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Energy is all that there is. Be it stone, tree, or human, weŕe all essentially made from the same stuff. We want to help return some of that energy back to nature.

And this isn’t just any old forest that you’re creating with us. We’re aiming high. By regularly planting more trees, we’re helping to prevent climate change together. Did you know that just one adult tree can consume up to forty-eight pounds of carbon dioxide per year? And it’ll give you enough oxygen to breathe for two years? We hope that offsetting our carbon footprint sets an example for other businesses and that we lead the way towards truly sustainable e-commerce.

    As well as tackling climate change together, we have another three important goals:

    1. Ending Hunger
    2. Ending Poverty
    3. Ending Deforestation

      There is power in partnership.

      Our partnership with Trees.org enables us to help farmers from Senegal to Tanzania plant more trees and re-fertilize their ground. Currently, deforestation has killed the soil and people flee their village through dangerous routes in the hope of a better life elsewhere. Together, we can help them to have a better life right where they are.

      Studies show that this project dramatically increases the food security of the farmers and their families. Trees.org has helped over 26,000 people already, and we hope to add many more to that tally.

      We’ll assist in creating a tree forest garden, teaching the skills to keep the plants alive and thriving. This means that farmers aren’t relying on one crop each year, but can create several different ones, including timber. The increase in income sources helps if ever a drought or pest infestation were to happen.

      To find out more details about the program, you can watch this short documentary.

      You can see that our words are not empty.  Watch our common forest grow.

      We’ve currently planted 85.998 trees. We donate monthly, so let's move to the next level together.