What to Do with Your New Crystal

Firstly, congrats on your new crystal buddy. I'm sure you will make fast friends! I know you’re eager to start connecting to your crystal, but there are two essential steps that should be taken whenever you bring a new crystal into your life. Cleansing and programming (intention-setting) are two fast, simple, and effective ways to integrate your crystal into your daily life.

Upon your new crystal’s arrival, I would highly suggest cleansing it. Your new stone has made a long journey from deep inside Mother Earth to your home; it needs to shed the unwanted energy that it picked up along the way. Take a moment to appreciate all the steps that this natural stone has made to get to you.

To start this process of cleansing, close your eyes and visualize any and all energy that works against you or your crystal dispersing. Next, move on to any of the below-listed cleansing rituals. If you feel drawn to a particular one then choose that.

New Crystal
  1. With the help of sage or Santo Palo, light the end of your preferred smudging tool and let the smoke wash over the crystal. This will clear any energies that no longer serve you.
  2. You may also use sound vibration to cleanse and re-amp your crystal's energy. Try using ting shaws, a singing bowl, or ringing a bell. Simply place your crystal down and create soundwaves around it. Sound will help the crystal reach the highest level of vibrations.
  3. Lastly, you could simply say a prayer over your crystal, asking for any previous energies to be cleared.

Next, you will want to set your crystal to work! Did you know you can ‘program’ your crystal and give it a purpose? Crystals are eager to help you reach your goals and achieve your potential. They can assist in guiding you to greater peace, help with feeling more love in your life, attract abundance, boost confidence, and motivate you to follow your dreams. The possibilities are endless! Some people choose an intention by researching specific properties of a crystal, while others choose one based solely on intuition.

set your crystal to work

Once you have a goal in mind, it takes just a few minutes to program your crystal’s intentions. To begin your intention-setting ritual, find a comfortable seat and hold your chosen crystal in your hands. Take a few slow, deep breaths to relax your mind and body. Next, state your intention for this crystal. Something like, "I program this crystal to help me feel joy in all areas of my life." Mentally repeat this mantra and visualize the intention as a beam of light moving from your third eye into the crystal, setting it aglow. Take a few minutes to really solidify the intention by repeating it in your mind, and feeling it physically in your body. Feel the connection growing with your crystal. Stay in this meditative state as long as you like. Your crystal is now working hard for you. It's as simple as that.

Place your crystal someplace you can gaze upon it throughout the day and always be reminded of this intention. Make it your best friend for a few days: meditate with it, hold it, wear it, or carry it in your pocket. By doing this you’ll help your connection with the crystal grow and you’ll increase the power of the intentions.

the intention of crystal

With these two simple steps of cleansing and intention-setting, you and your new crystal have started down a magical road. This journey will, hopefully, be the start of many fulfilling experiences using the power of crystals.