Capricorn Personality Characteristics and Traits

Capricorn Personality Characteristics and Traits

Capricorns are born between December 22nd and January 19th. They’re ruled by the planet Saturn and are compatible with Cancers and Tauruses. These people are responsible, disciplined, and love tradition. Want to know more about Capricorns? We’ve got you covered.


Capricorn Traits


Capricorns are an Earth element that tends to focus on the material world. They’re excellent at practicing self-control. Capricorns know how to make solid plans and realistic goals. They always learn from the mistakes they make and rely on those experiences in the future.

Sometimes Capricorns are as stubborn as a Taurus. It’s difficult for them to see someone else’s perspective on things. When they meet people who are their polar opposites, Capricorns have a hard time accepting them as they are.  

One of their major weaknesses is being unforgiving. Capricorns are also known to expect the worst in a situation, which makes them unpleasant to be around. If you upset a Capricorn, good luck convincing them to make up with you. Their nature also makes them condescending at times, which can be a turn-off for some. 


Personality Characteristics


Even though they may seem stubborn, Capricorns will tell you that they just know what they want. Whatever they set their mind to, they will accomplish. Capricorns thrive with strict rules and hierarchies in place. Too much freedom can paralyze a Capricorn and make them indecisive. 

Capricorns are detail-oriented and never take no for an answer. They’re always ready to learn new things, which is why they love going to school. One of their shortcomings is how hard they are on themselves. They hold a lot of grudges and can have a narrow perspective on certain aspects of life. 

Some people say that Capricorns age backward. They endure many hardships early in life, becoming more optimistic as they age. Sometimes Capricorns are troublemakers because their tarot card is the devil card.


Ruling Planet Of Capricorn


Saturn rules Capricorns, which teaches them many tough lessons. Saturn is known for its stoic nature that in charge of time and other restrictions of the universe. This is what makes Capricorns rule-followers who are practical. 

This planet also makes Capricorns appear cold and distant to others. It provokes unforgiving feelings and causes them to feel guilty about the past. Capricorns need a lot of help in forgiving other people and themselves in order to achieve happiness and peace. 

Living by the limitations of Saturn forces Capricorns to live within the laws of cause and effect. But if they use this energy in spiritual meditation, they are rewarded with wisdom. Saturn makes sure that Capricorns understand the idea of karma. 


Capricorn In Relationships


Winning over a Capricorn isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time for their walls to break down and for them to accept love. They tend to show sensitivity and passion through acts of service rather than words of affirmation. It will take a long time for Capricorns to open up about their emotional burdens. 

Sometimes Capricorns lack compassion for others. This makes relationships rocky in the beginning and often never progress into something more serious. They aren’t willing to compromise on many things and sometimes create problems just for the sake of conflict. 

As a friend, Capricorns are loyal and reliable. They don’t like nosey friends, and they respect boundaries. Usually, their friend group is quite small, but it’s full of the best one-of-a-kind people. 


Capricorn In Professional World


In their careers, Capricorns value loyalty and hard work. They like to socialize with co-workers who match them intellectually and share the same goals as them. They have extremely high standards for their work achievements. 

Capricorns are resourceful and know when to step in to help in a project. They don’t mind working long hours to get something done the right way. The best jobs for them are in finance, programming, and management. 

Money won’t be a problem for Capricorns, and they’ll know when to save for a rainy day. If they are in debt, they will work hard to become financially free. This is what inspires them to work hard and long hours at their jobs. 


How To Attract Capricorn Partner


Capricorn men are practical and aren’t looking for a fantasy that doesn’t exist. They have a need to be in control and take charge in situations. They want to be the ones who make the rules and expect you to follow them. 

Capricorn women are ambitious and want to find someone who will make them happy. It takes a while for them to let their guard down and open up to a partner. They want a responsible partner who can take care of them down the road. Capricorn women are also passionate lovers. 


Capricorn History And Symbolism


Capricornus is the 40th biggest constellation in the sky. In Greek mythology, the constellation was associated with the god of the wild and the goat Amalthea. Capricorn means “horned goat” in Latin. The sea goat is a mythical creature who is tied to the Babylonian god, Enki. 

Capricorn is a cardinal sign that signifies the start of the season.  The constellation Capricornus marked the winter solstice in the Early Bronze Age because of where the Sun was when winter began until around 130 BC.

The myth of the sign of Capricorn is connected to Pan, the god of the wild. The story goes, Pan was speaking at a gathering of gods and was interrupted by a giant. The gods were scared, so they changed shape while Pan jumped into the Nile River. 

This turned his legs into a fishtail and his torso into a goat, which confused the monster. This is also where the word “panic” comes from. Panikos is the instrument that scattered the Titans. 


Capricorn Mantras


Capricorns sometimes struggle with loving themselves and appreciating what they’ve been giving. Mantras are essential for Capricorns on their spiritual journey. Here are a few. 

  • I am enough.

  • I can, and I will succeed. 

  • I am beautiful on the inside and the out. 

  • I will focus on how I want to feel. 

  • Failure is a blessing in disguise. 

  • Struggling is not the same thing as failing. 

These mantras can also be used with the assistance of crystals.


Best Crystals For Capricorns


There are many crystals that assist Capricorns with success and drive. Here are a few of the best ones to use. 

  • Azurite balances Capricorn’s work-life balance and helps them get their priorities straight. 

  • Black Onyx is a protective crystal for Capricorns and encourages them to face their fears. 

  • Garnet gives this sign determination and courage. It gets rid of bad energy that is blocking them from manifesting their dreams. 

  • Clear Quartz connects Capricorns to their higher consciousness and allows them to see their real purpose.
  • Fluorite provides strong focus and enhances a clear mind, helping Capricorns focus on the important projects and goals.
  • Smoky Quartz grounds Capricorns and detoxifies their emotions and chakras. 

Wrapping Up


Capricorns are born with the awareness of their limitations on Earth. This won’t stop them from getting things done and hustling. If you’re looking into a relationship with a Capricorn, be aware of their authoritarian mindset and their tendency to keep walls up. Be patient with them, and they will treat you well.

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