How to Use Lodestone Magnetic Healing Properties to Attract Love

How to Use Lodestone Magnetic Healing Properties to Attract Love

They say that the Lodestone crystal is the most magnetic natural stone on the planet. If it's found its way into your possession, then you can bet that it wasn't just a coincidence. Its magnetic properties work both physically and spiritually, so this could be Lodestone's way of connecting to you.

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What is Lodestone?

Essential Guide to Lodestone

Lodestone is a piece of the mineral, Magnetite, that is naturally magnetized. Essentially, it's a natural magnet that can attract iron.

The name, Lodestone, comes from Middle English for “leading stone.” It's said to be a great talisman for direction and can help you get back on track if you're feeling lost. Let it guide the way to the completion of your goals.

  • Where is Lodestone found in nature?

    Lodestone is generally found in sandy deposits near the earth's surface. Large deposits can be found in the United States of America, New Zealand and Norway. It's not the most common stone but it can be found in some crystal specialist stores.

  • What are the physical properties of a Lodestone crystal?

    Lodestone is usually dark in color, ranging from brown to black. It often has dark streaks and shimmers like metal. There's also a variant that's pure black, similar in appearance to Obsidian.

    This super stone achieves a 5.5-6.5 score on the Mohs scale. This is the middle ground between soft and hard. If you drop it or accidentally knock it then it may break, but for daily use, there should be no issues.

    Lodestone is technically classed as a metal rather than a crystal, but in no way does that take away from its healing properties. Our ancient ancestors knew this iron ore held more than meets the eye.

  • Are Magnetite and Lodestone the same thing?

    It may be difficult to differentiate between Magnetite and Lodestone upon first hearing about them, but there are a few important differences.

  • All Lodestones are a type of Magnetite, but not all Magnetite are Lodestones. Magnetite is magnetic but Lodestones are a specific Magnetite stone that always has its own natural magnetic field.
  • Lodestone has a definite north and south pole. Only the Lodestone variety of Magnetite has a north-south polarity. In non-Lodestone Magnetite, you basically have multiple natural magnets joined together without any coherence or direction.
  • Magnetite can be demagnetized. Magnetite usually has low magnetic coercivity which means it has a weak resistance to demagnetization and won't stay magnetized for too long. Lodestone, on the other hand, has high magnetic coercivity and is the strongest natural magnet in the world.

What's So Special About Lodestone?

Essential Guide to Lodestone

Very few minerals form naturally magnetized, so when we say Lodestone is the most magnetic stone, we really mean it. There are a bunch of scientific discoveries tied to its name and its history dates back well over 2,500 years. How many other crystals can say that?

How was Lodestone used in ancient times?

Lodestone has quite the history. It's an important stone scientifically because it's responsible for the discovery of the property of magnetism itself! In the 6th century BC, in ancient Greece, Aristotle led the first scientific discussion about magnetism to his friend and fellow philosopher, Thales of Miletus. This is the earliest reference we have to Lodestone's magnetic properties.

In an ancient Sanskrit text, Sushruta Samhita, Magnetite is described as being used to retrieve iron arrow heads from a person's body, and in African folklore, a man used Lodestone to cure impotence. It worked so well that he carried it with him every day. This attracted more women and his wife eventually grew jealous and spurned his advances.

By around 20 BC, the Chinese Han Dynasty invented the first compass. These were made from a naturally magnetized iron ore. You guessed it: Lodestone.

Later on in Chinese history, the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) adapted the compass and used it for navigational purposes. These were made in a different way. They used Lodestone to strike iron needles, naturally magnetizing them. Compasses passed into European and Islamic hands in the late twelfth century.

In the early 20th century, Lodestone-made compasses were replaced with liquid-filled ones.

The astronomer, John Carlson, believes that the Olmec culture in Mexico were using Lodestone over 1,000 years earlier than the Chinese! A Lodestone instrument was found that could well have been an even earlier type of compass. It's difficult to prove without more evidence, but it certainly reveals that ancient cultures around the world valued this stone highly for its obviously powerful properties.

It's highly likely that the word "magnet" comes from Magnesia, in Anatolia, Turkey. Lodestones and Magnetite have been found in large quantities there.

How do Lodestones work with male and female energy?

Due to Lodestone's magnetic attraction, these crystals have become world-renowned for their ability to polarize and differentiate between energies. In fact, there are two types of Lodestone: male and female. The pointed Lodestones are considered masculine, while the rounded or square ones are feminine.

Traditionally, couples in love would take one of each and place them in a red bag to strengthen their connection with each other. They're said to enhance the energies of their associated sex, but it can be extremely beneficial to have one of each and find that inner balance.

One of the lesser known facts about Lodestone is that it harmonizes both sides of the brain too. It sparks intuition and is extremely effective when it comes to enhancing your innate psychic ability. Some say that Lodestone can help develop telepathy.

Essential Guide to Lodestone

Can Lodestone be demagnetized?

As mentioned above, Lodestone is a permanent magnet. It creates its own magnetic field in a way that still baffles geologists and it has low magnetic coercivity which makes it much more resistant to demagnetization.

Even if a strong opposing magnetic field were to be introduced, Lodestone would still hold its own magnetic field. This is what's called ferromagnetic. These are the only magnets that can retain their magnetic qualities.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Lodestone?

First and foremost, Lodestone is useful for arthritis. Many people who suffer from bad joints like to use magnets as it helps soothe pain in those areas. Lodestone is one of the best healing crystals to do this job. It also helps with rheumatism and problems with the lower back.

For a long time, Lodestone has been considered beneficial for the circulatory system. It's said to enhance the elasticity of the arteries so that blood can flow more smoothly. Lodestone also soothes muscle aches, cramps, and other pain caused by circulation issues. It promotes a healthy heart.

Lodestone helps with the bowels and is even good for the eyes and the soles of the feet. If you suffer from impotence, then a pointed Lodestone can help—add a drop of patchouli oil during the night of a full moon to enhance the effects on the male sexual organs.

It's said that if you're suffering from pain, you can use Lodestone to stroke it away. Rub the stone against the afflicted area and move it in a downward motion. Once you've done it for a time that feels good for you, place the lodestone in a bowl of water to release the negative energy. Discard the water after use.

To increase the likelihood of conceiving, place a masculine and feminine lodestone in a red bag, and put them under the marital bed's mattress. They stimulate the lower chakras (the root chakra in particular) and harmonize male and female energies. This isn't even mentioning the enhanced natural attraction.

Essential Guide to Lodestone

What Does Lodestone Do Spiritually?

As a calming stone, Lodestone helps you relax more easily. It does this by reducing negativity in your surrounding environment and easing the tension you would ordinarily absorb. When you've been in this state for a while, it becomes dramatically easier to think more clearly and set powerful and life-changing intentions. Through relaxing, you can connect with your higher self and activate your intuition. Some people even claim that Lodestone helps you find your psychic powers. 

Can you use Lodestone for manifestation?

As a highly magnetic stone, it's no surprise that Lodestone is one of the greatest manifestation crystals money can buy. It's a natural stone of attraction and it brings good things your way.

In addition to what you want, Lodestone attracts what you need. The energy of these stones drives you toward events that are necessary for your personal growth, even if they may seem bad at first. It helps you attract positive learning experiences and use them to develop wisdom.

Hold the grounding stone in your palms and focus your energy on your inner power. You may be able to feel it in the spiritual body, pulsating toward your Lodestone crystal. Recite your intention internally and picture it as being already complete. Lodestone will tap into the energies of the universe and attract the things you want into your life.

How else do you use a Lodestone?

Essential Guide to Lodestone

According to Cassandra Eason, author of Crystals, “a single-pointed lodestone facing the door or a road-facing window [will draw] prosperity.” Others advise you to put a piece in a pouch and carry it around with you to attract wealth, abundance and financial success.

It's said that holding a lodestone in each hand every morning can help free you from long-standing burdens and liberate you from the sense of helplessness. It can strengthen your independence and make you more self-reliant. This is great for getting in touch with your true self and taking some time early in the day to be mindful.

Keeping a pair of Lodestones together is always a good idea. They act as a physical representation of the yin and yang. They balance the masculine and feminine energies on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Leave them in your home to reduce the effects of geopathic stress and counter EMF radiation. They also work well as soothing stones that keep siblings from arguing.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, lodestone is a great grounding stone to have nearby. It helps you to calm down and reassess the situation. It's rarely ever as bad as you first think. Take a few moments next time you're over-stimulated and use your lodestone to weigh your decisions rationally rather than emotionally. 

You can use Lodestone crystals during meditation to feel more grounded and at one with the universe. The perfect weight of these stones will help you find your inner balance and focus your attention more easily. Whether you concentrate on the energy of the stone, or your breath, or anything else, is entirely up to you. Wherever you decide to direct your attention, this crystal will support it.

The properties of lodestone are enhanced when accompanied by fragrances such as basil, juniper, and thyme. It also connects more deeply to Virgos, Libras, and Capricorns. Use it during the months of these astrological signs to ramp up its energy.

Which chakra is Lodestone for?

Essential Guide to Lodestone

Lodestone activates the root chakra, strengthening your connection to mother earth and mooring your physical body to nature. It can also stimulate the solar plexus chakra which attracts wealth, prosperity and success. Use Lodestone to find your path in life.

Why is Lodestone perfect for the root chakra?

The root chakra is where energy comes in from the earth and travels up the spine, through the spiritual body, to the crown chakra. Lodestone is a grounding stone. Its iron content makes it a little heavy, so holding this crystal will always be associated with feeling more present and connected.

The lower chakras maintain emotional balance and help you tap into your personal power. The root in particular is known for building inner strength and providing supportive energies for passion projects. This chakra anchors you to the earth and helps you feel safe, secure and protected.

A Lodestone crystal is ideal for this chakra as it shields your aura from harm, deflecting negative vibrations and attracting positivity. This causes a calm atmosphere to form around you. It will feel as though nothing can bring you down.

You can activate the root chakra during deep meditation, but simply holding one of these stones will go a long way in boosting your sense of security. Use the stone to search inwards and assess your true desires. It will help you expel all that which is inauthentic about your life.

How Do You Look After Lodestone?

Taking care of Lodestone is like having a pet. While most crystals require cleansing for them to relinquish their stored energies. You might wonder if Lodestone is a water safe crystal or not. Lodestone is technically more of a metal. Therefore, it should not go in water as it will rust. And it shouldn't go in lemon juice or other types of liquid either, as it will corrode.

If you want, you can cleanse Lodestone using some of the regular methods. A Selenite cleansing plate works best, but you can leave it out under the moonlight or bury it in rice. However, what's more important is that Lodestone needs to be fed.

Yes, you read that right. Not only is Lodestone associated with the discovery of magnetism, used by ancient cultures all over the globe, and impossible to demagnetize, this stone is also thought to be alive. By some.

Because of this, there are many crystal enthusiasts that insist Lodestone must be fed.

How do you "feed" Lodestone?

Essential Guide to Lodestone

To feed Lodestone sprinkle magnetic sand and/or iron shavings over the stone. When these small metallic pieces come into contact with the crystal, they will look like fine hairs. By doing this you are effectively working its magnet muscle.

In hoodoo and folk magic, feeding Lodestone is great for spells. It's also said to draw prosperity to you. By using male and female Lodestones, you can craft spells that attract soulmates and lovers.

It's also advised that you coat Lodestone crystals in an essential oil of your choice on a regular basis. Once a week should be fine. This revitalizes it and prepares it for future work. This may seem like a daunting process just to take care of a crystal, but remember that Lodestone is special. It's utterly unique and one of the most mind-blowing stones you could ever get your hands on.

It's Time To Attract

Lodestone is an all-rounder that enhances peace, love, and tranquility. It brings you closer to your goals, but more importantly, to other humans. Get lodestone to improve and accelerate the manifestation process. It's the perfect partner for practicing the law of attraction. 

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