The Best Crystals to Fend Off Negative Energy

The Best Crystals to Fend Off Negative Energy

 After enduring months of changes in our lives this year—jobs, health, the uncertainty of what’s to come, and an influx of negative images on the news—it’s no wonder anxiety is on the rise in the year 2020. Protecting your aura has become more vital than ever. Luckily, doing so effectively has its crystal options. To combat that influx of gloom-ridden imagery, many people are turning to these earthly stones for protection from negative energy.

The true idea objective of using stones for cleansing negative energy isn’t just about hiding from the world. It’s about shielding your aura, warding off the bad vibes, and most importantly, finding a sense of strength and stability in yourself that can withstand anything that comes your way. Here are the top crystals to purify negative surroundings and help invoke protection and abundant positivity.


The Best Stones for Protection from Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline for home cleansing: A powerful blocker of negativity, this protection stone works from all directions to shield you from all that does not serve you. Because it’s so effective at purifying negative energy, it makes a wonderful addition to keep in your house—like your home’s own disinfectant for the soul. To keep your space cleansed and harmonized, place the stone in a small bowl of water and leave it in the main living areas of your home. Many people place this mysterious stone near the front door to help ward off any negativity they may be bringing home.

Amethyst for emotional protection: A semi-precious stone that has been worshipped for its dazzling purple hues and legendary origins, amethyst stimulates the Third Eye, or the Crown chakra, to enhance intuition and psychic ability. This high-frequency stone has been known to create a protective shield of Light around the wearer, purifying the aura and negative energy surrounding you. Use this gorgeous gem for greater comfort and wisdom that calms you through every undesirable environment you encounter. 


Selenite for purer sleep: Nicknamed liquid light, this crystal represents everything calm and peaceful. Known for its metaphysical properties, it allows you to connect to the astral realm when dream time comes. As negative thoughts and energies can provoke bad dreams and nightmares, sleeping with Selenite beneath your pillow or by your bed can make for sweeter dreams. 


Turquoise for safe driving: This stunning crystal has been used for thousands of years as a crystal bodyguard, defending the wearer from evil and negativity. It also protects from environmental pollution, making it a wonderful car protection amulet or positivity-invoking jewelry piece for long walks.


Rose Quartz for a better work environment: Whether you have a coworker who’s an energy vampire, an overly critical boss, or a workspace filled with harsh words and mistakes that get you down, let Rose Quartz give you the empowerment and compassion to remain open and positive. The soft and gentle energy of a Rose Quartz crystal helps you remain strong and remind you to undergo every relationship from a place of kindness and understanding. 


Bonus: Use Shungite if you work by your computer to balance technology and nature. 

Made from a rare, non-crystalline carbon mineral, it detoxifies and purifies that energy for a harmonized office space that radiates the right balance. 

Black Kyanite for toxic friends: Black Kyanite protects your energy field from those who feed off your positivity without offering you anything back. Hold it in your hands to let it understand your energy and remove your stresses and anxieties, bringing your energy field back into alignment. This powerful protection stone also acts as a sword, disconnecting you to any unhealthy ties and toxic relationships—the perfect tool for empaths who tend to carry the weight of others’ experiences with them.

For everything else, Obsidian: Obsidian doesn’t just protect your aura from those unwanted energies throughout the day, but it is also able to transmute negative energies to positive vibrations! This knight in shining armor wards of evil, fear, and anxiety so you can easily breathe wherever you go. Try a black pyramid for your workspace or room or a bracelet that goes where you go. 


How to Use These Protection Stones

Wear a protective amulet: If you feel negativity surrounding you throughout the day—work, errands, social visits, at home—you can shield yourself with a protection bracelet or necklace close to your heart as a constant reminder to check in with your energy.

Meditate with the crystals: There’s an array of powerful crystals to fight negative energy, but there’s no better way to vitalize that protective power than letting it know your intentions. Whether it’s held in the palm of your non-dominant hand, or you have a quiet place to dedicate to a meditation session, let the power of the crystal fill your body and soul with its restorative properties. 

meditation with crystals

Create a protection grid at home: We mentioned placing black Tourmaline in a bowl of water and salt by the door to collect and cleanse negativity trying to enter the room, but you can accelerate that power with a protective shield. Try placing four pieces of the black stone surrounding the room in question—one by each corner of the room or around the exterior edges—and see how light and harmonized you begin to feel.

Make a crystal body grid: If you’re feeling the negative vibrations sitting stubbornly within you, a body grid of these protection stones can help you shift perspective and fill you with joy. If you have a few of the crystals above (or whatever is calling to you), start by laying flat on the floor. 

Set a piece of black Tourmaline on your pelvis. This protective stone absorbs the darkness that may have been discoloring your mood and connects you to the wisdom of the earth, leaving you balanced and grounded.

Place the Rose Quartz heart on your chest and allow its loving energy to sink down for a breastplate of loving protection, leaving you radiating kindness and impenetrable by negative forces.

Place Amethyst on your third eye when you need a shift in perspective. Its healing protection is filled with wisdom, intuition, and light. Let it clear your mind so that you can see the wonderful moments and memories that your negativity was blocking you from.

Lastly, place a Selenite crystal at the top of your head (or hold them in the palm of your hands). Let the selenite raise your mood as it purifies the negativity in your mind and your surrounding area.

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