Mexican Gemstones

Mexico has a long and storied history with gemstones. Records from the Aztec and Mayan civilizations document their use for medicinal and spiritual purposes. This tradition continues today with a vibrant community of crystal healers, collectors, and those seeking answers in the unknown.

Mexican Gemstones Original Locations

Mexico is a land of great geological diversity, with mountains and volcanic zones providing perfect sites for gemstone formation. Three locations are particularly famous for the gemstones they offer:


This is where many of Mexico's amazing Fire Opals come from. Fire Opals have a rainbow iridescence that you can't find anywhere else in the world!


Turquoise from this region is considered the best in all of Mexico. The Necozera mine in the northern part of this area produces most of the Mexican Turquoise that you'll find in the international market.

The Chiapas caves

The epicenter of Mexico's Amber production, the Chiapas caves also offer plentiful deposits of Jade—so if you're in the market for these beautiful gemstones, this is the place to go!