Setting Intentions for the New Year + Questions to Spark Ideas

Setting Intentions for the New Year + Questions to Spark Ideas

Another trip around the sun means it’s almost time to change the calendars (not to mention accidentally writing 2020 on documents for the next two months). And with the switch of the year comes a great moment to do some self-reflection. Time to reflect on what the prior year brought you, how you changed as a person, and the wonderful things you may have accomplished. 

Now we all know the year 2020 was different and challenging to get through. That’s why many people may prefer not to reflect on their accomplishments, travels, or adventures this time around but instead do some self-reflection. It was a year that tested us as human beings, and now we can use that to our advantage by turning that growth into our intentions for the new year. 

This isn’t exactly a new idea—intention setting replacing goal setting for the new year, that is. A study conducted last year by The Yoga Journal found that only 14% of their audience said they were setting New Year’s Resolutions, while 72% of those surveyed said they were forming an intention for the coming year. So let’s discuss how to set intentions with crystals, which new year intentions to choose for your crystals, plus a laundry list of end-of-year questions to help fuel these intentions.

Set Your New Year Intentions

Get your gemstones ready—it’s time to set new year intentions with crystals to invite in abundance for the year 2021! We could all use some new energy next year, right? Not so fast. Before you look forward, you will have to look back once more. It’s essential to metabolize everything you went through. This reflection will help you understand what went well, how you grew, and what you will need more of moving forward. Sit down, grab your journal, and set the mood (our favorites: candles at the crystal altar). 


ny intentions

When choosing your intentions for the new year, it’s best to focus on the “what,” not the “how.” Allow yourself to focus on Inner Guidance, and not dive into goal setting and a check-list of to-do-’s to achieve said goals. Instead, find what lit your motivation and joy so that it can fuel your intentions. 

End of Year Questions to Ask Yourself

Use these end-of-year questions to prompt personal successes and growth you’ve experienced but may not have internalized yet. You can also try asking these questions to a friend or partner and letting them ask you. Turn it into a small ritual! 

  • What is something you did that you will remember for the rest of your life?
  • What was a mistake you made and a lesson you learned because of it?
  • What was a new habit or routine you created that you now enjoy?
  • When was a moment you asked for help and glad you did so?
  • What bias did you become aware of?
  • What worked well that you are grateful for?
  • What moments made you feel true happiness?
  • What was an unnecessary “time-suck”?
  • What did you change your mind about this year?
  • What was a goal you followed up on? How did you find the motivation for it?
  • Where were my talents appreciated?
  • What did success look like? What did it feel like? 
  • What was a happy surprise? Serendipitous change?
  • What made your life easier?
  • Who entered your life and made it significantly better?
  • How did you make someone’s life better?

How to Charge Your Crystals

Crystals are incredible at storing and transferring energy. First, it’s important to understand this: Programming a crystal with an intention gives your crystal its job. Once you have an intention, you need a crystal to help manifest it into reality.

The best part is that, by giving your crystal a job to perform, you are fully connecting with yourself and your crystal, understanding on the deepest level possible what you want. It is a fabulous ritual to clearly see what is important to you and what you want to see more of in the new year. 

Understanding how to set intentions with crystals is easier than it sounds. There are many intention charging crystal rituals—moon ritual, crystal grid, guided meditation—or you can just let it be you and your crystal. Now, the crystal you choose is not what’s important here. It’s more about the intention you choose and how to charge it. If you haven’t already selected a crystal you want to work with, we recommend browsing Conscious Items “by intention” categories to find one that matches your newfound intentions. 

To program your crystal, simply find a calm and quiet place to focus and gather your thoughts. If you haven’t already run through the new-year questions above, do so and allow it to form your intentions for the new year. Once you have them, write them down in your journal to solidify them on paper. Then, grab hold of your crystals. Make sure it’s cleansed first, of course. Then, connect with its warm light. 


ny intentions crystal meditation

Breathe in deeply throughout this process and keep your thoughts focused. You don’t want to confuse the crystal with differing ideas. If this is hard for you to do, try a mantra: one single line such as “I am radiating with joy and light that brightens my life and the life of those around me.” Repeat it over and over again with the crystal in your hands. Let your energies pass onto the stone. Use your intuition to guide you and let you know when you’re done. Once complete, thank the crystal for its guidance and assistance. 

Your crystal is now charged and ready to work for you in the new year! Take it with you or leave it at your crystal altar to serve as a reminder of what you want to manifest in the year 2021. 

New Year Intentions & Manifestations

It’s exciting to know you have a charged crystal ready to serve you your desired frequency whenever you feel you need it. Be sure to check in with it throughout the year. As with any intention, things may change throughout the year. That’s totally okay! You can cleanse the crystal and reprogram it with something new. Intentions are there to serve you for as long as you need them—not a minute longer. The new year is the perfect time to invite new ideas, higher frequencies, and dream big for the coming months.

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