9 Healing Crystal Lamps That Will Blow You Away

9 Healing Crystal Lamps That Will Blow You Away

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When you think of crystals, lamps aren't the first thing that come to mind. But maybe they should be. You can use healing crystal lamps to replace your ordinary table lamp and receive not only a gentle glow that's easy on the eyes, but a significant boost to spiritual, emotional and even physical healing.

Whether you choose a Selenite lamp, an Amethyst lamp, or a Quartz lamp, healing crystal lights creates the perfect ambience for your room while doubling up as energy-boosting superchargers. Depending on exactly what you want to receive, we have crystal lamps for your bedside table, your work desk, or anywhere else in your home. Read on to discover the 9 best healing lamps—transform your home into an extravagant and energetic paradise.

The 9 Best Healing Crystal Lamps

The following healing crystal lamps can be used as table lamps or you can put them on your sacred altar. They're perfect for a home with a trendy, modern design, and a desire for more positive energy.

1. The Natural Energy Lamp

Intention: Confidence | Protection | Calming - Our favourite - Best for self-belief and balance

Natural Energy Lamp

Starting off with a stylish but powerful table lamp, The Natural Energy Lamp contains 8 unique gemstones! Switch on its warm light to instantly create a calm atmosphere. Due to the variety of stones included in the lamp, it makes a fantastic aid for meditation. Turn the table lamp on to set the scene, get into position, and feel your energy naturally harmonizing with the room.

The Natural Energy Lamp can also be used to set intentions. Simply write a list of goals you intend to accomplish before the stones. When you're finished, slip the paper under the lamp and release it to the universe. Every time you turn your healing crystal lamp on afterwards, you will be energetically reminded of your goals and receive a motivation boost to see them through.

2. The Healing Lamp

Intention: Cleansing | Healing | Protection - Best seller - Best for health, vitality and strength

Healing Lamp

Made from the all-healer, Clear Quartz, it's no wonder that this healing lamp revitalizes your energy: physically, mentally and emotionally. The eye-catching lamp is reminiscent of a crystal point, but at the flip of a switch, it lights up your whole room and bathes it in healing energy. It accelerates your recovery from illness or injury and bolsters your immune system.

The Quartz Crystal Healing Lamp is the only lamp you'll ever need if you're looking to use it for healing purposes. Another great one for meditation, you can sit in front of this lamp, bask in its light energy, and visualize your health and vitality improving. You can also visualize your friends, family or even a total stranger to help them with their well-being.

3. Selenite Cleansing Lamp

Intention: Purifying | Deep Sleep | Meditation - Best for cleansing and clearing energy

Selenite Cleansing Lamp

An energy purifier at its finest, Selenite vacuums bad vibrations from your immediate surroundings, leaving only peace, love and purity. It's one of the best stones to use if you want to develop crystal clear thinking and block out distractions. You can switch it on while getting ready to sleep to cleanse your environment for bedtime, or you can place it in different areas around your home to absorb stagnant energy. Either way is fine, and the lamp doesn't actually need to be switched on for this. That's the beauty of healing crystal lamps; you still reap the energetic rewards even if they're switched off!

Get the Selenite Cleansing Lamp if your home feels in need of a recharge. It's especially useful if you're having guests over frequently; newcomers can bring different energy that may not meld well with your own. If this is the case, consider leaving one in your hallway so that it extracts disruptive energy from guests on the way in.

4. The Serenity Lamp

Intention: Meditation | Dreams | Calming - Best for relaxing and rest

Serenity Lamp

As mentioned earlier, if you're looking for a healing crystal lamp that helps you with sleep, Amethyst is your top choice. And here we have it: The Serenity Lamp is a must-have for any insomniac. Stick it on your bedside table and experience your inner transformation every night. You'll find it easier to relax, easier to disconnect from waking reality, and easier to drift off into the peaceful world of dreams. The Serenity Lamp doesn't stop there. When you're asleep, it protects your energy—on or off—and keeps you safe from nightmares, night terrors, or other forms of negative energy during sleep.

If this Amethyst lamp hasn't convinced you yet, remember this purple-hued gemstone is fantastic for intuition, psychic abilities and connecting to the spiritual realm. If you're on a personal inward journey, this Amethyst crystal lamp will come in extremely handy. It's not as bright as a regular light bulb, but it creates such a calming atmosphere that you won't want it to be. Its round base makes it look snug anywhere in your home.

5. The Love Lamp

Intention: Compassion | Forgiveness | Unconditional Love - Best for self-love and romance

Love Lamp

The Love Lamp is ideal for those wanting to increase self-love. It's not an easy thing to do. We may feel uncomfortable or awkward trying to express love for ourselves. We may even feel downright arrogant, but that shouldn't be the case at all. If you can't love yourself, how is anybody else supposed to? Rose Quartz helps you put you first; it's known as the stone of love because it convinces you of your own self-worth, and when you see it, everybody sees it. Romance is never far behind.

Made from an epic Rose Quartz crystal point on a smooth, round base, this beauty is sure to create an eye-catching silhouette. Flick the switch and BOOM! You have a beautiful pink light spreading love around your home. This Rose Quartz light is great to keep in your bedroom, where you spend a lot of time in unconscious states, or you can place it in your dining area to attract peace, love and harmony to your mealtimes. This is especially helpful if you are already in a relationship and want to increase compassion and connection.

6. Agate Night Light

Intention: Therapy | Self-Love | Protection - Best for positive thinking

Agate Night Light

Another soothing stone to vibe with before bed, Agate calms nerves and promotes warm vibrations. It sucks up negative energy from your environment, keeping you shielded from negativity while you sleep. Although not technically a crystal lamp, this night light is just as effective. The Agate Night Light is literally a slice of Agate that glows hypnotically. It's no wonder that staring into its swirling pattern starts to make you feel drowsy.

Another great thing about Agate is that it promotes positive self-talk before bed. If you're somebody who can be overly self-critical, or tempted to put themselves down, especially when lying alone with your thoughts, then an Agate lamp is perfect for you. It helps you let go of negative thoughts so that you don't carry them with you into the dreamworld.

7. The Energy Protection Lamp

Intention: Clarity | Manifestation | Focus - Best for extrasensory perception and psychic exploration

Energy Protection Lamp

If you're looking to protect your energy while you venture into deeper states of consciousness, then there isn't really a better healing crystal lamp for the job. The Energy Protection Lamp does exactly what it says it will do. Using a clear crystal ball, made from pristine Quartz, this lamp combines powerful protection with spiritual exploration. Look inwards and harness your inner power—there is so much to learn, to understand, to experience.... This healing crystal light will help you find the right path.

If you prefer to use the crystal ball separately, simply pick it up and use it how you wish. The base material is wooden and influences the crystal lamp through its geometric patterns, but Clear Quartz can be used on its own too. Hold the crystal ball during meditation to focus more easily and harness energy from psychic realms.

8. The Stress-Relief Lamp

Intention: Meditation | Intuition | Calming - Best for meditation and quieting the mind

Stress Relief Lamp

The Stress-Relief Lamp looks like the ideal matching finial to the Energy Protection Lamp. From the outside, they're almost identical. The only difference is the type of crystal used. In this lamp, Amethyst is favoured for its stress-relieving benefits. The base material is the same wood with a geometric Seed of Life pattern.

Ideally, you could get both the Stress-Relief Lamp and the Energy Protection Lamp and place them either side of an important ornament, and they'd act as crystal bodyguards. It's a great way of reducing negative energy and embracing the spiritual healing aspect of crystal lamps. Meditation with the crystal ball of this table lamp can be life-changing.

9. The Purification Lamp

Intention: Vitality | Good Vibes | Health - Best all-rounder

Purification Lamp

Another Clear Quartz lamp, this crystal cluster is specialized in cleansing. Much like Selenite, Clear Quartz doesn't need to be cleansed itself. This makes it an excellent stone to use for reducing unwanted energy in your environment. You can even place your other natural stones at the base of The Purification Lamp and it will cleanse them!

Because of its epic purifying properties, you can also gain immense personal power from this lamp's cleansing light. It strengthens your natural defenses against illness and disease. Bask in the warmth of this crystal lamp's glow to amplify your energy and connect with your higher self.

What Are The Best Stones for a Crystal Healing Light?

Some healing crystal lamps are better than others depending on what you will use them for. You could have an Amethyst lamp for your bedside table, a Rose Quartz lamp for your dining room, and a Selenite lamp for your work desk: as each crystal has different healing properties, you're likely to want a different one for each space. Plus, you wouldn't want a bright light in all three settings. For a night light, you might want something a little calmer.

This is why choosing a crystal that suits your needs is essential.

Focus & Productivity

If you're looking for desk lamps—something to help you concentrate— then you're going to want to use a healing crystal that provides this benefit.

The first natural stone that comes to mind when considering focus and productivity is Tiger's Eye. This powerful gemstone motivates and inspires you to achieve your goals. It's thought to attract success and diminish the chances of procrastination. There aren't many crystals that fill you with as much self-belief as Tiger's Eye.

Other solar plexus activators are also good considerations for anything work-related, but so are third-eye chakra stones. Fluorite in particular is an excellent choice for a new lamp. Promoting productivity, it helps to relieve stress and empowers you to focus on what's important, without letting yourself be distracted. It's our top pick for concentration.

If you're looking for mental clarity, stones that resemble clear glass are often great picks. A Clear Quartz lamp provides a classic look with the added benefit of being an intention-amplifying marvel. Clear Quartz lamps are growing in popularity at the minute, with more and more people wanting to access their healing properties at home.

Sleep & Dreams

Getting a lovely lamp for your bedside table can help improve sleep and reduce nightmares. Choose one with a warm glow so that it won't strain the eyes before bed. Some crystals can even help with becoming lucid in your dreams.

Without a doubt, Amethyst is the ultimate sleep stone. It protects against night terrors and increases relaxation before going to sleep. If you're struggling with insomnia, this stone helps relax your mind and body so that you can drift off more easily. It absorbs worries and lets you focus on comfort.

Labradorite is a fantastic stone for promoting dream recall and helping you understand your dreams. This multi-colored crystal balances your energy while you sleep so that you wake up feeling alert and refreshed. It protects you against negative energy while you sleep so that your peaceful dreams don't become nightmares.

Another brilliant crystal for dream work is Celestite. This stone is associated with spirituality, celestial beings and all things divine. It's thought to be a great aid for communication with higher entities, helping you visualize messages in a symbolic fashion. Celestite is the crystal to use if you're looking to the dreamworld for spiritual guidance.

Compassion & Connection

The perfect healing crystal lamp is one that the entire family finds beautiful. Crystals that bring you closer to your loved ones are ideal for the dining room or other shared spaces. These lamps often have an elegant style to them and an ambient light that promotes positive energy for all nearby. Crystals in this section put the "home" in home decor.

Rose Quartz is the heart-opener that everyone expected to be here. It's a compassion-enhancing masterpiece that works wonders on family dynamics. It enhances the love you receive and the love you give. This pretty pink stone has a distinctive beauty that makes it ideal for a lamp dedicated to compassion.

Blue crystals are thought to bring about trust, faith and respect. For this reason, Lapis Lazuli would be an excellent choice for a crystal healing lamp. Not only does it stimulate the throat chakra and enhance communication—a vital property for a strong relationship—it also opens up the door to universal truth, helping you feel connected to the universe as a whole.

Angelite is a fascinating gemstone that would fit into this category perfectly too. It elevates feelings of compassion and helps you understand your loved ones with more clarity. It encourages you and your loved ones to speak truth and to accept each other fully. This awareness-raising crystal bleeds compassion.

Are Healing Crystal Lamps Out Of Style? 

Healing crystal lamps can never go out of style. There are so many different designs to choose from, different crystals to use, different ways you can use them. The possibilities are endless! Your quartz lamp cleanses your surroundings now and it will continue to do so in 5, 10, 15 years time, so long as it's well looked after. The same goes for your Agate lamp or your Rose Quartz light or any other natural stone lamp.

When you're thinking about crystals, remember that they are millions of years old. While certain lamp features may lose popularity, a crystal will always be stylish. Each healing crystal lamp on this list has a unique shape with modern elegance that fits in with today's fashion trends perfectly.

Would an ordinary table lamp have that same guarantee?

Which Healing Crystal Lamp Turns On Your Inner Light?

Whether you're looking for something with a nice, ambient light, or you're after a powerful crystal that can elevate you mentally, emotionally and spiritually, this list has a healing crystal lamp that will suit your needs. Whichever lamp you choose, ensure you keep it cleansed regularly. This even applies to self-cleansers—while it's true, a Selenite lamp (or a Quartz lamp) doesn't store energy, these healing crystal lamps will be doing a lot of energy work. Keep them in prime condition!

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