• Clarity and light
  • Amplifying energies around it

If you can have only one crystal this is the one! Clear Quartz is the master healer, the queen of them all. This is the most versatile of all crystals. It is able to work on any condition and is a magnificent healer. It amplifies energies around it and brings light and clarity to any situation.

Clear Quartz Meaning

It was thought to be alive by ancient civilizations, it was also considered to be from (or even be an incarnation of) the Divine. Silicon dioxide, Clear Quartz is also known as Rock Crystal. Its name comes from the Greek, “kystallos”, meaning ice. It was once thought that it was water frozen so hard that it could never thaw. Egyptians, Aztecs, Romans, African Tribes, Native Americans, (even as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria) and many other cultures have used Clear Quartz in meditation, healing and to ward off negativity and cleanse the aura.

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

It ranges in size and grows in clusters and points. It may be clear, milky or with striations. Terminated points are in different faceted faces and these faces are significant in their use as master crystals. Quartz Crystal is valued for it’s piezoelectric (an electric charge that results from surface pressure) and pyroelectric (an electric charge generated by being heated) properties. With its ability to focus, store and transform energy, it has been used in modern technology in watches, radio transmitters and receivers, computer memory chips, microphones, and more.

Physically, Clear Quartz will cleanse and enhance the organs. It is helpful with vertigo and general pain relief. It balances and stimulates the immune system. When you are in need of a stone to amplify intentions and other crystal energies around it Clear Quartz is the go-to. This makes it ideal to include in grids and for meditation. Try putting it in elixirs and combine it with rose quartz in a bath for soothing and overall healing.

Clear Quartz amplifies and transforms energy. It neutralizes and harmonizes all of the chakras. When you are doing a chakra balance all of the stones are a form of quartz and if you are missing a particular one for a particular chakra substitute Clear Quartz without hesitation. Not enough can be said about this amazing stone. Use it for anything and everything, it is truly the ultimate healer.