Selenite's Amazing Benefits and Meaning Explained: A Complete Guide

Cleanse, purify, and recharge your body, mind, and spirit with the amazing benefits of beautiful Selenite. Learn how to use this powerful stone in your daily life. 
Selenite's Amazing Benefits and Meaning Explained: A Complete Guide

Ever feel like you’re surrounded by dirty energy? You know the feeling. The body feels heavy and lethargic; the mind feels distracted and filled with psychic smog. Your spirit feels depleted, restless, and weary. These are signs you need a good cleansing and purification. 

Psychic smog and negative energy are all around us, but sometimes it can be stickier than usual. This is typically because our own auras aren’t vibrating with the healing energy that they should. 

It can also be due to life situations that burden us more than we realize. We continue on working and living our lives while our spiritual and emotional welfare takes a backseat. 

The power of the Selenite crystal comes to our rescue, offering purity, reassurance, optimism, and spiritual renewal. 

Origins of Selenite

Selenite is found all over the world, with large deposits in Mexico, Europe, China, and Japan. Some Selenite is found in the U.S., but our mining operation isn’t as efficient as mining overseas. 

Physical Properties of Selenite

Selenite is a form of gypsum, which is used industrially for everything from plaster to drywall. However, some forms of gypsum, including Selenite, are prized for their beauty, decorative appeal, and metaphysical properties. 

Selenite is a translucent form of gypsum that has crystallized. It is an evaporite stone, which means it has formed from evaporated water. When large bodies of water evaporate, the minerals that were once dissolved in the water form these crystals. 

Because Selenite is an evaporite, it will dissolve in water if exposed to it for too long. As such, you’ll always want to protect your Selenite crystals from water exposure. 

Selenite is a very soft crystal, having a Mohs hardness of  only 2. It’s so soft that practically anything can scratch the surface, so extreme care should be taken when handling Selenite stones. 

Selenite has a very recognizable crystal habit. A crystal habit is the way in which a particular crystal develops that makes it identifiable. Selenite forms in columnar habits, with large, pillar-like structures forming either by themselves or inside other rock formations. 

Some of the largest crystals to have been discovered are Selenite structures. They are commonly found in caves (particularly in parts of Mexico).

Most Selenite is clear in color, but because of the inclusion of other trace minerals, you will sometimes have Selenite that appears orange, brown, blue, or even green. Other names for Selenite are Desert Rose and Satin Spar. 

Metaphysical Properties of Selenite

Selenite is one of the most popular stones in the metaphysical community. It is so frequently used for cleansing and purification you’ll rarely find a crystal healer who does not have a large piece of Selenite in their collection. 

Selenite is used for both cleansing and purification, which means it can eradicate negative energy and purify your aura, leaving you feeling recharged and restored. Selenite is a calming stone that instills peace and tranquility. 

You can use Selenite to contact the angelic realm. It is said to have a direct link to your spiritual guides. Although it is a stone with a calming vibration, it is extremely powerful for facilitating spiritual growth and deepening your understanding of your own psychic abilities and intuitive powers. 

Historical Use of Selenite

Legend has it that Selenite is the stone belonging to Selene, the goddess of the moon. In ancient Greek mythology, the Titans Hyperion and Theia had a daughter named Selene. She is said to have driven the night across the sky in a battle with the light of day.  

On earth, Selenite was first named by J.G. Wallerius, a geologist who named the stone after Selene. Ancient cultures thought that Selenite was ruled by the moon and used it during certain times of the month, depending on the availability of pure moonlight.  

Selenite was used in earlier times for window glass, but because of its extreme fragility, it is no longer used for any industrial purposes, leaving it for use by the metaphysical community and anyone who loves the beauty of the clear crystal formations. 

What Is the Meaning of Selenite

The meaning of Selenite is purification. It is the ultimate stone for eradicating negativity, psychic smog, and attitudes and ideas that no longer serve. 

Selenite also means spiritual connection. It is the stone used for supercharging ethereal energy and connecting angel realms. It vibrates with feminine energy and is deeply connected with lunar cycles and the Crown Chakra. 

Selenite and Your Chakras

Although Selenite is often used to clear and balance all the Chakras, it resonates brilliantly with the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra, located above the crown of your head, is the only Chakra located outside of your body.

Your Crown Chakra works like a spiritual umbilical cord, connecting you to the spiritual realm and controlling your connection to your own spirituality and the universal energy. 

Selenite helps open your Crown Chakra, free it from negative thoughts and impurities, and release you from a mental fog. When the Crown Chakra is blocked, you may find it hard to connect to your spiritual guides. Selenite clears the pathway so that you can experience a deeper connection and enjoy richer spiritual growth. 

Although the Crown Chakra is especially stimulated by Selenite, the remaining six Chakras are also stirred, cleared, and opened by the power of Selenite. If you are working on a particular Chakra with another stone, keep Selenite close by. It works well as an accompanying stone for Chakra work and can help to keep your Chakras clear and help energy flow. 

Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite is a master healer, allowing energy to pass to and from your aura and opening your heart and mind so you can release negativity and experience purification. 

Physical Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite is often used to heal physical ailments that happen due to blocks and misalignments of the Crown Chakra. When your Crown Chakra is blocked, you may experience:

  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Headaches 
  • Issues with hair growth and regrowth
  • Scalp issues
  • Brain fog and decreased mental clarity 
  • Issues with cognitive function

Selenite can assist by keeping the Crown Chakra open, cleansed, and free from blockages that manifest with physical problems. 

Selenite is also used to help encourage proper spinal alignment. A favorite of yogis everywhere, you’ll find it has a home in practically every yoga studio as it is excellent for encouraging flexibility and keeping the joints limber. 

Selenite also helps aid with the absorption of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium. A powerful aid to help digestion, the soothing vibrations of Selenite help settle the stomach and keep the digestive tract running smoothly. 

If you’re concerned about free radical damage, grab some Selenite. Selenite releases your cells from the toxicity of free radicals and helps boost their proper function and rejuvenation. 

New parents often turn to Selenite as an aid to keep both themselves and their newborns calm. Selenite helps the body and mind relax and can increase the physical and emotional bond between parent and child. 

Emotional and Mental Healing Properties of Selenite

Just as Selenite cleanses and purifies the Chakras and the body, it also cleanses and purifies the mind. Negative thoughts and habitual patterns of pessimism can rob us of our joy and steal our mental vitality. Selenite helps cleanse away this negativity and frees you from the bondage of outdated thought processes. 

All of us can have a “glass half empty” mentality from time to time, but if you’re perpetually stuck with a negative outlook on life, you need Selenite to help you break free. Selenite promotes optimism and helps shine a light on areas of our mind that hide non-useful thoughts. 

Even those suffering from extreme sadness and worry can turn to the comforting and nurturing vibration of Selenite for peace of mind and a renewed sense of joy and happiness. 

Selenite also helps you establish healthy relationships. If you’re in a toxic relationship, Selenite can help you determine whether or not it is repairable. The energy of Selenite vibrates deeply between two people helping them stay honest and communicate with one another openly. 

Lastly, when you need calming relaxation, Selenite can help. Although it can assist you with releasing stress and worry, it simultaneously renews and restores your energy, filling you with sustainable vitality that keeps you feeling healthy and balanced. 

Spiritual Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite is incredibly useful in connecting you to the divine. Whether you seek contact with the angelic realm or wish to enhance your own psychic abilities and deepen your intuitive powers, Selenite is the perfect accessory stone. 

The magic of Selenite is that it vibrates with feminine energy that aligns perfectly with the divine. While it opens and clears your Crown Chakra, it makes you more visible in the spiritual realm. 

Those who find it hard to communicate or contact their spirit guides can feel discoverable and can easily access messages from them. 

Selenite also helps the subconscious uncover truths about the past and about past lives. If you feel you lived a past life in vain, or if you feel you have unfinished business from a past journey, Selenite can help bring the necessary memories and experiences to the surface so that you can process them and move on.

Sometimes we feel like we don’t know our true purpose for our current life. Selenite works like a compass, keeping us pointed in the correct direction and ensuring we are following the right path. By clearing the Chakras, Selenite will help you feel more at one with your true purpose and help you better understand the meaning of your life. 

Best of all, Selenite works gently on the Heart Chakra. By stimulating the Heart Chakra, you’ll be able to give and receive love on a deeper and more meaningful basis and feel the love that surrounds you and all things. 

Uses of Selenite

Selenite is useful in practically every aspect of your life, from your meditations and ceremonies to cleansing decor in your home and office. Here’s a complete guide to help you get started. 

Rituals and Ceremonies With Selenite

Ever feel like you can’t concentrate when you meditate? Grab your Selenite the next time you approach your pillow. Selenite will purify your mind and streamline your thoughts so that you are able to be present and mindful during your meditations. 

Selenite is a very powerful stone when used in meditations. Because it is so closely connected to the spiritual realm, you’ll likely experience a much higher level of awareness of spiritual beings and connection to them when using it. 

You can use Selenite to contact your spirit guides during meditation and ask questions about your past lives. 

Another great way to use Selenite is while practicing breathwork. Breathwork helps slow your heart rate, keep you calm, meditate successfully, and enjoy peace. 

Selenite is a yogi’s favorite. Placing a piece in front of your yoga mat before your practice can encourage strength, calm, and help you achieve better flexibility. 

Selenite in the Home and Office

There are many crystals that offer protection and positivity when placed in your home, but Selenite is one you’ll definitely want to include in your decorative process. Placing Selenite in the four corners of your home can create a grid of light that dispels negativity and protects against the intrusion of evil spirits. 

Selenite keeps the energy in your home flowing, purifying it and removing negative energy from all who enter your home. It’s also a great way to keep your home inviting and open to spiritual visitors. 

Use Selenite in your workspace to keep yourself calm and encourage mental clarity. When you need focus, pull Selenite close and allow it to sweep the psychic fog from your mind so you can concentrate and make wise decisions. 

Selenite can also help with troubled relationships. It’s a great idea to place it in your bedroom if you and your significant other are at odds. The nurturing vibrations of Selenite can help calm tempers, alleviate stress, and encourage love and acceptance. 

Using Selenite alongside rose quartz can help reinvigorate your passion for each other and renew and restore feelings of love and hope. 

For Healers

It’s unlikely you’ll ever find a healer who doesn’t own Selenite. This stone is a staple that they rely on in their practices. 

For Reiki healers, Selenite can help give their clients a sense of peace and calm before a session. Waving a Selenite stone over the body of their client helps stimulate and awaken the Chakras, stirring them from slumber and preparing them for balance and alignment. 

Many healers keep a Selenite stone in their rooms to ensure they do not absorb negative energy flowing out of their clients. Healers can become bogged down after a particularly grueling session, but keeping Selenite close helps the energy transferred from their clients to be absorbed into the stone instead of into the aura of the healer. 

Use Selenite to cleanse the environment and workspace once a healing session is over. Placing Selenite in the space with Clear Quartz can provide a thorough cleanse and recharge the room before your next client enters. It also helps to keep you free from attaching to negative energy left behind from the previous client.

Selenite Jewelry

Selenite is always a popular crystal for jewelry. It serves as a personal talisman of calming energy and helps to purify and renew your spirit throughout the day. Keeping it close to your heart on a pendant can stimulate your Heart Chakra, filling you with loving vibrations and cleansing your heart from feelings of anger, hatred, or ingratitude. 

A Selenite bracelet on your right hand can help you disburse joy and positivity to others and can also help you facilitate better conversations, free of malice, injustice, or untruths. Worn on the left hand, a Selenite bracelet protects you from encountering negative energy from others and ensures you don’t receive evil or malice. 

Because Selenite is a delicate stone, be sure you never wear your Selenite jewelry during sports or any type of activity that could damage it. 

Selenite Cleansing and Recharging

All crystals need to be cleansed of negative energy and recharged from time to time, especially if they are used frequently or placed in heavily-trafficked areas. Selenite is a cleansing stone and uses itself to cleanse other crystals, much like clear quartz. 

While some users do not feel they need to cleanse their Selenite, we like to say your mileage may vary. If you use your Selenite frequently or use it to cleanse other crystals, it’s a good idea to give it a little cleansing ceremony and recharge it to ensure it’s still working as powerfully as possible. 

Cleansing Tips & Tricks

Not sure if your Selenite needs a cleanse? If the benefits you are used to experiencing when you use your Selenite have seemed to fade, it’s probably time to cleanse. You may notice you don’t have peace of mind, feel anxious or stressed, or feel burdened by negativity. These are all indications that your stone may need a boost. 

Remember, Selenite is a very fragile stone. Some of the most popular methods of cleansing crystals must be avoided with Selenite. You should never expose your Selenite to water, as it can quite literally dissolve back into its original form. 

Selenite is such a soft crystal you can scratch it with your fingernail, so you’ll also want to avoid using salt granules or even brown rice. Instead, opt for the purity of lunar cleansing or sound cleaning. 

Lunar Cleansing

It’s no surprise your Selenite loves lunar energy. A moon crystal itself, it is able to cleanse and recharge beautifully within a few hours of exposure to the pure light of the moon. 

It’s best to sit your Selenite in a safe place indoors or under the protection of an awning if placed outdoors when cleansing in the moonlight. If there is a chance for weather, your Selenite could get wet and become damaged. 

You’ll get a great cleanse and recharge from Selenite that is placed in a window that has access to direct moonlight. 

Sound Cleansing

Sound cleansing is another safe and effective way to cleanse and recharge your Selenite. If you have a sound cleansing technique you love, you can use it to cleanse your Selenite. Otherwise, you can use any means of emitting a vibrational sound, like a tuning fork, music, or a chant. 

Allow the sound waves to pass over your Selenite several times while holding a cleansing mantra in your mind or reciting it aloud.

Try Selenite

Selenite is the purification stone that you need to help you achieve a higher level of spirituality. When you feel your spirituality is blocked off or you aren’t experiencing the growth you’d like, turn to Selenite for help. 

Selenite cleanses your mind, spirit, and aura, driving away negativity and sending in pure, white light that helps keep you optimistic and deeply connected to the spiritual realm. 

Your spiritual guides are easy to reach with Selenite. You’ll also be able to tap into memories and experiences from past lives and discover a deeper purpose for your current journey. 

Selenite helps keep you calm and focused, bringing renewed, sustainable energy to your body and your spirit. It’s also a great aid for relationships that need mending, providing a safe and nurturing space for conversations to happen. 

When you’re ready to dive deeper into your mediations, Selenite is your go-to crystal. It gives you the ability to focus and frees your mind of psychic smog and unserving thoughts that can prevent you from achieving mindfulness.

Purify your body, mind, and soul with the power of Selenite. 



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