Choosing a crystal for someone other than yourself can seem like a daunting task. You want to get them the crystal that will help them the most and, from an outsider’s perspective, that’s not always easy to identify.

But, with Christmas upon us, crystals do make an excellent and meaningful gift for friends and family. So how do you decide?

Instead of focusing on the endless list of possible crystals, focus instead on things that your special person would like more of. Things like romance, confidence, or money. This is what makes choosing the right spiritual crystals easy. We can nudge you in the right direction once you know what you’re looking for. 

Use this post as a healing crystals guide and we’ll walk you through exactly how to choose a crystal for somebody dear to you.

How To Choose A Crystal

How To Choose A Crystal

As stated above, choosing a crystal for somebody else is easy once you know what they’re looking for on a non-materialistic level. It’s a matter of intuition, similar to how you pick a crystal for yourself.

Have they been on countless failed dates? Are they always banging on about the screenplay they want to write, but can’t get past page 10? Do they have stage-fright? Fear of failure? Lack of motivation?

Nobody’s perfect. Whatever problem is holding them back from achieving their dreams is a problem that can be helped with the use of spiritual crystals. So have a good think about what would make them a happier person. Perhaps replacing pessimism with positive thinking might increase their appreciation of life? Or maybe they ‘e a workaholic who just needs some time to chill out every now and then.

The key to learning how to choose a crystal for a loved one lies in your ability to locate what will make them even happier than they already are. If you could send them specific energy, what would it be?

For some more examples, and a guide on which crystals are good for which purposes, read on.

Healing Crystals Guide

Healing Crystals Guide


If you want your friend or family member to find new love in the form of a romantic partner, then look no further than Rose QuartzThis pink stone is world-famous for being a stone of love. It increases the wearer’s vibrations, pulsing out the frequency of love to like-minded individuals. 

It’s also a great stone for relationships,  and possibly the best worry stone to give as a gift to a boyfriend. Not just for boyfriends though, Rose Quartz is one of the best crystal gifts for her too.

Visualize your gift-receiver and their new partner, happy, smiling, and in love. Give them the Rose Quartz gift with this image in mind to successfully program it.



Money, wealth, and abundance crystals are high on most people’s Christmas list, but which spiritual crystals provide them?

Firstly you have Tiger’s Eye, a stone of success. It’s the best crystal for increased productivity towards financial goals, increasing confidence and motivation. It’s also a great ‘happy birthday crystal’ for Geminis.

This gem’s sister crystals in the money department are Citrine, a stone for prosperity and wealth, and Agate, a crystal for strength in the face of adversity regarding money. It’s an excellent choice if the person you’re giving it to is currently seeking new employment. 

A great visualization technique for this is to picture your loved one more relaxed and happy with the financial security that they deserve. 



There are several great stones for improved health. Aventurine, for example, is said to help with problems with the lungs, liver, and heart. 

Turquoise is a great healing stone that’s often claimed to help with inflammatory diseases. 

Then, of course, you have the master healer itself: Clear Quartz. If placed on the bedside table, this fantastic stone begins to associate healing with sleep. It assists with morning and nightly affirmations too, enhancing their effects.

Picture your loved one in prime health when you gift them one of these spiritual crystals.



Does your niece or nephew love to draw? Your husband is trying to write a novel? Does your friend want to learn to play an instrument?

Amethyst is the perfect stone for them. Inspiring generations of poets and composers, this purple gemstone ignites inspiration like no other.

Smoky Quartz is also a great stone for creative minds. It unblocks trapped energy—great for pushing through writer’s block.

If wrapping this as a present, picture the receiver’s face as they finally tell you of their accomplishment! You won’t forget it.


Weight Loss

Topaz is supposedly the best spiritual crystal in regards to curing a slow metabolism. The dazzling orange gemstone can be used as a reminder to eat healthier and exercise more, too.

Advise that your loved one place this near something motivational, such as unused gym equipment, for it to have the best effects.

As above, imagine your loved one’s face as they tell you of their recent weight loss! Their sheer happiness should invoke loving vibrations. 



Is your sister or daughter studying for exams? Maybe your niece is about to go through their final year of school—a study stone would be one of the top crystal gifts for her.

Fluorite is a fantastic place to start for increased focus and motivation to learn. It ameliorates stress related to exams and studying, too.

Aquamarine is also a great study stone thanks to its soothing abilities. It relaxes your mind and enables it to act in a more natural way. 

Visualize your loved one’s smile of joy as they pass their exams with flying colors!



Have a friend who’s looking to start a family? Look no further than Rhodochrosite, a gem for fertility that can be used by both men and women. 

Increasing the energy needed to make babies appear, Red Agate is also a popular choice. The passion-inspiring stone is great for fertility.

Imagine your friend or family member telling you the good news. A baby is on the way! Give this with the highest amount of love you can summon.


Positive Thinking

Some stones are ideal for removing negativity and promoting positive trains of thought. Instead of being pessimistic, these stones enable the bright optimism to shine forth. 

Try Watermelon Tourmaline as it increases calmness and relaxation. It encourages the owner to let unnecessary complications drift away. They are unimportant to life as a whole.  

Jade is also a fantastic healing tool. If the person you’re giving it to isn’t exactly a crystal person, you can get it in an item of jewelry instead. It protects energy and promotes positivity.

Picture your loved one’s smile every day and know on a deeper level that their frequency has been raised. 

If after reading this list, you’re still unsure how to choose a crystal for your friend or family member, then use your intuition. Pick one based on color or the energy you feel when you touch it. Do you associate that energy with the person you’re giving it to? If so, you’re onto a winner. Whatever you decide to get, send it with love and happiness.

Do you have any tips on how to choose a crystal for someone else? We’d love to hear about your recommended spiritual crystals. Let us know in the comments below.

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