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Heart and head Connector


Green fluorite is a beautiful stone that inspires the feeling of spring. Clean, refreshing, and focused. Although this stone is not a traditional birthstone it can be used as a substitute for anyone born during the spring months.  As this stone holds a green color vibration it is a natural healer and promotes growth. It also helps to balance the heart chakra. As the name implies if you hold this stone under a black light it will light up in a beautiful fluorescent glow. 

Like all fluorite stones, green fluorite will help dispell mental confusion. Green fluorite is no exception,  It will help one attain mental clarity, drive and focus. This makes it an extremely useful study stone. It is great for students, or the workplace to help one focus on the tasks at hand. Flourites are also known to dispell any surrounding negative energies. It will take any negative vibes and turn it into fresh and focused energy. 

Green Fluorite can be used to gently heal and balance the heart chakra. It has the ability to unearth and heal past and present heart blockages. Any negativity held in the heart space will be cleaned out with the help of this stone. Although this stone works extremely well to heal the heart it can be used to help heal nearly any chakra. It will also aid communications from the heart with the head, Choosing to work with Green Fluorite will ensure that the actions the mind wishes to take are in harmony with the deepest desires of the heart.

Green Flourie will also help in healing the physical body. It is handy to keep it around during cold and flu season, as it is said to help ease flu-like symptoms.  When sickness occurs try keeping this stone under your pillow, wear it as jewelry, or keep it in your pocket for a more speedy recovery.


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