Rose Quartz Love Coasters

Rose Quartz Love Coasters

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if something as simple as a coaster could also provide the powerful benefits of Rose Quartz? Now it can, with these Rose Quartz Love Coasters! They elevate a room’s energy and bring your frequency onto the highest possible level - love.

The real power of using crystal coasters as opposed to regular ones lies in the ability to set affirmations with love at the heart of them. You’ll think of them every time you place a glass down or pick a mug up. This reaffirms the statement of intent, keeping it readily on your mind, and fills you with loving energy. Similar to a memento that you place around the house, Rose Quartz coasters are constant reminders of affirmations. Set yourself a good one and the energy of the natural stone will work towards it too, strengthening your intention and increasing your positive energy.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. They make brilliant Valentine’s Day gifts for your significant other. They’re known to strengthen bonds between those in love if used around the home. It doesn’t only work on romantic love, but self-love and care too. It ensures you look after yourself and treat yourself. There’s no better feeling than the uninhibited love of oneself. It’s not selfish, it’s just self-love.

Lighten your room with the energy of Rose Quartz Coasters.

  • Item Type: Stone Coaster
  • Material: Rose Quartz
  • Color: Pink
  • Coaster available: Small, Medium, Large
  • Coaster size:
    Small: 2.36 in (6 cm)
    Medium: 3.14 in (8 cm)
    Large: 3.93 in (10 cm)
  • Coaster thickness: around 0.31 in (8 mm)
  • Available sets: 1 piece set, 2 piece set
  • Function: Energy gift 
*Shape and colors vary from coaster to coaster as its made from sliced natural Agate stone

Since Rose Quartz is a natural material, stone colors and shape may vary slightly from stone to stone, making this beautiful handmade item one of a kind (just like you ♡)

You are in safe hands