How To Use Crystals To Enhance Your Meditation

Meditating with crystals combines the powerful soothing energy of natural stones with your innate ability to quieten the mind. It’s one of the most effective ways to use healing crystals, as their energy is perfect for entering deep, trance-like states of bliss.

Meditation is becoming extremely popular in the West, with an array of apps, blogs, and tutorials designed to spread awareness about its benefits.

If somehow you aren’t up to speed, then here’s a brief walkthrough.

Meditation For Beginners

Meditation For Beginners

It’s common knowledge, if not widely utilized, that meditation is good for our well-being. It helps us calm down, relax, and let go of things that are leading us astray. It can also be used to elevate our levels of consciousness, creating a deeper state of awareness that helps connect us with the universe.

But how do you actually do it?

It’s simple. You find somewhere quiet, you get comfortable and you close your eyes.

When this happens, you’ll probably get a lot of thoughts flying around, ranging from “Why am I doing this?” to “Did I leave the gas on?”

Meditation For Beginners 1

The art of mastering your inner thoughts lies in your ability to observe without interacting. Don’t respond to your internal questions. Watch them unravel but do not engage.

After some time, thoughts will slow down and the big empty space will become more apparent. You can sit here for a while and feel the peace of not having internal dialogue, or you can choose to shift your honed focus to your pre-decided intention.

If at any point, you find yourself caught up in your thoughts, it’s okay. It’s absolutely fine! Simply acknowledge that you lost track and bring your concentration back. There’s no need to feel bad about it. It happens to everybody. Return to observation mode and disengage once again.

How Do Crystals Help With Meditation?

How Crystals Help With Meditation

Now you’re more familiar with the state we’re talking about, you can probably already see how crystals can help bring you there. It’s encoded in their DNA.

The best healing crystals bring with them a type of warm energy that’s highly conducive to this state of heightened awareness.

Meditation stones are particularly helpful when it comes to programming intentions. Each crystal has its own qualities and it’s up to you to decide which one works best for your needs.

Do you want to find that state of peace and just rest there? Or do you want to program your subconscious mind to help you reach your goals? Maybe you’d like to be more productive, more successful, more bold… It’s all possible if you pick the right crystal.

How To Use Crystals For Meditation

How To Use Crystals For Meditation

In general, you want to hold the stone in your hands and bring your attention away from your thoughts and onto the crystal.

Can you feel its energy? Does it feel cold on your palm? Is it smooth or rugged?

Don’t answer the questions with thoughts. Simply observe the crystal through non-visual senses.

Focus on the stone and envision its power as a bright light that vibrates and fills you with every breath. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply.

Crystals for Your Meditation

If you choose to set intentions while meditating, you can do so. Focus on your breath and the energy of the crystal. You’ll reach that deep relaxed state that we talked about earlier.

Here, you can begin to shift your focus to your intention. Visualize it in detail. Build a clear image in your head and be very specific. The more lucidly you can envision your goal, the more of a reality it becomes.

Once you feel you’ve spent enough time there, then slowly open your eyes. Continue monitoring your breath as you adjust back to normal, then carry on with your day. Your intention is being downloaded to the subconscious mind and you may see strange ‘coincidences’ related to it the more you practice.

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Another way to use crystals for meditation is to let them rest on your chakras. Locate which chakra you wish to work with and assign it a crystal that has a similar energy. Lie down and follow the same technique as before, only leave the stone on the chakra (or multiple chakras) instead. Feel the energy flow through your body and imagine it expanding with each breath.

Which Crystals Are Best For Meditation?

Which Crystals Are Best For Meditation?

Any crystal can be used to help you meditate. You literally have the entire crystal kingdom to choose from. Results will vary from person to person, depending on your own energy and what you hope to gain. Having said that, there are a few that stand out.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Perfect for programming

Is there anything that clear quartz can’t do? The master healer is one of the most diverse crystals, and has a ton of use cases.

When it comes to meditation, clear quartz is the obvious pick if you want to set intentions. The clarity of the crystal rubs off on the mind and you’ll reach that empty space without internal dialogue much faster. The stone’s energy is amplified when directed towards ambitions, dreams, and goals.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
Awareness is all that there is

Lapis lazuli has always been associated with the mind. The midnight blue stone shimmers like a reflection of the cosmos. As above, so below - that sprawling infinity is internal too.

Lapis lazuli raises your state of awareness, revealing the secrets and truths of the universe, if your mind is open to hear them. Many people swear by this stone as an enhancer of intuition, claiming that it helps to develop psychic abilities. Combine it with yoga to experience the full force of its power.


Uncover your destiny

We all have a purpose, and we all have the free will to choose whether or not we follow it. The energy of labradorite will show you this in no uncertain terms. There are things we came into this existence to do and those memories still lurk somewhere in the foggy depths of the mind.

Labradorite provides a profound and personal meditation session. It encourages you to ask questions of yourself and dig deep to uncover the truth. It helps peel back your layers and reveals your true self, expanding your consciousness irreversibly in the process.


The great cleanser

Selenite is rare in the way it self-cleanses. In its raw form, it can even cleanse other stones! The energy of this purifier also works in the mind. It dispels toxic thoughts like worries, doubts, and fears. Without these to interrupt or distract you, you can gain a much greater control over your mind.

Selenite is also an important stone for protection. Some people are worried about spending too much time in their own minds, but selenite makes sure to hold your hand every step of the way, illuminating your inner self. It shows you there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Amethyst Nature’s tranquilizer

Amethyst really roots you to mother nature. It helps reforge the connection with the spirit that’s been broken down by modern society. In doing so, it wraps you in a blanket of serenity. Tension melts away and all that’s left is tranquility.

Said to stimulate the crown chakra, amethyst encourages you to be more in tune with your mind, body, and spirit. It’s warm vibrations alter your mood and bring you into a state of relaxation that’s perfect for meditating.

Selenite 1

What Other Must-Have Energy Tools Can Help With Meditation?

Must-Have Energy Tools for meditation

Burning incense is almost considered a given when it comes to wanting to reach a deep meditative state. Used in similar practices around the globe for centuries, incense helps calm the mind and body, encouraging that almost sleep-like state.

A good suggestion is to meditate in the drowsy period between wakefulness and sleep. This is where your brain emits theta waves and where most subconscious learning is done. That makes it ideal for intention setting. Scientists like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison have used this state for some of their greatest inventions.

And incense helps get you there.

You could also use other stimulating fragrances such as essential oils. Take a relaxing bath, or if possible, have a sensual massage before your meditation session. After the body is relaxed, it becomes a lot easier to reach a state of inner quiet.

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Remember, always consider what you want to achieve from meditation in order to know what’s the best decision for you. To paraphrase Seneca, if you don’t know where you’re going, then nothing can help you get there.