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The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet
The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet
The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet
The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet
The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet
The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet
The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet

The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet

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Synchronize the chakras by combining the power of 5 beautiful gemstones. Red Agate, Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, Aventurine, and Black Agate have all been carefully selected to work with you in freeing the chakras from obstruction.

This gorgeous bracelet utilizes all 5 of these fabulous crystals but features 7 different colored gemstones in total. Each one represents and brings balance to a different chakra From the root to the crown, the seven chakras are energy hubs that can easily get blocked over time. By wearing The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet, you can ensure that you remain grounded and that your attention is directed to such blockages. With focus, the suppressed energy will break through. When the flow is unobstructed, daily life becomes easier and more enjoyable!

The 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet boasts an alluring silver heart pin. When your heart aches for something, it’s a powerful indicator that you should seek it out. This pin reminds you to always follow your heart and that no dream is too unrealistic. It’s also symbolic of universal love.

Here’s a glimpse at the stones that will help harmonize your chakras.
Red Agate is the perfect stress-reducing stone, especially when it interferes with love and lovemaking. Use it to attract lasting love, intense passion, and big dreams.

Amethyst, known as nature’s tranquilizer, is a peaceful healing stone that inspires creativity. It ignites the mind with new ideas and gives you the self-belief to achieve them. It can also be used to protect you during sleep.

Tiger’s Eye assists with creative blocks, particularly as a result of pressure or stress. It reduces feelings of self-doubt and promotes self-worth. An excellent protective stone, it deflects malice or threats and keeps you safe.

Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and brings forth luck, prosperity, and a constant zest for life. It has many therapeutic qualities and cultivates a calm and peaceful attitude.

Last, but not least, Black Agate breaks down the original causes of stress and prevents them from re-entering your life. It’s a great healing stone, especially for emotional problems that harm relationships.

Unite the power of these 5 crystals to align the chakras and bring balance to your life!

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Product Details: 

  • Shape: Round
  • Bracelet Type: Charm Bracelet
  • Material: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli(Synthetic), Blue Turquoise(Synthetic), Aventurine, Tiger's Eye, Resin(Synthetic), Red Agate, Black Agate
  • Color: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown, Yellow, Red
  • Bead size: 0.39 in (10 mm) 
  • Bracelet length:
    6.69 - 7.48 in (17 - 19 cm)
  • Function: Energy Gift

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Product Details:

Consider Buying 2+1 for yourself and for your father, mother, brother, sister or best friend.