Purple Gemstones

Purple Gemstones Meaning

We know we're supposed to be unbiased here but we can't help it: purple gemstones are awesome!

Aside from looking like something out of a dream, the lush hue of an excellent purple stone carries a vast array of meanings. Whatever it is you are trying to achieve—spiritual ascension, heightened consciousness, or personal growth and development—a purple gemstone will help you get there!

Purple gemstones' meaning can be found in their ability to open the doors of possibility, giving those with a strong sense of purpose just the right amount of guidance they need to break new boundaries and reach levels they never thought possible.

These gemstones are not just symbols of luxury or power—they are a reminder that no matter how daunting your goals seem, you can always overcome them. After all, the universe wouldn't have drawn you to purple gemstones if it didn't believe in your ability to use them!

Purple gemstones get your butt in gear by imbuing you with the spiritual strength you need to look fear in the face and keep on going. They don’t just give you courage—they give you faith, trust, and the assurance that everything will be okay if you just follow your heart's desire.

Your physical body also benefits from the energy of purple gemstones, as they’re believed to be powerful healers. Break free from nagging issues like insomnia, depression, stress, and migraines, and let the healing energy of purple gemstones bathe your body in a sea of relaxation.

Purple gemstones are also one of the best ways out there to unlock worlds beyond our own, perfect for those seeking to tap into the spiritual realms with an open heart and mind.

So if you’ve got a craving for something more, don't be afraid to reach out to these gemstones and let them lead the way. As our ancestors knew so well, there is something truly special about purple—and it's time you get to experience that for yourself.

Ready to take a leap of faith? Then don’t wait any longer—embrace the power of purple gemstones and follow the footsteps of mystics and royals alike on the path to a more fulfilling life.

Most Expensive Purple Gemstones

You better believe that gemstones so strongly connected to royalty don’t come cheap.

Make no mistake about it: purple gemstones are incredibly precious, with the most expensive of them commanding prices that can make your eyes water!

But there are few things in the world we'd rather spend our money on than these gorgeous and spiritually powerful stones, don’t you agree?

Here are 10 of the most expensive purple gemstones you can find:

  • Purple Diamond
  • Purple Fluorite
  • Purple Jade
  • Purple Charoite
  • Purple Sugilite
  • Purple Alexandrite
  • Purple Sapphire
  • Purple Opal
  • Purple Taaffeite
  • Purple Garnet

If you'd like to get your hands on any of these incredible gemstones, you'd better start saving up!