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7 Chakras "Pet-lover" Bracelet
7 Chakras "Pet-lover" Bracelet
7 Chakras "Pet-lover" Bracelet

7 Chakras "Pet-lover" Bracelet

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Chakra bracelets consist of seven colored charms or stones that each represent one of the seven energies that needs to be balanced.

First Chakra- Muladhara is the chakra of stability and security that ties into our basic needs as human beings. It’s our root chakra and it needs to be nurtured. When it is balanced and open we feel a sense of safety and security.

Second Chakra- Svadhisthana chakra is our creativity and sexual center. It is located right above the pubic bone and it is the main source of creativity. When it is out of whack we feel creatively stifled.

Third Chakra- Manipura chakra is the area between your belly button and breastbone. It relates to our sense of personal power and how we feel about our selves and self esteem.

Fourth Chakra- Also known as the Anahata chakra or the heart chakra and is responsible for uniting the upper and low chakras in the body. It is our source of love and connection to the world and other people around us. When we keep our heart chakra open, anything is possible.

Fifth Chakra- The Vishuddha chakra is also known as the throat chakra and is helps us to unlock our deepest emotions and speak our highest truth. If this chakra is stagnant and the energy flow is limited, we are not able to openly express our emotions and that leads to underlying resentment and discontent.

Having a Natural Lava Stone 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet to look at as a reminder to speak your highest truth can help ensure that the energy flows freely.

Sixth Chakra- The Ajna is also known as the third eye chakra and relates to your intuition and ability to listen to our gut instinct. We all have the ability to listen to our intuition and be weary of what it tells us but to really get in touch with that ability we need to have an open chakra.

Seventh Chakra- The Sahaswara chakra is located at the top or crown of the head helps us to achieve spiritual connection and self -awareness. To achieve a sense of love, light, and enlightenment and lead us to divine realization this chakra needs to be open, if you ever forget and need a reminder simply look at your wrist and focus on opening your seventh chakra.

Becoming aware of your chakras is the first step to balancing them and because our lives are in such a state of imbalance we need to constantly focus on keeping them open. Fulling understanding what each chakra's benefits and meaning will help you understand where your imbalances may lie. Wearing a reminder like the Natural Lava Stone 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet can help you to achieve mind/body awareness. 

Product Details:

  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Black Agate, White Turquoise, Natural Lava Stone
  • Rope Type: Elastic Bracelet

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