Crystals For Men: Reclaim Your Male Energy

Crystals For Men: Reclaim Your Male Energy

The crystal scene is largely dominated by women, but there’s no reason men can’t get involved too! There are plenty of great crystals for men that appeal to their unique attributes. As spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, and feng shui increase in popularity, more and more men are turning to crystals for masculine energy to help improve their well-being.

Men resonate with different energies to women. They’re polar opposites by nature. Men are the yang to women’s yin, but when they come together with intention, they can create the perfect balance. While theoretically, any person could use any crystal and be able to benefit from it, there’s a clear distinction to be made between crystals for men and crystals for women. 

Top 7 Crystals for Men

If you feel uncomfortable wearing crystals, or you’re worried about what other people might think, then remember that they can be implemented in many different ways. Crystal jewelry for men is just one way to go. You could also:

  • Keep them in your pocket, touching them out throughout the day to feel their energy.
  • Leave them on your desk or at home as a decorative piece that can bring concentration, clarity, and creativity.
  • Carry them in a little pouch that can be hidden under your shirt.
  • Place them on your bedside table to help you relax.
  • Leave them under your pillow for a better night’s sleep and protection from nightmares.

Whichever way you work with your crystals, remember to cleanse and recharge them regularly. If their energy becomes blocked then the crystal will not be able to function at full capacity. Once per month is a good guideline to follow.


Malachite is to men what rose quartz is to women. It’s a love stone with a bit more oomph. Activating the heart chakra, malachite open men up to unconditional love, but it also teaches them to love themselves and not be pressured into conforming to societal norms. With this forest green stone of transformation, men can stop chasing perfectionism, especially in other people. The world isn’t perfect; life just doesn’t work that way. Malachite bracelets can be a reminder of this love towards yourself.

anti-anxiety bracelet


A super-powerful crystal for money, wealth, and abundance, pyrite is the perfect piece for prosperity. It encourages men to make strategic business decisions and take that extra step to protect their finances. It’s a brilliant crystal for when men need a little motivation boost. They can swap their confusion with a clear goal and find the confidence they need to pursue it. It’s also an excellent protection stone, redirecting negative energy to wherever it came from.


A weighty stone with a metallic sheen, hematite roots men to mother earth. It’s one of the best crystals for masculine energy and you can sense how powerful it is just by holding it. It’s associated with logical thinkers, stereotypically considered a male trait. Men can sit back and relax in the knowledge that everything will be okay with this stone watching their back. There’s no need to feel unnecessary tension anymore; hematite directs negative intentions straight back to the sender.

triple protection bracelet

Male energy crystals for grounding are probably the most popular. Another great choice would be red jasper or black obsidian. You can even combine all three in Hematite bracelets with Black Obsidian and a Tiger's Eye crystals to feel huge grounding power.


Depending on the color of the tourmaline, it can open the heart chakra or the base chakra. It works well with men as it gives a sense of purpose to life, empowering them to live passionately. All varieties of tourmaline are known for boosting confidence, but black in particular is an excellent crystal bodyguard. It’s one of the best healing crystals for men because of its unrelenting power. It’s surprising how quickly the effects of working with tourmaline start to show. The green variety is fantastic at helping men reevaluate what holds meaning in their lives.

Tiger’s Eye

As mentioned above, Tiger’s eye is a well-known protection gemstone. It’s said to ward off evil and bring good luck. Thinking outside the box becomes the new normal when men use this crystal. It injects creativity into the male mind and frees them to explore new possibilities. It’s one of the best crystals for masculine energy because it stops self-limiting beliefs from building up. Men can often feel stuck or trapped and not know how to express it, but Tiger’s eye helps them move past blocks and embrace change. It’s one of the best crystals for willpower, confidence, and determination.

golden bracelet of intent

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a constant reminder of cosmic beauty. Its star-specked color stimulates mental strength and boosts extra-sensory perception in men. It’s said to improve psychic abilities and was commonly used among the courts of Ancient Egypt for doing just that. Men can raise their awareness and expand their level of consciousness with this intuition stone. They can embrace the feeling of connectedness that links them to everybody and everything. It’s a great sensation that lapis lazuli specializes in.


This one may look a little more feminine, but garnet is far from soft and nurturing. Harnessing the element of fire, garnet is a stone of unlimited passion. It stimulates male sexual energy and breathes new life into a stagnant relationship. It’s one of the greatly overlooked crystals for masculine energy because of its ability to enhance libido and restore vitality. If you feel lost or confused, garnet will ground your energy and keep you at the moment. 

Whatever intention you may want to manifest with the help of crystals, keep in mind to follow your intuition when looking for a perfect fit. Whether you’re attracted to its color, texture, or assumed metaphysical power, remember to harvest only the positive and have fun!

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