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Tibetan Buddhist String Bracelets are an up and coming trend recently. You may have seen the many celebrities wearing them, or heard about them from a friend, but the roots of the Buddhist knot bracelet are ancient and their significance is still felt in Eastern cultures.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Tibetan Buddhist String Bracelets

1. The Creation Process

Traditionally, they are handmade and each one takes somewhere between 1 and 3 days. The Buddhist artisans recite a mantra and bless the Tibetan bracelets which is why they are constantly associated with stones for luck. The blessing lasts forever, giving the Buddhist bracelet meaning for eternity.

The creation process is meticulous and a true Buddhist bracelet is only ever forged by an authentic Tibetan monk. They come in a variety of colors (which we’ll cover later), and they match any style. All the materials are harvested in a sustainable way that encourages the continuous cycle of nature. Many feature intricate patterns or designs that are sacred to Zen Buddhism. However, it’s not only Buddhists that wear these string bracelets. They are also common in Hinduism, Kabbalah, and Christianity.


2. The Protection Benefits

Tibetan knot bracelets are excellent protectors against negative energy. The knots of the bracelets are tied together during the repetition of the mantras. This charges them with positive energy and blesses the Buddhist bracelet with a protective charm.

The word ‘mantra’ itself is from the ancient Sanskrit, meaning ‘mind (man) vehicle (tra).’ The words, when recited or chanted, build a positive and powerful vibration that creates the perfect environment for meditation. You can use them yourself to experience the sheer self-reflective power of meditation or even create your own Tibetan knot bracelet.

When using the Buddhist bracelet for energy work, it charges the wearer with positive energy which keeps them protected from all the negativity in the environment. Because of this, it’s often called a talisman of protection. It implants the essence of Zen Buddhism into the wearer, along with all its calming qualities.


3. A Reminder to Set Intentions

Buddhist string bracelets are a perfect way to set reminders for things you intend to achieve. Located on the wrist, you can always see it and it provides a sudden burst of motivation to succeed. It can be a convincing tool to pursue an active life and ensure that you manifest your desires.

Be as clear and concise as possible when setting intentions. Your goals should be easy to comprehend and visualize if necessary. This makes the energy you put towards them more powerful and direct. If the intentions are hazy or unclear, then you may be aiming your energy in the wrong direction. Each time you notice the Buddhist bracelet on your wrist, concentrate on your desired outcome and focus your energy towards it.

string buddhist bracelet

4. The Traditional, Religious, and Spiritual Significance

These Tibetan bracelets are tied using the endless knot, one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. It has no beginning and no end and represents Samsara, the eternal cycle of birth, life, and death. It could also symbolize the boundless power of the mind or perpetual suffering. Either way, the Tibetan knot bracelet portrays the teachings of Buddha in how it’s crafted. His timeless teachings are embedded in every knot.

These Buddhist bracelets are said to bring good luck to the wearer. Worn on the left wrist, the receiving side of the body, they are able to attract more luck and prosperity into your life, or so Tibetan Buddhists believe.

Tibetan bracelets are said to stabilize and harmonize the chakras. The chakras are linked to the five colors of the Buddhist auric field—the colors that were present in Buddha’s aura when he achieved enlightenment: blue, yellow, red, white, and orange. These are the colors of the light that surrounds your body and they’ll vibrate according to how balanced your chakras are. The energy centers are aligned with these auric colors; free-flowing energy leaves each color glowing with equal magnitude.

The most popular mantra in Tibet, often used for blessing Buddhist string bracelets, is as follows: Om Ma Ni Pod Me Hum. It’s only six words, recited over and over by Tibetan Buddhists. You can often find it in the artwork too, or chiseled into a rock face. Tibetan artisans often incorporate it into their work by adding it to prayer wheels or painting it on yak skulls. The verse is supposed to bring joy, happiness, and peace through the pleasant vibrations of its sound. According to legend, this mantra contains the nature of human suffering, its root cause, and how to stop it. Many people have dedicated their lives to trying to find it.

5. Each Color Has Its Own Meaning

Firstly we have Red, a color that naturally symbolizes passion and love, and in times of heated stress, anger. The Tibetan Buddhist red string bracelets are the most common variety and develop a strong connection to the wearer. Red represents the base root chakra and can assist in freeing blocked energy in this region. Red string bracelets often represent blood and life’s energy, idealizing preservation and security. It helps to strengthen and solidify the grounding energies that root you to earth and keep you fixed in the present. Red Buddhist bracelets have also been known to protect you against the negative energy of the ‘evil eye’, a person who looks at you with jealousy and sends negative vibes your way. 

White string bracelets are naturally positive and pleasing to the eye. It symbolizes innocence and protection, lucidity and knowledge. It’s a spiritual color that represents the highest possible frequency. 

Orange colored bracelets represent the sacral chakra. Wear these if you feel like your ability to stay in the moment is lacking. It helps ground you and keep you down so that you can enjoy life’s little moments. Its vibrant color emanates energy like no other.

Blue Buddhist bracelets are representative of peace, tranquillity, and wisdom. Connected to the throat chakra, it encourages stronger communication skills and facilitates the release of pent up emotions or energy. It helps you let go.

Green Tibetan bracelets are all about nature and the natural laws of the universe. A color of balance, green bracelets help to stabilize your aura, bringing harmony and good fortune. It represents the heart chakra and attracts prosperity and abundance into your life.

Golden Buddhist bracelets are rarer. They symbolize courage and confidence, encouraging you to be more self-assured in your decisions. Gold has always been symbolic of power and it’s no different here. 

Multicolored Buddhist knot bracelets are becoming more popular in the modern age. They contain the power of all the colored bracelets and represent the complete perfection of the universe. They symbolize the synchronicity of life and how all things, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, are connected.

Black Buddhist bracelets represent the mysterious and the unknown throughout the universe. It’s only through seeking the unknown that we can improve and expand upon our knowledge. Black bracelets are for the thinkers. They symbolize infinity in all the dimensions and allow you to ponder more profoundly the unanswered mysteries of the world.


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