Blue Chalcedony Meanings and Crystal Properties

Blue Chalcedony Meanings and Crystal Properties

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of fine intergrowths of quartz and morganite. It generally has a waxy feel to it and is usually translucent. There are many different colors, including white Chalcedony, but one of the most rare is Blue Chalcedony.

Blue Chalcedony Stone Meaning

Blue Chalcedony is known as the speaker's stone, corresponding to the throat chakra and promoting self-expression, confidence, and self-esteem. It is one of the best crystals for chakra healing, as it opens our throats to receiving and giving messages. Wearing Chalcedony, a highly calming stone, will allow us to deal with self doubt and emanate a gentle radiance to the people we come into contact with.

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Blue Chalcedony Benefits and Uses

Blue Chalcedony chakras include the throat and third eye. Often compared to Blue Lace Agate, it is a demure crystal that retains its natural form. Blue Chalcedony brings us to invisible realms and removes negative energies from our energetic aura. On top of that, it is one of the best healing crystals to use to instill in us feelings of benevolence.

Carry it around in your pocket to allow light hearted optimism into your life. Chalcedony is a stone that has a chemical composition and a sky blue color that radiates healing energies. A member of the Quartz family, this rare gemstone brings calming energies and absorbs negative energy from the environment.

Blue Chalcedony Properties

Blue Chalcedony Healing Properties

Chalcedony instills feelings that calm our emotional energy field. It is a beautiful gemstone that was used in ancient times to remove plant allergies. It also eases the respiratory system and acts as a soothing balm to the upper chakras.

This silicon dioxide stone occurs in many different forms, including a cylindrical pendant made out of colloid sized particles. It promotes throat health and allows us to access our inner voice. It also promotes a state of peaceful assertiveness, thus making it a powerful crystal to maintain a healthy flow.

Blue Chalcedony Metaphysical Properties

This natural birthstone is a creative stone that enhances emotional healing and physical healing. It targets the lower chakras, allowing us to listen in to our inner child even in today's modern world. Ancient civilizations had jewelry worn suspended to support the natural release of stagnant physical energy.

Chalcedony makes an excellent crystal to encourage the release of negative emotions. It also primes us for lucid dreaming. Using it can also allow us to tap into our animal self, achieving almost imperceptible movement.

Although the name Chalcedony can be seen and heard far and wide, the blue version is not as common. Cleansing our emotional body, this powerful stone enables us to truly achieve peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can this sacred stone be placed?

It can be placed in the bedroom to nurture feelings of serenity, peace and tranquility. This will aid you in getting a good night's rest. You can also carry Blue Chalcedony crystals around throughout the day to allow yourself to soak in its peaceful and calming vibrations.

How can this nurturing stone be cleansed?

You can cleanse it by running it under warm water and using a soft cloth to dry it afterwards. As its surface is soft and can be easily scratched, make sure to take care of them.

Where can I find Blue Chalcedony Stones?

You can find them at any reputable crystal or jewelry store.

Which is the Blue Chalcedony chakra?

The throat chakra corresponds most with this crystal.

Final Thoughts

Chalcedony remains, to this day, one of the most common minerals. That said, the Blue Chalcedony crystal is hard to come by. The Blue Chalcedony meaning ranges from soothing and calming to self-expressive and confident. Overall, this is a crystal that is unlike any other. If you are looking for a sign to get one for your home, this is it. Its gentle and demure vibrations will be sure to calm your mind and soothe your soul.

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