The Best Crystals for Your Family Members

The Best Crystals for Your Family Members

Communication, oneness, openness, support, and understanding are all key family values. Did you know you can make your family unit stronger by just adding some crystals to your home? Certain crystals can bring us together and give us a sense of belonging and closeness. Many crystals have specific energies that create these much-desired feelings within families. Simply place one in the center of a room to make those events feel all the more special. And for when you’re not together? A bespoke crystal gift so you know they have a crystal friend or crystal protector with them at all times. 

Here are our top crystal picks for a more robust family system and also the best gemstones to give as gifts to your family members for birthdays and holidays.

Crystals for Family Harmony

Every person can benefit from having their own crystal to work with. This is one of the best aspects of crystal healing! That they can be programmed with intentions as their frequencies begin to align with the individual and manifest the intentions into reality. What sounds better than that? But, in addition to gifting crystals to your family, you can also try crystals placed throughout the home to invite familial harmony to radiate in every room. 


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To achieve this goal, we recommend choosing crystals with bright colors such as vibrant oranges, radiant reds, and amazing oranges. These sun-inspired crystals ignite family harmony in a way that’s hard to ignore. They do so by sparking joy to the energies around them, putting the family in a good mood, and dissipating negative resentment and energies that may be residing with a family member.

Must-Have Gemstones for the Family House

Outside of the sun-soaked colors, you’ll also want to turn to Rose Quartz. The pink-hued crystal offers a nurturing sensation; one filled with love and harmony. It’s the perfect addition to bedrooms and main areas in the house to ensure your family members are cared for and cultivating a sense of confidence and self-love. Also, you’ll want an Amethyst gemstone. This purple-toned beauty radiates an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity. It can help melt away the stresses of the family which may be adding to the house’s tense energy. Place it anywhere you’d like to relax the vibrations, such as the front entrance of a house, or place as home decor on shelves. 

Other than that, there are some suggested crystals to give to family members when you see the need. Here are our suggestions:

Blue Lace Agate for Brave Children: Growing up is hard to do. For a household with small children around to a family unit that needs to move a lot and participate in new environments often, you can all do with some extra courage. Annie Davis shares in that she use Blue Lace Agate as a bonding ritual between her and her young daughter. “Giving her a blue lace agate to hold in the car and then reminding her what a brave and strong girl she is can become a grounding ritual between the two of [us].”

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Aquamarine for the Parents: This sea-hued stone belongs in any crystal healing kit. Aquamarine helps restore tranquility to the wearer. As many parents and parent-in-law’s deal with tons of stress around maintaining family harmony, it makes a great gift to the older members of the family. Aquamarine also helps to connect you to your inner self and restore lost confidence and love.

Jade for Fertility: Know someone with that special pregnancy glow? Green Jade helps balance hormones, which we know can fluctuate greatly in women who are carrying the gift of life! While it can also promote luck and is a popular stone for many skin-smoothing tools, Green Jade is a natural stabilizer and fertility stone for women who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant. 

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Citrine for Family Conflicts: Again, turning to bright-colored stones to spark happiness in place of negativity, we have Citrine. Said to carry the power of the sun, it’s a powerful stone worth a mention when discussing gemstones for family members. This bright crystal is filled with joy and happy energy, helping wrinkle out any tough problems within a family unit. It’s one of the best stone to give as gifts for two siblings who could use some unity between them or a wonderful jewelry piece for that special mother who could use a reminder that she is worthy of joy (because she spends too much time giving away joy to others!). Even better? Buy Citrine for yourself and bring it to family meetings to ensure a peaceful event, because we all know the holidays can sometimes be tough!

Black Tourmaline for Stress: Isn’t there always a family member who seems perpetually stressed out? Maybe it’s your brother or father who works too hard or your sister with too much on her plate. This person could use the protective energy of Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful protection crystals. It shields the wearer from negative energy and replaces it with only positive vibes. It’s also a protector for the bad vibrations emitted from technology, so it can make a great gift for that family member who plays too many video games, is always on his phone, or works at the computer too much. In a deep black color, Black Tourmaline is the perfect gift for men. 

Give the Gift of Healing

There are many crystals to choose from, but knowing you are giving the gift of healing ensures that you have put tons of thought into the present. And who doesn’t love a bespoke gift — something chosen just for them? So choose a handful of crystals for the entire family for a more united feeling when you all come together for holidays, events, birthdays, and more. Then add some individualized crystals to help your family grow in their own specific ways! And while you’re at it, don’t forget about yourself! You can always work on yourself to ensure smooth communication between family members and be the positive light that they all need.

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