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The Obsidian Tao Pendant
The Obsidian Tao Pendant
The Obsidian Tao Pendant
The Obsidian Tao Pendant
The Obsidian Tao Pendant
The Obsidian Tao Pendant
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The Obsidian Tao Pendant

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Availability: Low in stock today
Yin and Yang have been a symbol of balance and harmony since time immemorial. Wear The Obsidian Tao Pendant around the neck to represent and enhance the balance in your life. Obsidian is a gleaming black stone that has extremely powerful properties - it can help immensely with self-reflection, providing a deeper insight into your psyche, allowing you to find peace within yourself.

The ancient Taoist symbol is represented at the center of this gorgeous pendant, just as it’s at the center of every human that walks the planet. It enables you to think with moral conviction and decipher between right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark. The smooth obsidian enriches this worldview, removing constricting beliefs and encouraging clarity of thought.

Obsidian is also known as a solid protective stone. It’s a pure shield against negativity and can eradicate negative energy before it comes into contact with your aura. It has the ability to ameliorate destructive tendencies, ensuring that you see the harm they cause. Obsidian also defends against other people’s pessimism and problems. When they use you as a springboard to vent, your energy will remain secure and upbeat.

The power of obsidian can help with healing trauma of any kind. It enables you to relax and keep calm - solutions will come your way. If ever you feel stuck in life, gaze into obsidian, monitor your breathing and tension, and allow the crystal to show you the way through your problems.

Find the balance in your life today.

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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Pendant
  • Pendant Type: Solitaire
  • Material: High-Quality Obsidian
  • Pendant Size: 50 mm x 50 mm x 12 mm
  • Rope Bead Size: 6 mm 
  • Rope Length: 60 cm, can be adjusted  

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