Opalite Meaning, Symbolism and Uses

Your Guide to Opalite Meaning, Symbolism and Uses

Opalite is unlike other crystals because it can’t be found on the Earth. Read more about Opalite crystal meaning and abilities here from Conscious Items. 
Crystal healing and meditation have been around since the dawn of time.
Our ancestors understood the power that healing crystals and their meanings hold and used them nearly every day. While we still use crystals and stones that were present back then, we've also created new ones. Opalite is a man-made stone that's easily one of the highest energy crystals you can find.

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Opalite Meaning

All About Opalite

How is Opalite made?

Opalite is usually made using a combination of glass and metal. This technique is designed to replicate the volcanic ash that makes natural OpalOpalite is not the same as Opal. Opal is a stone that's forms naturally and it's pretty costly to get your hands on. It comes in a variety of colors and is formed through water erosion. Opalite may look similar to this stone, but it's a lot cheaper and completely human-made.  

Opalite is a type of synthetic glass that doesn't occur naturally. It's also known as purple opal, ice cream stone and “Tiffany Stone.” It's a shimmery crystal that's combined with dolomite to produce opalescence. It's usually clear or light blue but comes in other shades too. 

This stone comes in all different shapes and sizes. It can be custom-made for people looking to enhance specific healing properties. There is a natural stone called Green Opalite that's found in Australia, Brazil, and Mexico, but the vast majority of Opalite, especially the blue kind, is man-made.

Opalite Meaning

Is Opalite a real gemstone?

Man-made Opalite is similar to glass and so it's not considered a real gemstone in the same way as Opal, for example. However, some merchants try to pass it off as a real gemstone, often calling it other names such as "Sea Opal" or even "Moonstone." In the crystal market, this is misleading, however many people interchange terms like this.

Black Obsidian gets the same treatment. Like the volcanic ash method for Opal, Black Obsidian is formed when lava cools into a glass-like substance. It's usually referred to as a crystal or gemstone despite the fact that it is neither. Learn more about Black Obsidian Meaning, Healing Properties And Uses in our complete guide. 

Remarkably, the human-made version of Opalite still produces a crystal with the same healing benefits as nature. The key is in the physical properties of Opalite and its genetic makeup, rather than anything specific that occurs in the natural world.

Opalite Meaning

Opalite Symbolism

What are the symbolic properties of Opalite?

Opalite is associated with youth and child-like wonder. It helps you see life with optimism and curiosity. This stone is said to allow those who use it to understand how to go with the flow. It casts out negativity with its positive and warm energy. 

Opalite is also known to put heavy hearts at ease. People who struggle with depression and other mental illnesses benefit from using this stone to relieve their sorrows. It's also a stone of new beginnings and clarity. The symbolism of Opalite is unlike any other stones because it does not come from the earth. 

Opalite boosts moods and makes a storm pass. This could be a physical storm or a storm of the mind. When people need to take their minds off their troubles, they turn to Opalite. It reminds people to be joyful redirects their energies elsewhere.

Opalite Meaning

What Healing Properties Does Opalite Have?

Opalite has many physical and mental healing abilities that anyone can use with the right intentions. People who experience insomnia or recurring nightmares find Opalite to be extremely useful. It is also used to help people with irregular heartbeats. 

This stone is perfect for protecting the heart from disease and strife. Wearing a necklace of Opalite near your chest prevents heart attacks and even heartbreaks. It works to clear the heart chakra while keeping your heart out of harm's way. 

Opalite also assists in respiratory issues. If you have lung problems, asthma, or anything else of that nature, keep Opalite on you at all times. It supports the oxygenation of your body and gets rid of cysts and fibroids too. 

This stone is often used to balance male and female energies. Everyone has a little bit of both, and keeping them balanced is the best way to stabilize mood swings. Opalite is terrific for creating peace in your life. It helps you move past old traumas and let go of painful memories. 

Opalite Meaning

If you struggle with resentment and anger, the Opalite stone will help you replace it with compassion and kindness. Opalite healing crystals specialize in this area because they enable you to access your hidden feelings. The glass-like gemstone empowers you to be more self-analytical, but not necessarily in a self-deprecating way. It helps you get rid of tension and realize who you truly are.

When you deal with unidentified emotional problems, it could be a result of past life trouble. Opalite helps ground your aura and identify these issues so they can be resolved. The benefits of this type of energy work are endless.

If you're looking for a more positive outlook on life, Opalite is the stone for you. It helps you understand where your soul is meant to be and how to navigate other people's emotions. Use it to find energetic balance in every aspect of your journey. 

Use Opalite to cleanse the blood and kidneys, ease a high fever and recover quickly from exhaustion and fatigue. It provides energy to the mind, body and spirit. Hold it tight to light your way forward during difficult times.

What is Opalite crystal good for?

Opalite has many positive abilities and can be used in a vast variety of ways. In addition to its healing and spiritual benefits, you can use Opalite to attract wealth. At work, place the Tiffany Stone on a desk or shelf to promote success in business. This is a great way to improve your income. It brings wealth and good fortune with its energy.

It's also useful in the office for other reasons. Opalite improves your communication with others around the office, making it a great asset to have near when venturing into the professional world. Opalite is great for attracting more clients to your business too.

As well as its wealth-inducing properties, Opalite is great at removing negative energies and cutting negative thoughts out of your life for good. It helps to cleanse your surroundings and restore relationships that have taken on bad vibes due to a breakdown in communication.

Opalite Meaning

Opalite works great for those who want to start over. Its association with new beginnings makes it one of the best stones to use when entering a new phase in life. Whether you feel its energy on a spiritual level, or a more physical one, Opalite will carve a path for you so that you feel connected to your purpose.

Keeping this stone in your pocket will prevent you from becoming exhausted or fatigued. The energy from this stone will flow directly into your body, waking you up from the inside out. Opalite will also allow you to stay on task and be persistent. It won't let you get distracted by the little things. It works well in conjunction with Apatite, which promotes harmony. 

One of the other uses for Opalite is soothing nerves. If you are feeling anxious before a big performance, carry Opalite in your pocket for peace. It will help you overcome your anxieties and bring calmness to your soul. 

But what does this mean for me? What are the benefits of Opalite?

There are tons of ways you can use the Opalite stone to enhance your life. One of them is in regards to enhancing your sexual experience. It's well-known for its power in that department. It stimulates your libido and increases sexual prowess, making you a more passionate and considerate lover.

When you place Opalite in your bedroom, it promotes smooth transitions in your relationships. This means if you are experiencing a significant change with your partner, like them moving in, it will encourage an easy move for the both of you. It helps you embrace the experiences that come your way, no matter how challenging they seem. 

If you can, try to get hold of Opalite in some form of jewelry. It's not super common in comparison to other stones, but it will be worth it. Its healing properties will be a lot more accessible if you can wear it rather than simply hold it. By wearing it as a necklace, bracelet or other form of jewelry, you can have regular skin contact with the stone which will automatically magnify the power of its positive properties.

If you can't find Opalite jewelry, or you simply prefer working with natural stones, then you can still make good use of them to increase your psychic abilities. Place an Opalite stone to your third eye while you meditate to free up the energy there and inspire more creativity and clarity. Its spiritual energies really shine during this type of meditative work.

Which Chakra Is Opalite Associated With?

Opalite primarily works with the crown and third eye chakras. Its link to the crown chakra allows you to understand yourself better and enhance your psychic abilities. The crown chakra is also home to your spiritual energies, so don't be alarmed if you feel your intuition increasing while using Opalite.

You may also use Opalite to open the third eye chakra, stimulating insight into life, the self and the wider reality within which we live. Opalite is great at clearing energy blockages in the chakras and meridians, but which chakras your specific Opalite benefits the most will depend largely upon its color.

Which other chakras is Opalite good for?

Blue Opalite is more likely to stimulate the throat chakra which helps with communication. It lets you translate your true emotions into words in every situation, no matter how frightening it might seem.

Blue Opalite is also useful in business negotiations because of its chakra associations. When the throat chakra is blocked, you'll feel disconnected from those around you and afraid to speak in large settings. Clearing the passage enables you to find the right words which will greatly improve your quality of life.

Similarly to the blue variant, Green Opalite will be more beneficial for a different chakra: the heart. This increases loving energy in all its forms: self-love, romantic love, platonic love, etc. You can use this natural Opalite to take control over the heart and prevent mood swings from being a regular occurrence. It's a great stone to support relationships that are going through a rough patch.

This man-made crystal also assists with communication on a spiritual level. With this stone, you can tap into your natural ability to receive messages from the spirit realm and interpret their meaning more easily. This is done through meditation and visualization techniques, using Opalite. 

Opalite Meaning

Which Zodiac Sign Does The Opalite Stone Work Best With?

Opalite works amazingly well with the Cancer sign. People born under this sign tend to keep their emotions bottled up and let them explode after a while. With Opalite, they learn to express themselves freely without fear of punishment. 

This stone aligns with Cancer's physical and spiritual energies. It stabilizes them and enables them to understand themselves on a deeper level better. With Opalite, Cancers can see their past, present, and future to decide what they're going to do next. They'll be able to see how each action will affect them in the long term.  

It's one of the best crystals to use when it comes to self-work, which is something Cancers will appreciate. Blue Opalite is particularly great for Cancers as it enables them to express their deepest emotions to their partners, strengthening their relationships in the process.

Opalite Meaning

How Do You Cleanse Opalite?

Opalite is best cleansed using sunlight. You may leave this stone outside for an hour to get rid of any negative energies that have attached themselves to the crystal. Rotate your stone each time you cleanse it, so one side doesn't become overexposed to the Sun. 

You can also cleanse your Opalite using moonlight if you prefer. These two methods are ideal if you have a window with lots of natural light coming in. You can place your Opalite crystals on the window ledge and not even need to leave them outside.

Other methods for cleansing Opalite may be even simpler still, depending on your situation. You can submerge it in brown rice; just like with wet electronics, rice absorbs the excess energy that stops the stones from working properly. Using Selenite to cleanse crystals or placing you Opalite beside a Clear Quartz crystal point will purify its energy.

Opalite Meaning

Can Opalite be put in water?

Opalite should never be cleansed in water. If you're wearing Opalite jewelry and it happens to be raining, then it's hardly going to be an issue, but do not intentionally submerge your Opalite stones in water as, with time, they will dissolve.

Opalite is light, soft and brittle. It's a soluble stone which means it breaks apart when in contact with water. This doesn't happen immediately, but all crystals, no matter how smooth, have fissures and cracks in the material. Leaving Opalite in water will enable water molecules to get into the cracks and cause havoc. The cracks may be invisible to you, but the broken stone won't be.

It's possible that man-made Opalite can bathe in water for up to two hours without any permanent damage, but the risk is still there. The more frequently you try to cleanse Opalite's energies in water, the more likely it is to break. For this reason, it's best to avoid it altogether.

Natural Opalite should be able to last a little longer in water, but it will still allow water molecules to get inside the stone which will cause cracks to deepen over time. This could potentially cause damage.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid placing crystals that contain metals in water. This is because many metals rust when in prolonged contact with water and this will change the chemical makeup of the crystal.

An easy way to check which crystals are best avoided in water is to spot the suffix of the stone. Crystals that end in "ite" are almost always soluble, and therefore should never be cleansed in water. It's also a good idea to avoid soap and water while cleaning, and stick to a damp cloth instead.

These tips are not exhaustive and each crystal should be researched individually before bathing in water.

Opalite Meaning

Which Crystals Go Good With Opalite?

There are several crystals that Opalite can be used in conjunction with to increase its healing properties. Usually, this combination will provide a boost to both parties. Here are a few of them:


There is a frequent debate between crystal enthusiasts about which is better: Opalite or Opal. Opalite might be man-made, but it still packs a punch, and there's no reason to make these two stones compete against each other. They both have fantastic properties and actually work really well in combination with one another!

Blue Peruvian Opal

Blue Peruvian Opal in particular helps Opalite open the third eye chakra. It encourages vision, insight and intuition and pushes Opalite to do the same. The two crystals interact with each other in a unique way that gets the best out of both of them. Place them over your crown chakra to stimulate visions and psychic messages.

Fire Opal

This lava-like stone brings balance to Opalite, increasing passion, clarity and vitality. This crystal combination gets the best of both worlds by maintaining the relaxed energy of Opalite, while simultaneously sparking intense but controlled zeal.

Opalite Meaning


Goldstone is another man-made stone and the combined energies of these two gems creates an atmosphere ripe for manifestation. It brings determination, grit and creative power because these stones were literally created themselves. They hold that power within them and you can use it in your own life

Both crystals encourage you to delve deeper into yourself and explore your motivations a bit more. Their energies help you unveil your true desires and pinpoint where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This combination is fantastic for those looking inwards and following a path of self-improvement.

Clear Quartz

A common gemstone to use for healing, Clear Quartz works well with almost any stone. It increases positive energy and amplifies your good intentions. This also includes intentions programmed into other crystals, such as Opalite.

Clear Quartz is one of those staple gemstones that brings the best out of your other crystals. Whether you're using it for its manifestation abilities, its healing properties, or its unbelievable clarity, Clear Quartz will get the most out of your Opalite.


Carnelian isn't usually brought up in the conversation with Opalite, but its fiery energy is the perfect supplement to this gemstone. It acts much in the same way as Fire Opal but brings a sexual element into the mix too. It balances the male and female energies and is also a birthstone for Cancer, meaning people of this zodiac can get double the power from their Carnelian and Opalite pairing.
Read more about Carnelian meaning and uses in our complete guide. 

Opalite Meaning

Which Type Of Opalite Should I Get?

In order to make the most of your Opalite, you're going to need to decide which type you want. Are you intrigued by the natural Green Opalite, or do you prefer the healing properties of the bluish-white, human-made version? If you can get your hands on the stone before buying it, then you'll have a much stronger sense of which one is right for you. Trust your intuition.

Whichever variant of this gorgeous stone you choose, you'll then have to make another decision. Jewelry or rough gemstone?

Wearing it as jewelry is a great way to keep its healing energies close to your body. You can absorb the benefits more easily and you rarely even have to think about it. The Opalite will be on your person and it will continue to positively impact your energy throughout the day.

Having the stone version, you can include it in more conscious activities, such as meditation, visualization and manifestation. If you want to use it for these types of mindfulness practices then it's a good idea to put your Opalite somewhere you can access it easily.

Where Should I Put Opalite?

Ideally, if you're using it for the aforementioned practices, you'll put it somewhere private and accessible only by you so that the stone doesn't take on any excess energy. If you have a sacred altar, this will work perfectly.

Opalite works really well in an office environment too. If you work in an office, or have a work desk at home, then place an Opalite stone there to positively influence your work. It's a fantastic crystal to have around when making important decisions in both your career and personal life.

You can also leave your new gemstone in a common area where you spend a lot of time with your friends and family. It will help to absorb any negativity in the surrounding atmosphere and transform it into positive vibes, so that you can relax and enjoy your loved ones' company.

Final Thoughts On Opalite

Opalite is the perfect alternative to Opal without the price tag. After you try Opalite, negative emotions will have a hard time finding their way into your life. If you're looking for a way to boost your communication skills and confidence, this stone is the answer you've waited for.


Conscious Items
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I’ve been wearing an Opalite bracelet for a week and can already feel it’s properties! I just started a career change after 3 years and it has helped me feel more aligned with my new direction. It has a calming vibration and it’s been very gratifying to work with. I am also a cancer ♋️ So reading that it helps my sign is even more beautiful! I feel more balanced and it does help me sort out my words to communicate and eliminate anxiety. I spent almost 10min picking out a bracelet from dozens of different stones. I couldn’t decide which one to get! After sometime, I noticed the bracelet was turned around so I couldn’t see it at first. I naturally felt drawn to it and am so glad I took it home! I wear it everyday!

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