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The Self-Drive Bracelet

The Self-Drive Bracelet

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Tiger’s Eye is the best stone possible for inspiring the inner drive to succeed. The Self-Drive Bracelet acts as a constant reminder that you can achieve your dreams, and its warming energy will support you every step of the way.

A powerful stone for releasing apprehension or worrisome thoughts, tiger’s eye is known for clearing your mind of negativity. The newfound focus makes attaining your goals a breeze. The flaming red color directs you towards your passions; it does not work if you love doing it!

With its intuition-enhancing abilities, tiger’s eye aligns the third eye chakra, bringing balance to your spirit and grounding you in the present. It illuminates the important things in your life, leaving distractions and negativity in the periphery.

Often associated with luck, you can use the bracelet as a lucky charm to inspire positive surprises throughout your day, week, or life. With a new sense of confidence and willpower, you can avoid lethargic tendencies and use your renewed self-drive to your advantage. Make the most of your highs by acting upon them and pursuing what your heart truly desires.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but success lies in the eye of the tiger.

  • Item Type: Bead Bracelet
  • Material: Premium Tiger Eye (dyed) 
  • Color: Pink
  • Rope Type: Elastic Rope
  • Bead Size: 
    0.23 in (6 mm), 0.31 in (8 mm), 
    0.39 in (10 mm), 0.47 in (12 mm) 
  • Bracelet length:
    6 mm: 6.29 - 7.08 in (16 - 18 cm)
    8 mm: 6.49 - 7.48 in (16.5 - 19 cm)
    10 mm: 6.69 - 7.87 in (17 - 20 cm)
    12 mm: 6.88 - 8.26 in (17.5 - 21 cm)
  • Function: Energy gift
Since Tiger's Eye are natural materials, stone colors and shape may vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet, making this beautiful handmade item one of a kind (just like you ♡)

You are in safe hands