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Increase the Passion in Your Life

Forgo the flowers and candles this time, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to pick up the crystals for better passion. Our favorite gem bodyguards and healers have a longstanding history with returning misplaced and lost passion back where it belongs. 

Forgo the flowers and candles this time, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to pick up the crystals for better passion. Our favorite gem bodyguards and healers have a longstanding history of returning misplaced and lost passion back where it belongs. 

Typically, we seek passion to be rekindled in the bedroom. From stressful days at work, life obligations, health issues, and more, that firey feeling can fizzle before our eyes. And lack of passion in the bedroom, among a multitude of other reasons, can stifle our vigor in other areas such as work, hobbies, and family time. Either way, you need to bring back that lust for life! So here are the top crystals for passion to help energetically ramp up your appetite.

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Work with Your Root and Sacral Chakras

Your sacred energy system, AKA your chakras, has a lot to do with what part of your body and energies need healing help. Fear of abandonment, anxiousness, and insecurity are clear indicators that your root chakra is out of whack. Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine. It’s what keeps you grounded to the earth. It provides a strong sense of confidence and power that brings you security and understanding in everything that you do. When that’s off, it can leave you unsure and anxious about your path in life, disrupting the passion to move forward. 

Next, and more importantly in these matters of fierceness, is your sacral chakra. If you find yourself with low-self worth and experiencing many challenges around passion, excitement, and confidence in all aspects of life, your sacral chakra could need help. This chakra is directly associated with creativity, sexuality, and drive. You’ll find that many of the best crystals for sparking passion have energies associated with these two chakras.

In addition to finding crystals related to the root and sacral chakra, you can also choose them by color. Shades of red spark a fiery zeal that is impossible to miss. The color of passion, energy, fire, and blood, let red crystals guide you to the path of healing you desire. It’s an emotionally intense color, but you can trust in its ability to stabilize and invigorate. 

Our Top 5 Crystals for Sparking Passion

Red Garnet for Intimacy in the Bedroom

garnet bracelet and ring


Known as the stone of physical love, this is your go-to tool for healing a relationship between partners. Filled with a frequency attuned to raw passion and sexuality, it dissolves blockages held in the lower chakras to restore equilibrium to sex drive and reigniting that spark. This fiery red stone also promotes commitment and trust, working to bring partners closer together on deeper, more devoted levels. If you’re looking for the crystal to ignite passion in the bedroom, let this be the one to light the fire!

Red Jasper for Passion and Courage 

This stone is one of the most popular root chakra options for a good reason. Known as a supreme nurturer, it does so through boosting vitality, stamina, and courage. It helps release toxic emotions and ground you to the present moment, allowing you to better focus on the task at hand. Red Jasper is your go-to stone for better libido and virility in men.  

Orange Carnelian for Feminine Restoration

A bright stone for restoring vitality, Orange Carnelian helps remove blockages from the sacral chakra. It’s been known to improve circulation and regulate hormones, two important factors for feminine vibrancy in the bedroom. With a color like the setting sun, it brings warmth and energy into your environment - what’s not to love about it? 

Tiger’s Eye for Passion and Creativity

tiger's eye bracelet

Regarded as the best stone for enthusiasm and motivation, Tiger’s Eye can help restore your passion in any setting! The eclectically dark stone activates the root chakra to help flow passion and energy through your body. It can help restore confidence, release inhibitions, and give you the boost you need to truly go after your desires. Known as the stone for career-building, you’ll never doubt your abilities again. Red Tiger’s Eye, the fiery version of this powerful stone, utilizes the same confidence-enhancing techniques to increase libido and ignite passion in the bedroom. Choose either stone (or both) for inspiration where you need it the most. 

Red Agate for New Desire

If you’re timid in love and need help accepting who you are, try the red Agate crystal variety. Robert Simmons, in The Book of Stones, recommends Fire Agate for physical abilities. He said, “Fire Agate puts one in touch with the zest of living, and with this, one experiences an increase in passion, an intensification of all emotions and reconnection with one’s deepest desires. It helps one find the courage to take risks to fulfill the inner desires, which call one more fully into passionate involvement in life.”

Where to Place the Passion Crystals

On your body: Because most of these crystals are associated with the lower chakras, you can use the stones during meditation or chakra healing work. Lie down and position the crystal on its respective chakra. For example, Tiger’s Eye on your pelvis near the root chakra and red garnet on your hips near the sacral chakra. Envision a warm, red light beginning at the root chakra and moving its way up, reenergizing your entire body as it goes.

In the bedroom: As you’re be looking to revitalize passion in the bedroom, that’s exactly where you should place the crystals! The best places for crystals in the bedroom are usually under a pillow (if it’s a small, smooth stone) or on your bedside table. Try placing one stone of your choice on his and her nightstands to let the energy connect right between the two of you.

crystals in the bedroom

In a healing bath: We couldn’t talk about igniting passion in life without giving a more luxurious option for working with crystals. Sometimes, when we’ve burned the candle at both ends, self-care and crystal work can be the key to unlocking the vitality you once had. Light some incense, grab your favorite essential oil, and choose your healing crystal. Place the crystals on the bathtub near your hips to stimulate the lower chakras or set it/them directly in the water. Set your intention for the bath time and enjoy your time for yourself.

Feel the Warm, Red Light Ignite

Losing passion for things you once love can cause stress and anxiety around your path in life. Your career, your hobbies, your relationship—they all need a certain spark to keep gas in the engine. First understand that feeling stuck or bored with something that used to bring joy is perfectly normal. Life constantly sends us in new directions. We grow older and find new ways to stimulate our happiness. So set your intentions, clear your chakras, choose your crystals, and do the best you can to rekindle old flames or allow new ones to come to life. 

What’s the best crystal for me?

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