch the end of the cord and loop it around your forefinger. Steady yourself and relax. Keep your mind open and wait for the pendulum to still.

It’s worth noting that pendulum crystals only really work with “yes” or “no” answers. For this reason, the best thing to do first is to ask to see a “yes” result. Watch for any signs of movement. Keep your eyes peeled and ask for a “no” result. It may be difficult to distinguish the difference at first but keep trying until you do. Tension can block the flow of energy necessary for answers to be transmitted to you, If it doesn’t appear to work at first, then try again when you’re more relaxed and focused. When you’re happy with your answers, move on to some basic questions. 

Think of a few easy questions that you know the answer to first. For instance, you could ask “Is it raining?” or “Is the sky blue?” or “Am I indoors?” so that you can understand how it moves in response to questions. You’ll grow in confidence as you experience how it works.  It may swing round in circles, or it might sway back and forth. If the results are accurate, then you’re ready to move onto more personal questions.

Always remember to keep questions clear and simple. Remain relaxed and focused. Experiment and have fun! If it doesn’t appear to work at first, keep trying! You’ll get there with practice.


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