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As our biggest sale of the year, Black Friday is the only fitting occasion for the launch of our exclusive, limited-edition collection!

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Golden Lamp of Wealth - Citrine Tree

This unique and beautiful piece purifies and strengthens your will while inviting prosperity into your life through Citrine stone.

It stands upon an engraved wooden base from which Quartz emerge. 


Prosperity Magnet Bracelet Pack of 4

What if your default state was one of prosperity, luck, and abundance? The Garnet, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, and Pyrite of this rare bracelet set align your center with the path to wealth and motivation.


Unlimited Abundance - Manifestation Pen Set

Featuring our most powerful crystals for manifesting, Citrine, Malachite, Pyrite, & Apatite invite the special energy of these gems to whatever your planning, scripting, journaling, and jotting.


God of Luck: Crystal Ganesh Statue

Howlite or Labradorite
Carry the protective power of the Hindu God, Ganesh, wherever you go.

Keep it to safeguard the energy of your home or to adorn your sacred altar with its holy presence.


Aura Armor - Onyx Ring of Protection

Men often face hardships and difficult circumstances on their own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support them. 

Dress them in a suit of invisible armor with the rare Onyx Ring of Protection.


Home Sweet Home - Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree

Enhanced by natural copper, the Rose Quartz stone (the stone of love) of this rare tree attracts deeper connections, repels negative energy, and encourages romance.


Apollo’s Shield - Bracelet of Power

Every soldier needs a shield, and every man needs protection from daily rigors.

Give him Apollo’s Shield to safeguard a man in your life from both mental and physical tribulations


Confidence & Courage Bracelet Set

Imagine facing every challenge with unwavering bravery and facing life with full confidence at every turn.

Founded upon the strength of Moonstone and Blue Tiger’s Eye, the Confidence & Courage Bracelet Set unleashes the courage within.


Wisdom & Willpower - Onyx Earrings of Resilience

Harbored within gold-plated copper, the Onyx stones within these earrings bear immensely powerful vibrations of motivation, focus, and willpower.


Endless Abundance Bracelet Pack of 4

This magnificent blend of Tiger’s Eye, Apatite, Moonstone, and Aquamarine becomes a powerful point of attraction for the wealth and abundance you crave.


Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth Citrine Set (2 Pieces)

The vitalizing energies of this anklet and choker set will amplify your intentions and attract the prosperity you deserve. 

Let the Citrine’s light usher in vibrations of confidence and abundance.


Crown of Prosperity - Citrine Hair Clips (2 pieces)

Embellish your hairstyle as you embellish your radiant personality and unleash your empowered self. 

Add a sparkle to your look while embracing your soul in a gentle, healing glow.


Golden Hand of Fortune - Bracelets of Wealth

This rare item combines the energetically wise stone of Labradorite with the Citrine and Moonstone that welcomes blessings, power, and strength.


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Best Seller: The Financial Success Anklet

We’ve never done anything like this before, and we don’t have plans to do so ever again…The first 2,000 shoppers to spend at least $100 during this Black Friday event will receive The Financial Success Anklet (normally $27.95) FOR FREE!

The beautiful mixture of Jade and Agate attracts financial success and fulfillment, reminding you that you don’t need to be selfish to invite abundance into your life.


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“I am a HUGE fan of Conscious Items... I have ordered many products from them and their love for their customers is overwhelming. There is something special and spiritual about them... I have ordered rings, bracelets, cleansing items and pens. I don't understand what happens to me but I feel spiritually moved with every single thing I receive... My creativity seems to soar.. Its an amazing company (person?) but I cannot put into words how beautiful their products are AND how spiritually connected I feel.


“This is a fairytale! Huge selection of everything! I ordered a pendant for myself and pendants with natural stones for my mother and sister).
Looks great and very neat work. There is so much more to see and order something again!”


“Seriously I could not ask for anything more!!! The crystals are GORGEOUS!!!
I’ve purchased others from local vendors throughout the years and they pale in comparison.
The quality is amazing. And to top it off they have the best customer service.” 


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Thanks to our Green Mission, we’re proud to have planted more than 420,000 trees to this point. 

During this Black Friday Sale, we’re doubling our efforts. We’ll plant TWO trees when you place an order!


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