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Natural White Sage 2-Piece Set


Natural White Sage 2-Piece Set

Removes Negativity • Cleansing • Shielding
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Product properties

Burning incense provides more than just a nice smell. You can use it to recharge crystals, revitalize your energy, or purify your home. Or all three.

White Sage is a fantastic cleanser of negativity. It transforms the surrounding atmosphere into one filled with light and uplifting energy. To ensure your crystal remains beneficial to you, burn White Sage around it on a regular basis. This extracts the energy that the crystal has absorbed, and leaves it open and full of energy. When burning for you or your home, White Sage is known to reduce anxiety and stress. It creates an uplifting mood and energizes you for the day ahead. As it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial by nature, it creates true freshness which can be helpful for people with asthma, bronchitis, or allergies. 
Welcome the delightful fragrance of White Sage into your home.

How to use White Sage:
It’s a good idea to set your crystal an intention every time you cleanse it with White Sage. Sit up straight so that your lungs can reach full capacity. Inhale deeply, hold, and then exhale deeply. Ensure that your thoughts are focused on your intentions for the stone. Be clear and concise; don’t overload your mind.

Always open a window before burning White Sage in your home and avoid inhaling the smoke directly. Wait for it to clear before spending extended time in the newly energized room.

Affirmation: Use mantras that support pure energy, such as, “I cleanse any and all negativity in my home.”

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