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The Motivation Stone
The Motivation Stone
The Motivation Stone
The Motivation Stone
The Motivation Stone

The Motivation Stone

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Tiger’s Eye is an excellent stone to furnish your house with. It encourages mental clarity, promotes the strength of will, and eradicates fears and anxieties, especially those related to the failure. Carry it with you during your day to feel its motivating and uplifting effects.

Tiger’s Eye is one of the strongest protective stones out there. It shields your aura from negative energy and removes feelings of guilt, worry, or self-doubt. It’s a stone that drives you to think clearly, weighing up both sides of a debate and making logical decisions based on all the information available. It’s a brilliant stone for rational thinking as it refuses to let emotions manipulate your decisions.

The birthstone of Capricorns, Tiger’s Eye is a perfect match for those born during this sign of the zodiac. It helps people who are ambitious and career-driven by motivating and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. It empowers you to achieve anything you set your mind to.

How To Use The Motivation Stone?

  • This is a brilliant stone to carry with you on your person, especially when you need a supporting boost to get you through the day. It reminds you that even the most menial of tasks is for a greater purpose. If ever you feel like you’re close to giving up, pull out the Tiger’s Eye and let its warm energy embrace you. Place it against your third eye and tap into its frequency. It will elevate your energy to match and leave you on the wavelength of success.
Say no to failure with The Motivation Stone.


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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Natural Stone Decoration
  • Material: Natural Tiger's Eye
  • Color: Brown
  • Stone Type: Small, Medium, Large
  • Stone Height: 
    Small: 1.96 - 2.36 in (5 - 6 cm)
    Medium: 2.36 - 2.75 in (6 - 7 cm)
    Large: 2.75 - 3.14 in (7 - 8 cm)
  • Stone Width: 
    0.39 - 0.78 in (1 - 2 cm)
  • Function: Energy Gift

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Since Tiger's Eye is a natural material, stone colors and shape may vary slightly from stone to stone, making this beautiful handmade item one of a kind (just like you ♡)