Guide to Pietersite Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses

Pietersite is a relatively rare blue-green igneous rock called "blue asbestos." The stone plays a massive role in eliminating depression, sadness, and emotional turmoil. It brings a fresh aura and makes the surrounding energies cheerful and clean.

Pietersite is entirely safe to handle, wear, and use in jewelry. It also has some exciting properties and meanings! It will work on your sacral, third-eye, and solar plexus chakras to enhance your willpower and intuition.

The stone is just as powerful as it is beautiful. Having it around you will have a drastic impact on your mood and your personal growth.

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Pietersite Crystal Meaning

Pietersite is a type of quartz. The name comes from the source of the Pietersite mineral, which was found at the Pietersburg Mountain in South Africa.

The spiritual meaning of the stone is "stone of truth," which is perfect because it heightens your psychic powers and intellectual abilities.

Pietersite Benefits

pietersite meaning

Pietersite is a mighty healing stone that can be used to heal many different conditions. It is recommended for those dealing with sadness, depression, or grief; Those recovering from addictions or anyone struggling with their identity should also use it. Many other Pietersite benefits are waiting for you!

Pietersite balances the chakras and removes toxins. It can also remove negative energy from a space or person. Pietersite can help balance the chakras by clearing negativity from the root chakra, heart chakra, and third eye chakra.

You become closer to yourself and understand yourself better. It is the ideal way to realize your unlimited potential.

Let’s say you were struck by confusion and chaos before. If you keep the Pietersite around, all this negativity turns into peace. Oh, and the stone also can trigger dreams.

Pietersite can be used to purify your blood, remove toxins from your body, and help improve your metabolism. It can also be used to relieve headaches as well as digestive issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Pietersite can be used to release stress and be helpful with those suffering from anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. You can use it to relieve insomnia and help deal with negative emotions like fear, guilt, and shame.

Pietersite Uses

pietersite uses

There are many uses of Pietersite because of its incredible protective energy. Let’s list down some of the most convenient uses.

Wearing Pietersite Jewelry

Wearing Pietersite jewelry can have beneficial healing properties. It is an excellent stone to wear to help deal with anxiety or stress and is also helpful for those dealing with negative emotions and thoughts.

It can also be used as pendants or rings to help overcome addictions or help heal past trauma.

Pietersite Stone/Crystal at Home

Pietersite crystal at home can help clear negative energy from a space. It helps you create the home you want through manifestation.

Pietersite can be placed in any room in your home to help clear the energy and make it a more positive space.

It is constructive when placed as crystal lamps in rooms where you spend much time, such as the bedroom, study, or living room. It creates a more harmonious and stable household.

Pietersite Stone/Crystal at Work

Pietersite can be very helpful in your career or workplace. It can help with decision-making, communication, and taking action. If you are struggling with decision-making, place Pietersite next as a charm or crystal lamp while you make decisions to help you come to the proper conclusion.

If you are in a field where you have to communicate with others, Pietersite can be helpful in this regard. It manages stress and anxiety associated with being in a leadership position.

Meditation with Pietersite Stone/Crystal

Pietersite is an excellent crystal for meditation since it can help you clear your mind and find clarity. It is a superb crystal to help you find your true identity and purpose.

Pietersite can help you clear your mind and find clarity when meditating by helping you let go of negative thoughts and emotions.

Pietersite can help you find and express your true identity and purpose. The crystal unblocks your life path and helps you manifest your desires.

Meditation with Pietersite can help you find inner peace and calm when meditating and help you release stress and anxiety.

Pietersite Properties

pietersite properties

Finding out about Pietersite properties will leave you in awe of the power of the crystal. You must know all these properties before you consider buying the crystal.

Pietersite Healing Properties

Pietersite is a potent healing crystal that can be used to heal many different conditions. It is recommended for those dealing with sadness, depression, or grief.

The healing properties of Pietersite are beneficial for purifying the blood, removing toxins from the body, and helping with metabolism.

Pietersite healing properties will purify your blood and relieve headaches and digestive issues like IBS.

Pietersite Metaphysical Properties

Pietersite metaphysical properties are protective. It is also helpful when you need to protect your space, such as your bedroom.

Pietersite can be used to protect yourself and your loved ones from physical harm, psychic attacks, and negative energy. It can also be helpful when you are feeling threatened, anxious, or fearful.

Pietersite can also be helpful when you need to ground yourself and bring your attention back to the present moment feeling more energized.

Cleansing and Charging Pietersite

It is necessary to cleanse and charge a Pietersite after using it too much. The reason is to remove all the negativity inside the stone and return it to its initial powerful self to offer protection.

How to Cleanse Pietersite Crystal?

To cleanse a Pietersite crystal, you can use water, sea salt, or a combination of the two. You can also use sage or a smudging ritual to cleanse your crystal. 

You can add healing essential oils to the water for an extra boost! For sea salt cleansing, you can either place a crystal in a bowl filled with sea salt or use a sea salt crystal healing grid. If you use a crystal healing grid, place your crystal in the center and add sea salt around it.

How to Charge Pietersite Crystal?

There are a few things that you can do to charge or energize your Pietersite crystal. First, you can expose your crystal to sunlight! For this method, place your crystal on a windowsill where it will be exposed to sunlight. Make sure to leave it there long enough to absorb the sunlight, not just a second.

Another method is to place your crystal in a water bowl and then add a couple of drops of essential oils to the water. The water should be deep enough so that your crystal is completely submerged.

Pietersite Crystal Pairings

Pietersite crystal pairings can benefit you as they combine the power of two stones. Pair it with the Tiger's Eye stone and see how it speeds up your recovery process and improves your overall health.

The Black tourmaline combination will provide you ample protection. It keeps your aura safe and positive while helping you feel calm in stressful conditions.

The Sodalite combination will help you look into your inner self. Your intuition strengthens and helps you see the truth in other people’s words and behavior. 

Pietersite Crystal and Chakras

Pietersite can be used to cleanse the Root chakra and help us feel more grounded and secure.

If the Sacral chakra is out of balance, the symptoms include fear, shame, and a sense of being trapped. Pietersite can be used to cleanse this chakra and help us feel more creative and confident.

Solar Plexus Chakra is located above the navel and is associated with our ability to feel satisfied and content. Pietersite can be used to cleanse this chakra and help us feel more optimistic, patient, and content with our life.

Pietersite Crystal and Zodiac

Being the zodiac stone for Libra and Capricorn. It helps the zodiacs find the perfect balance and eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety during unusual situations. It offers greater clarity of mind and serenity by cleansing the surroundings and blocking negative energies.

FAQ on Pietersite

Q: Is Pietersite expensive?

No, Pietersite is not an expensive stone. It is pretty affordable even though the blue Pietersite is rare.

Q: Is it safe to wear Pietersite?

Yes, it is safe to wear Pietersite. You can use it as jewelry like rings, pendants, anklets, etc.

Q: Is Pietersite Rare?

Yes, the blue Pietersite is particularly rare.

Q: Which chakras does Pietersite impact?

It impacts the Third eye and Solar Plexus the most.


The Pietersite crystal is unique and will offer you the protection you have always desired. You will start healing from all your past traumas, mishaps, depression, and stress.

Instead of surrounding yourself with negativity, this stone will fill your space with positive vibrations to ensure you only thrive. Whether your work or your personal life, this stone will brilliantly impact your decision-making and intuition.

You can use this stone in a couple of ways, like jewelry, lamps, and placing it in bowls. However, ensure that you cleanse and charge it after a couple of uses to receive as many benefits physically and spiritually as you can!

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