The Natural Protection Stones (2 pcs)

The Natural Protection Stones (2 pcs)

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Looking for a crystal bodyguard to protect your aura? Cancel the hiring process because Black Tourmaline is your man! Known as one of the most protective crystals, this raw black stone will ensure that negative energy is obliterated before it comes remotely close to you.

The Natural Protection Stones
include 2 chunks of raw Black Tourmaline that can be used as home decoration, or as personal talismans to keep on your person. The matching set would look fantastic either side of a mantelpiece, or perhaps you’d prefer to keep them apart, cleansing the energy in multiple rooms simultaneously.

Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for soaking up electromagnetic radiation. It acts as a sponge to rid your room of negative energy that comes from computers, phones, and other electrical appliances.
Leave one by your computer, microwave, or bedside table for your phone at night!

Tourmaline also protects you during your sleep. Known to assist those suffering from insomnia, keep a stone near your bed to ensure you drift off peacefully. It prevents overthinking before bed, empowering you to relax without overplaying the day's events and thinking about how things could be different. It’s also a huge help in preventing anxiety. Black Tourmaline is a calming stone that counteracts intense and nervous vibes.

How To Use The Natural Protection Stones?
  • If having a panic attack or a surge of anxiety, hold a stone in each hand and listen to their tranquilizing frequency. It instantly soothes the mind.
  • For more general use, place one in a bowl of water and leave it in the main living areas of your home. Black Tourmaline is one of the greatest cleansers of energy. It’ll be sure to purify the room and make certain that only the best and most positive energy remains.
Keep yourself protected at all times with Black Tourmaline, the ultimate crystal shield.

  • Material: Black Tourmaline
  • Color: Black
  • Stone width:
    0.78 - 0.98 in (20 - 25 mm)
  • Stone length:
    0.78 - 0.98 in (20 - 25 mm)
  • Stone height:
    1.18 - 1.37 in (30 - 35 mm)
  • Package contains:
    2 pieces of The Natural Protection Stone
  • Function: Energy Gift 
Since Black Tourmaline is a natural material, stone colors and shape may vary slightly from stone to stone, making this beautiful handmade item one of a kind (just like you ♡)

You are in safe hands