The Stress-Soothing Stone

The Stress-Soothing Stone

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Stress is the biggest problem you can face in life. It’s the root cause of almost all diseases and, as such, has to be combated. Smoky Quartz is the stone for the job.

Neutralizing negativity, this murky crystal is a great decontaminator, removing bad energy and making sure it doesn’t come back. It protects against radiation and electromagnetic waves; leave it by your laptop if checking your emails stresses you out. Known to lift a soul out of a depressive slump, Smoky Quartz brings a state of emotional calmness in which stress simply can’t exist. Anxiety fizzles into nothing under the immense strength of this gemstone. Even cramps, headaches, and back pain are said to be eased by this powerful soother.

Say goodbye to stress.

How to use this stone?
For the best effects, place the Stress-Soothing Stone wherever you find yourself most stressed. If it’s at work, place it on your desk. If it’s at home, leave it by your bed or in your living space. If it’s with your finances, then place the stone near your piggy bank or close to where you store your purse or valuables.
When you see the stone, release the tension in your back and shoulders. Instead of worrying about something that stresses you, use the stone to remind you of something you’re grateful for instead. You’ll relax within seconds.

1. Parameters:
  • Item Type: stone
  • Material: Smoky Quartz
  • Color: brown
  • Weight: 20 - 50 g, according to the size
    2. Stone available: small, medium and large

    3. Size:
    • Small: 1.96 - 2.36 in (5 - 6 cm)
    • Medium: 2.36 - 2.75 in (6 - 7 cm)
    • Large: 2.75 - 3.14 in (7 - 8 cm)

    You can get these stones in different sizes. As they're natural stones, it’s common for them to not be exactly the same. Each one is unique.

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