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Abalone Shell of Peace and Harmony
Abalone Shell of Peace and Harmony
Abalone Shell of Peace and Harmony
Abalone Shell of Peace and Harmony
Abalone Shell of Peace and Harmony
Abalone Shell of Peace and Harmony

Abalone Shell of Peace and Harmony

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Product information
This beautiful and iridescent Abalone Shell is for more than just holding your incense. While the shell makes a brilliant container for your sage while cleansing crystals, it holds many magnificent properties of its own that only serves to amplify the purification process. You can tell by its ethereal appearance, there’s more to this Abalone Shell than a simple sage holder.

Abalone is most commonly used as a holder for incense when cleansing crystals. The shell itself vibrates on a gentle frequency that emits warm and peaceful vibes during the smudging session. It greatly enhances feelings of compassion and love in the surrounding environment. This makes it an excellent token to leave in your bedroom in between cleansing sessions, especially if shared with a partner. It’s been said to enhance communication, commitment, and cooperation; the three C's that are critical to keeping a relationship alive. Use the versatile Abalone shell to help support you in your romantic endeavors by promoting harmony and balance.

It’s great to use Abalone to burn incense for your crystals in times of emotional stress. Crystals pick up energy from the atmosphere. If you’re feeling bad, the crystal will take on this energy. Regular cleansing, especially during rough times, will keep the crystal working at optimum capacity. Abalone emits soothing vibes that calm the atmosphere. It adds a protective layer around your mind during the smudging session, empowering you to overlook small irritations.

For burning Sage, sprinkle a thin layer of sand at the bottom of the shell to protect the water vessel from fire. Set an intention for you and your crystal, and hold onto it. Like your crystal, try to absorb the energy of the shell and release your negative emotions. Say goodbye to self-doubt, to fears and anxieties, and to self-deprecation.

The Abalone Shell is more than just a shell. It’s peace-magnet.

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Product Details:

  • Material: New Zealand Abalone Shell
  • Color: Silver
  • Abalone shell length:
    4.33 - 4.72 in (11 - 12 cm)
  • Abalone shell width:
    around 3.14 in (around 8 cm)
  • Abalone shell height:
    around 1.18 in (around 3 cm)
  • Function: Energy gift
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Since Abalone Shell is a natural material, stone colors and shape may vary slightly from shell to shell, making this beautiful handmade item one of a kind (just like you ♡)