Frankincense Incense And Essential Oils: Benefits And Meaning

Frankincense Incense And Essential Oils: Benefits And Meaning

Do you know about the Frankincense incense benefits? What about the Frankincense essential oils? Today we’re going to talk about the amazing Frankincense incense properties and spiritual uses.

If you’d like to get a few suggestions on how to use Frankincense in your own way, we’ve got a few ideas to share.

What Is Frankincense?

Frankincense is a natural aromatic resin that comes from a Boswellia tree. The name comes from the old French name of franc encens, meaning expensive or high-quality incense.

Global Frankincense production makes use of various Frankincense trees. The primary Frankincense species are Boswellia Sacra (Southern Arabian Peninsula, Western Africa), Boswellia Serrata (Indian Boswellia trees), and the Boswellia Papyrifera trees (Sudan).

These aren't the only sources of Frankincense. Other Boswellia species meet the criteria to be a Frankincense tree, but most Frankincense of the highest quality comes from the sources above.

The Boswellia trees do well in drier and rockier regions such as the ones in the Middle East and other countries with similar climates and conditions.

The aromatic resins are harvested at different times of the year and hand-sorted to be high-quality incense. The quality can vary based on the type of Boswellia trees used as sources and the point at which they are harvested. 

A National Geographic paper warns about the habitat loss perils of overexploitation of the Boswellia trees in a very interesting article.

Frankincense Properties

Frankincense is used in various spiritual rites and rituals which involve a spiritual figure who would burn Frankincense resin. But there are other Frankincense properties that make it such an amazing gift from nature and Mother Gaia.

Aromatherapy and essential oils

There are aromatherapy uses of Frankincense oil and spiritual uses of the Frankincense essential oil.

It’s also used in cosmetic ways for its skin benefits. When used as part of your skincare routine, the Frankincense essential oil needs to be diluted down. You can create a quality mix that’s considered safe by adding a minimum of two-thirds of safe carrier oil to your Frankincense essential oil.

That reduces the risk of overly concentrated Frankincense oil affecting rather than aiding your skin health. The scent will be lovely, don’t worry about that.

You can also use your Frankincense oils together with other essential oils, such as the Crystal Energies - Essential Oil Roller Bottle Set, which combines the powers of oils with the amazing properties of healing crystals. You can use oils for aromatherapy all day long with the help of a diffuser such as the Stress-Relief Diffuser Necklace.

Find out more about the practical uses of essential oils from our crystal guide.

Health supplements and natural medicines

Frankincense is also used in medicinal ways for its health benefits, as a health supplement.

The health benefits of Frankincense have been recognized ever since ancient times. More research needs to be done in order to know the full benefits of this amazing resin.

Frankincense and myrrh have been used in Chinese medicine since ancient times. It was used to treat blood issues and calm down inflammation and inflammatory health issues such as pain in the joints or limbs, fluid retention, and overall skin health.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Frankincense was seen as an effective treatment for oral health issues and oral infections. The Frankincense extract does wonders for skin cells and alleviates irritation of sensitive skin.

Studies showed that the Boswellic acids that are part of the chemical composition of the Frankincense resin prevent cancer cells from spreading. The positive Boswellic acids effects reported can serve to slow down the spread of cancer cells. That boosts the effectiveness of other treatments.

These acids have powerful antioxidant properties which reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. They act as blood thinners that reduce inflammation and irritation.

There’s evidence that shows that compounds of Frankincense help people suffering from asthma. They reduce symptoms of shortness of breath. Additionally, there are digestive benefits to using Frankincense due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s been proven helpful with issues such as ulcers and inflammatory issues of the digestive tract.

When using Frankincense health supplements, you need to read carefully the doctor’s recommendations. There is a risk associated with the over-use and potential interaction with other supplements or substances used as part of various medical treatments. Seek your doctor’s advice when embarking on a journey of taking health supplements.

You can use these powerful Frankincense supplements along with some healing crystals and crystal sets. If you’d like to take a holistic approach to crystal healing, then give the Spirit Healing Gift Set a try. It combines the power of the Clear Quartz crystal lamp with the healing abilities of Malachite and the chakra healing approach of the 7 Chakra Bracelet and Stones Set.

Frankincense Incense Benefits

Adding to all the benefits of Frankincense in medical terms, there are other reasons for burning frankincense: benefits to the heart and soul.

Burning Frankincense can reduce stress and help achieve a state of emotional release. That’s part of the reason why the scent of Frankincense is used as a note in various perfumes. It induces a state of emotional balance with its soothing vibes.

Burning Frankincense is very helpful when you’re healing from emotional pain and trauma. It helps you achieve a deeper state of emotional connection with yourself and the world around you.

It’s beneficial to burn Frankincense resin as part of any therapeutic and recovery process. The soothing vibes help patients relax if they’re overly tense or sharpen their focus if they get easily distracted to the detriment of their therapeutic process.

You can burn Frankincense resins using something like the Loving Lotus Incense Holder boosts the soothing and healing power of the incense. It helps you get the most out of your incense’s benefits.

We’ll focus separately on the spiritual benefits of using Frankincense.

What Is Frankincense Used For Spiritually?

Frankincense and myrrh are used in resin form in various religious ceremonies and spiritual practices.

Resins have been burned as part of religious ceremonies, rituals, and spiritual practices ever since the ancient cultures of the Egyptians, Greeks, and many others. The smoke that resulted from the burning of incense was seen as a method to pierce through the veil that separated the spiritual and the physical worlds.

The smoke itself resulting from the burning of Frankincense became a messenger between worlds. It would carry the prayers, requests, or wishes of the physical world to the ethers. Then it would bring back into the physical world the answers of the higher power called upon.

Many spiritual practices involved the burning of incense, and most if not all of them still do nowadays. Whether it’s shamanism, Christianity, paganism, Wicca, or any other present-day spiritual practice, there’s some form of incense burning involved.

Burning incense and Frankincense was and still is a practice commonly used by intuitive people such as oracles, high priests and high priestesses, psychics, diviners, and shamans. Spiritual healers used and still use burning incense and Frankincense as a major part of their rituals for healing and cleansing.

It’s believed that smoke resulting from burning Frankincense helps sharpen intuitive insight and amplify clairvoyant senses. Many initiation ceremonies involve one or more stages of burning incense as a form of a spiritual upgrade through raising your frequency.

Along with other resins and incense such as Sandalwood and Palo Santo or dried herbs and plants such as Sage, Frankincense is used to cleanse spaces, objects, and energies. By burning resin from these powerful sacred plants, you repel negative energy and malevolent presences and intentions. Read more about how to remove negative energy from your home.

Can You Use Frankincense?

Most definitely, yes! Whether you’re a beginner in the area of spirituality and spiritual practices or an advanced or even expert spiritual practitioner, you can use Frankincense incense and/or essential oils in your practice.

If you’re experienced with spirituality already, we’re going to assume you have some form of ongoing practice already in place. You can simply add burning Frankincense incense or use essential oils to anoint candles, altars, or other ritualistic objects you already use.

Once you’ve set the intention for your incense or oil to support and guide you in achieving the goal you aim at, you’re ready to go.

If you’re a beginner, these things might seem a bit more intimidating. Burning incense might seem like a very involved or complicated process. If you’re considering the spectacular process of religious rituals and services, then sure, it might seem intimidating. But keep in mind those complex rituals and services started off with a simpler formula, most likely. A formula you can apply yourself.

At its core, burning Frankincense incenses involves a few basic items:

  • Frankincense incense – be mindful that it has to be actual incense from the Frankincense resin, and not just the aroma of Frankincense in order for you to get the spiritual benefits we’ve discussed. The aroma of Frankincense is still great from the aromatherapy point of view, of course, but in spiritual terms, the aroma alone doesn’t pack enough of a punch to make a substantial difference as the natural resin does.
  • Charcoal – for the natural incense to burn, it needs something to entertain that burn; incense sticks have that incorporated into the sticks themselves, but Frankincense requires a separate burning agent to actually maintain the fire or the resin stops burning and giving off smoke.
  • A heat-resistant dish or vessel – with a way for you to hold it without touching the heated parts, similar to a censer.
  • A fire source – preferably a lighter instead of matches since you might have to rekindle the flame every now and then, depending on how well your charcoal does.
  • Sand or ash – so you can extinguish the burning charcoal when you’re done with the process.
  • Metallic tongs – a fire-proof instrument that you can use to move around the burning charcoal and resin when needed.

Think of your Frankincense burning process as a layered cake. The basis is the sand or ash. On the sand, you’ll have the charcoal layer, and on top of that your actual Frankincense.

It’s a bit more complex than a sage burning set, for instance, because you’re handling it differently. But it’s not much more complex as a set than, say, the Keep Calm & Stay Home: The Ultimate Quarantine Set.

Once you’ve gotten your Frankincense incense burning items together, you’re all set to get started. Make sure to not leave the burning incense going without your direct and careful supervision, since it presents a fire hazard if left unsupervised.

How can you use Frankincense in a spiritual way?

There are a few spiritual practices you can add Frankincense burning to in order to amplify their spiritual benefits. You can incorporate the incense burning of Frankincense into your existing practice or design a new practice specifically for it.

Yoga and meditation

Have it burning in the background as you go about your regular yoga or meditation, or do a purpose-specific session like aiming for spiritual growth, receiving spiritual guidance, or whatever else you’re aiming for.

If you’re dealing with some health issues, Frankincense can help your healing journey. It’s useful when dealing with asthma, skin issues, inflammatory conditions, and joint and muscle pains. It’s a great addition to cancer treatments and immune system deficiency therapy.


If you burn Frankincense while you’re praying, it will help you connect with your higher power with more ease. You’ll find the connection to be deeper. You’ll gain a deeper sense of inner balance and tranquility.

Spell-casting and altars

You can burn Frankincense to cleanse and optimize your altar or incorporate it into your spell-casting rituals, either at the beginning or at the end of the actual spell-casting or as a regular and separate practice. It will optimize your space and keep it safe from any outside influences that are unwanted.

You can boost the effects of your Frankincense resin burning with the help of crystals. Turn on a salt lamp like the Rose Salt Night Light or a crystal lamp like the Intuition Lamp and will amplify the powers of Frankincense.

Get Your Frankincense Today!

If you’ve never used Frankincense before, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits. Give this amazing gift from nature a try.

When you’re dealing with stress or feeling emotionally overwhelmed, Frankincense can support you through the difficult process of finding your inner balance and peace. Whether you choose to use it in the form of incense or essential oil, it will enrich your life and improve your experience.

If you’d like to boost the healing powers of Frankincense, use it together with crystals for healing and cleansing. They’ll help the Frankincense reach the deepest levels of the issues you’re dealing with so the healing journey can take place as it should: from the outside in and from the inside out.

There’s so much to gain from using Frankincense and so very little to lose. Experiment with it. Make the most of its healing powers to live your best life.

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