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Digital Protection

Shungite Stickers Set of 2

Walk with confidence into today’s digital age, knowing you have all the protection you need right next to you. Composed of carbon that neutralizes negative energy and EMFs, Shungite acts as an energetic protector that grounds and centers us in the divinity of our physical bodies.

Digital Detox

Shungite Super Charged Bracelet

On this bracelet, the grounding and centering Shungite is combined with the light-filled and high vibrational Moonstone. This powerful mix enables us to go about our daily lives with both energetic protection for our bodies and spiritual guidance for our minds and souls.

Stress Soothing Pyramids

Anti-Negativity Pyramid & Anti-Anxiety Pyramid

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety with these powerful Anti-Negativity (Shungite) and Anti-Anxiety (Selenite) pyramids. They will cleanse your aura from all negative vibrations in an instant and welcome into your life the purest and most cleansing light.


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