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The Ice Obsidian Mala Bracelet
The Ice Obsidian Mala Bracelet
The Ice Obsidian Mala Bracelet
The Ice Obsidian Mala Bracelet
The Ice Obsidian Mala Bracelet
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The Ice Obsidian Mala Bracelet

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This beautiful Ice Obsidian bracelet has 108 beads designed to help count mantras while meditating. During Pranayama meditation, mala beads are also used to count breaths. Each inhalation is recognized and the idea is to calm your breathing and relax your body, slowing the heart rate. You can start counting with the guru bead and go all the way around in one meditation session.

These mala beads are more powerful than simple counting devices though. Ice Obsidian is a powerful healing stone that increases the energy output during these meditation exercises. It empowers you to see your true purpose, encouraging positive transformation and the manifestation of long-held desires.

Ice Obsidian is a purifying stone, dismantling negative energy in your atmosphere and converting it into positive. It enables you to learn from mistakes, highlighting their value and acknowledging that they lead to greater growth. It provides balance during times of change and keeps you on the right track in life.

Ice Obsidian is formed when felsic lava cools rapidly. This is symbolic of its speedy effect on people. The presence of Ice Obsidian is a strong one that constantly encourages proactivity. It’s a stone that allows you to be more practical and achieve a sense of fulfillment from your goals and daily tasks.

Partner this bracelet with a recurring mantra to amplify the effects of both.

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Product Details: 

  • Shape: Round
  • Bracelet type: Bead Bracelet
  • Material: Natural Ice Obsidian
  • Bead size: 6 mm
  • Bead number: 108 beads
  • Rope length: Around 72 cm

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Since Ice Obsidian is a natural material, stone colors and shape may vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet, making this beautiful handmade item one of a kind (just like you ♡)