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Gifts For the Jewelry Lover

Lander - Holidays sec Sets (3).png__PID:8544a9a8-e440-4ddc-b7a8-6c03a7508a02

Gifts For the Ritualist

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Gifts for Frequent Traveler

Gifts For Moms, Daughters & Sisters

Gifts For the Dads, Sons & Brothers

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Gifts for the Mindful Decorator

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December Stone: Turquoise Collection

Santa’s Workshop Collection (Up to 70% OFF)

All-New Rare Item Collection

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Stocking Stuffers (Under $20)

Almost Out of Stock

Ambassador Favorites

A Magical Sale for the Most Magical Time of the Year…

It feels like the Christmas season starts earlier every year, doesn’t it? Well this time you can get ahead of the hustle and bustle with the biggest sale we’ve ever had!

It’s never been easier to stuff those stockings and crowd your Christmas tree with presents…

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Gifts For the Jewelry Lover

For Gifts That Awe & Sparkle as Much as They Do

The Quintessential Divine Truth Bracelet Set.png__PID:6be2b524-abfc-4ab5-9402-fbba4d296b1f

I Am Looked After - 444 Hamsa Hand for Social Anxiety

The Quintessential Divine Truth Bracelet Set (2).png__PID:6b1f6a04-b05b-41f4-951f-df783cfaa458

I Love My Life - Heart Awakening Pink Opal Ring

The Quintessential Divine Truth Bracelet Set (3).png__PID:76212971-6714-4302-89f3-b7f8e8c8095c

Sky's The Limit- Bracelet Of Infinite Possibilities

Lander - Holidays sec Gift for.gif__PID:b20fc4f6-1992-4bc1-b5db-926fe5488abe

Gifts For the Ritualist

For Focus, Clarity & Meaningful Purpose

Master Cleanse - Deluxe Smudging Kit (10-Pieces)

Ritual  02.png__PID:b9e07db1-0650-4f8c-9909-676ea7426419

Personal Protector - Angel Carving of Ascension

Lander - Holidays sec Gift for (1).gif__PID:198a046f-53d1-487b-967f-9129e28cd6df

Gifts for Frequent Traveler

For Safe Journeys and Positive Vibes on the Road

Restless 01.png__PID:8bedaa47-7c2e-49ab-8f33-e41d1045217d

Spiritual GPS - Guardian Car Crystal Kit

Restless 03 (2).png__PID:1149bbf3-2a61-4b51-9da1-230f0d8c65f9

Car Guardian - ‘You Are Loved’ Heart Charm Tassel

Restless 02.png__PID:217de602-bc72-4df0-a06f-6ec31b4c8c40

Guardian Angel Car Crystals of Protection

Lander - Holidays sec Gift for (3).gif__PID:87a192ec-e775-4b08-997b-541c16e516aa

Gifts For the Moms, Daughters & Sisters

For Those Special Women Who Deserve to Feel Special

Mom 01 (1).png__PID:79a3d733-3d75-4efe-8855-912dcce0c26b

Thank You Mama - Crystal Pendant of Gratitude

Mom 03.png__PID:b60da634-5a93-474d-b6dd-543ce390ddce

Mend My Broken Heart - Rose & Clear Quartz Tree Lamp

Mom 01 (2).png__PID:45f8a359-d0e4-4f1b-9f33-3060521e1885

Unbreakable Bond - Mother & Child Crystal Heart Pendant

Lander - Holidays sec Gift for (2).gif__PID:a9ef9b79-8222-4d1d-be73-0f29fedfb0c3

Gifts For the Dads, Sons & Brothers

For Protection, Inner Strength & Healing

Dad 01.png__PID:1527e944-76ab-4bc8-a8f5-405285d51656

Born to Thrive - Copper Bracelet of Power

Dad 02.png__PID:1656cc63-d8f9-40ab-b979-be8d205c1ff5

Sacred Armor: Black Obsidian Cross of Faith & Protection

Dad 03.png__PID:77cb2f6a-7c2e-470b-a7f2-94574c750af1

Fortress of Heart & Mind: Bracelet Set for Mental Healing

Lander - Holidays sec Gift for.gif__PID:2237f967-9fd4-4c6c-81d8-5e7e4cf6ac9d

Gifts for the Mindful Decorator

For a Deeper Spiritual Connection in Home


Rainbow After the Storm - Clear Quartz Lamp of Hope

Yogi (2).png__PID:f24c12ca-bd83-40b8-b7cb-e305d9994c09

Summon My Power - Pyramids of Inner Fire

Yogi (3).png__PID:dcfec0e9-6a85-4882-b22f-4f7f1ddaefc4

I Am At Peace - Spiritual Protection Amethyst Lamp

Lander - Holidays sec Gift for (1).gif__PID:9a75426f-9ea2-4187-9e86-2862baeeb5a4
Lander - Holidays sec shop by collection.gif__PID:057d7285-7e47-42e2-b8d7-8fd8608c04e0

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December Stone: Turquoise Collection

Turquoise aids in the revitalizing of chakras and clears away stagnant energies.

The December stone also harmonizes energies and cultivates a more hopeful, optimistic outlook on life. Give the gift of beautiful positivity.

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Santa’s Workshop Collection (70% OFF)

Dozens of exclusive items, limited editions, fan favs, and bestsellers are now up to 70% off! 

Explore our most beloved selections at prices you won’t see again.

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Shop By Collection

Rare, Limited-Edition Collection

As the holidays neared, we curated a special collection of rare, never-before-seen items.

These limited-edition pieces are selling quickly. Get them before they’re gone…

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Shop By Zodiac Sign

Like the oceans, each of us is commanded by the tides within. These tides can help us understand relationships, emotions, and more.

And by pairing crystals to the Zodiac signs that determine those tides, we can elevate and empower ourselves.

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Shop By Collection

Shop By Stone

While crystals are mostly known for their impressive beauty, they are also revered for their tremendous healing powers.

Discover the meanings and potential of each stone, and find the ideal crystal gift for that special someone…

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Stocking Stuffers (Under $20)

Even the smallest of gifts can have an incredible impact, and this collection of affordable crystal items proves as much.

Explore items under $20 to find the perfect gifts for your budget…

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Almost Out of Stock

We’d love to guarantee access to every item, but many are selling out as we speak.

Don’t miss out! Claim our fastest-selling items before they’re sold out…

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Ambassador Favorites

We’re blessed to have so many wonderful, loyal shoppers.

And we’re proud to say that several of those shoppers are some of the most adored ambassadors in the industry. We asked them to pick out some of their favorites…

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