While crystals are mostly known for their impressive beauty, they are also revered for their tremendous healing powers. Different crystal meanings have been uncovered over the centuries as ancient cultures connected with these gemstones and utilized them in their everyday lives.

In the modern world, healing crystals have seen a resurgence in popularity due to the New Age movement. More and more people are open to trying certain crystals to help them with their problems, and there's a good reason. Their healing vibrations cannot be denied. The amount of people that find relief from healing crystals goes to show that there is something at work here. These are far more than just pretty rocks. They have deep meanings and each nurturing stone is different from the next in the way it interacts with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

Embrace the ancient mystical healing power of crystals once and for all. This A-Z list of different crystals and their meanings and uses will cover all stones and provide links to our blog where you can delve deeper into each individual crystal.

Complete List of Crystals and their Meanings

Whether you've been searching for a master healer, a little something that enhances clarity, or a gemstone to boost self-expression, you've come to the right place. We'll cover all the different types of crystals and their meanings below, including the chakra they resonate with, the best zodiac compatibility, and what they work best for.