A Healing Bedroom: How to Harness Crystal Power for Better Rest

A Healing Bedroom: How to Harness Crystal Power for Better Rest

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Ever so much more than just a place to lay your head at night, it’s a space of restoration for your mind, body, and spirit. So while you may have the perfectly plush comforter, cozy rug, and refreshing scents to make your bedroom an oasis of comfort, carrying anxious thoughts and negative vibrations into the bed can still put a strain on your ability to achieve quality sleep.

If you’re looking to get a good night’s rest on the regular and have the power to manifest your intentions as you sleep, it’s time to take a spiritual inventory of the objects in your room. 

Choosing Crystals & Feng Shui for Your Bedroom 

If your bedroom doesn’t house a cleansed and peaceful energy, you may be experiencing restless nights, poor dream state, and waking up not so refreshed. Even more so, an energetically chaotic bedroom can disrupt any before-bed or morning rituals, provoking your intentions and affecting all those who enter. So to recharge and realign, you’ll need healing crystals and a good layout to transform your bedroom back to that space of serenity it should be.

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Just like scents and essential oils can be overstimulating (think lemon and ginger), so can crystals. It’s important to note that filling your bedroom with different tones, intentions, and vibrations can negatively impact your sleep, which is the opposite of your slumber goals. Your first step is to reevaluate what’s in your bedroom and see what you can take out.  

Which Crystals Should Not Be in Your Bedroom

Generally, you’ll want to avoid high-vibration crystals such as the Sunstone (also known as the energizing gemstone), as they can stimulate energies and intuition, disallowing true mental rest and relaxation. 

Colors can affect your mood too, so you’ll also want to avoid vibrant colors such as red (invokes passion, high energy) or yellow (for mental invigoration) in that room—whether it be for crystals or bedroom decor. While these bold colors may add depth and excitement, designate them to other areas of your home. 

To up the ante with the calming ambiance, you can amplify the healing properties of your crystals by utilizing traditional Feng Shui. Have your bed facing the door of the room, so you have a full view of the entrance and feel more in control as you sleep. And although the evidence is still out on any harmful effects caused by sleeping with your phone near your head, the sheer stimulation from needing to check messages—even those urges felt subconsciously—can negatively impact your sleep. So for best results, keep all technology, TVs, and any work-related stressors (work phone, laptop, notes) out of the bedroom. Your bedroom is dedicated to sleep, rest, and good vibes only.  

Top Crystal Picks for the Ultimate Healing Bedroom

Selenite: Nicknamed liquid light, this crystal represents everything calm and peaceful. Known for its metaphysical properties, it allows you to connect to the astral realm when dream time comes. As negative thoughts and energies can provoke bad dreams and nightmares, sleeping with selenite beneath your pillow or by your bed can make for sweeter dreams. 

Black Tourmaline: Known as a strong protective stone, black tourmaline has the power to transform negative energy into positive vibrations. A powerful tool for anxiety, let it clear away your worries come nighttime, leading to better sleep and pleasant thoughts that melt into even better dreams. This dark and mysterious stone has also been known to shield you against harmful electromagnetic frequencies emitted from devices you may keep in the bedroom. 

Howlite: A soothing stone for those with an overactive mind, it’s the perfect bedroom addition for anyone suffering from insomnia or disturbances in sleep—a clear sign your mind is racing too much. The gorgeous black ribbons in a blue or a white howlite stone would adorn a nearby dresser perfectly, or you can try using it as a sleep aid placed under your pillow. 

Red Tigers Eye: This powerful stone is used for enhancing energy, stamina, and self-worth—often reported root causes of low libido—making it a revitalizing stone for low sex drive. Because of its invigorating deep red hue, use this stone under your pillow or beneath the mattress as a stimulating and confidence-boosting aid that won’t interfere with the calming colors of your bedroom. 

Carnelian: With its stimulating effect, Carnelian crystal has the ability to enhance vitality and motivation, acting as an aphrodisiac in the bedroom. It’s been said to increase fertility and passion, making it the stone for partners looking for sexual healing in the night. Just like Red Tigers Eye, this one is best stored under the mattress when you need to invoke its sexual energy.

Amethyst: This psychic-ability-enhancing crystal is an old favorite for meditation and calming the mind. If you are having problems sleeping, try slipping amethyst under your pillow to relax your busy mind and open yourself to expansive dreams. This purple-hued gem helps with the interpretation of dreams, making it a great bedroom crystal if you’re suffering from overactive thoughts and incomprehensible dreams. However, some may experience extreme psychic abilities, lucid dreaming, and astral projection from being around the amethyst at night. While that can help with healing, it is not ideal for sound sleep. Give this crystal a try, but don’t be afraid to remove it if you experience more dreaming than usual. 

Rose Quartz: This beautiful blush-colored healer and love amplifier has a calming and nurturing effect, perfect for inviting peace and kindness into your home at the end of the day. Try sleeping with rose quartz under the pillow to bring harmony and balance to your sleep. This precious stone can also help enhance a nurturing and loving environment for your children’s bedroom, making it a great addition for the whole family. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp: For those who love to read before bedtime, a Himalayan Salt Lamp could be your favorite healing tool. A light bulb inside a pink Himalayan salt block emits a serene, delicate light. This color therapy is perfect for relaxing and also removes the need for blue lights from your phone or yellow lights overhead—both of which can disturb your circadian rhythm. Let the salt night light clear negative smog around you and bring peaceful light to your bedroom.

Even better: check out our 9 best healing crystal lamps and combine your favorite crystal with the soothing light of a lamp.

Final Thoughts & Where to Place Your Crystals

Your bed’s surroundings are going to enhance the energy of the crystals at the highest level. The head of the bed, beneath the pillow, near the headboard or bedside table, are stimulating places to put the tools that you have chosen.


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But remember: when choosing your crystals for the bedroom, less is more. Because crystals are amplifiers, the “chatter” of too many gems can disturb your ultimate goal. Align with your intention—whether it's better sleep, sweeter dreams, or deeper connections—and choose one or two crystals to send that warm buzz of revitalized tranquility around your room. 

Be sure to experiment with where you place them and take the time to see how they affect your mood, sleep pattern, and feelings of restfulness. Choose crystals wisely and position them carefully or wear them as a bracelet (a sleek one, so it doesn’t disturb you).

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