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Key purpose: Aids in communication, self-expression, releases fear of public performance
Properties: Soothing, calming
Chacras: Throat, Heart
Birth: Pisces (March 1 through 20) and some Aries (March 21 through April 20)


Key purpose: Third eye expansion, enhance meditation and psychic abilities
Properties: Helps control drunkenness and addictive behavior, aids with sleep
Chacras: Third Eye
Birth: February

Black Tourmaline

Key purpose: Grounding, protective, cleansing
Properties: Clearing negative energy, instills security and confidence
Chacras: Base
Birth: Associated with Libra (September 23 and October 22)


Key purpose: Creativity, Prosperity, Inner Joy
Properties: Manifestation of financial abundance, inspires creativity and self-confidence
Chacras: Navel, Solar Plexus
Birth:  One of two birthstones for November

Clear Quartz

Key purpose: Master Healer
Properties: Clarity and light, Amplifying energies around it
Chacras: All
Birth: Associated with April and all astrological signs


Key purpose:  Calming, Stabilizing, Mental Clarity
Properties: Clears mental chaos and helps focus 
Chacras: All
Birth: Various depending on the color


Key purpose: Ground, Manifest, Divination
Properties: Balance out polarities, Mental clarity
Chacras: Root 
Birth: Associated with Aquarius


Key purpose: Transformation, Divination, Magic
Properties: Self discover, bring unhealthy patterns to light, enhances psyche
Chacras: All
Birth: Alternate birthstone for February and March


Key purpose: Deflecting negative energy
Properties: Grounding, clearing, and reflection
Chacras: Base
Birth: Associated with Scorpio 


Key purpose: Develop or discover hidden compassion, talents, altruism
Properties: Self love, Clarity, Recovery of gifts
Chacras: Heart, Root
Birth: Alternate stone for any Autumn birthday

Tiger's Eye

Key purpose: Grounding, manifestation, protection, courage/self-confidence
Properties: Stimulates motivation, creativity, personal power
Chacras: Solar Plexus/Navel, Root
Birth: Associated with Gemini