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Hematite is connected with your Root Chakra, this affects our survival, fight or flight needs. Use Hematite to protect and ground the soul back into the body while dispelling negative energies before attaching themselves to the aura. This stone can benefit one greatly if you’re dealing with any legal situations and/or self limitations. It teaches one to always look for the solutions so that the obstacles one is facing become small and attainable. Hematite supports one to curb addictions of any kind so that you may learn from your mistakes rather than thinking of them as failures. Additionally this stone is great for original thoughts, concentration, and memory focus.

Hematite Meaning

This unsuspecting powerhouse is often overlooked due to its minimally chic appearance. However,  Hematite is an immense benefit during crystal healing because it allows one to free themselves of negative thoughts and emotions, clearing out a path for righteousness. This high frequency mineral is a stone of grounding enlightenment, and manifestation of light for the holder. Use this stone to assist in clearing away debri or clusters of the mind, focusing on attunement in all areas of life. It is said that the frequencies of Hematite carry the yin and the yang energies, creating space for difference and allowing polarities to beautifully exist within the whole, balanced.

The name Hematite is derived from the Greek word for blood, due to its reddish hue in natural or powdered form. Most Hematites display a metallic gray color and can be found in massive forms or as inclusions in quartz, you may have even seen reconstructed or magnetic Hematite around your local marketplace. If you have an important decision or project coming up, Hematite would be an ideal mineral to carry along as it helps one to see where they should direct their attention to the most so that they may achieve their goals.

Hematite Healing Properties

Hematite being an iron oxide mineral, naturally increases the production and flow of blood, while strengthening the liver through detoxification. If you have ever been anemic, try wearing Hematite jewelry or carrying it on you to see if it makes a difference. Use Hematite to uplift the spirits and lend the strength needed to manifest your dreams into the physical plane while keeping your mind, body, and soul grounded and connected with MotherEarths soul.


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