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Guardian Angel Car Crystals of Protection
Guidance • Shielding • Journey Protection

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It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey! Make yours stress-free and full of ease beneath the shielding wings of your Clear Quartz Angel, Amethyst Cluster, and Apatite Heart. The celestial-carved Clear Quartz Angel channels the protective power of Archangel Raphael. No journey is complete without the safekeeping of this higher force. Representing the Patron Saint of Travel, the energy of this crystal sores above your vehicle, guarding you against distracted drivers and keeping you focused and alert so your driving responses remain sharp and precise and keep you and your passengers out of harm's way.By comforting your nervous system, this soothing Amethyst Cluster prioritizes your peace and mental clarity so you remain safe and sound despite the chaos going on around you. Never let rush hour, traffic jams, kids fighting in the backseat, or a missed turn derail you again. While you scout detours and shortcuts, Amethyst looks out for your well-being.Apatite Heart brings you all the luck you need on your journey. Hoping for great weather, greenlights, and an on-time arrival? This gem leads to smooth sailing from start to finish. Plug nearest to the driver to improve focus, repel accidents, and keep the overall mood inside and outside of the vehicle optimistic. These gems instill crystal confidence into every journey promising a safe drive and a comfortable trip every time.Affirmation: "Wherever I go, my angels are two steps ahead, ensuring I get there safely."How to use:Gently slide the clip of each crystal into the air vents throughout your car before each ride and tuck them away from direct sunlight once you park. For longer, solo journeys, keep Apatite closer to the driver. And for a daily commute, your Clear Quartz Angel is best to have on hand, and when others join you, Amethyst remains on the passenger side. Use the entire kit to power every journey with crystal protection.In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each set unique.
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Limitless Possibilities - Feng Shui Chakra Tree
Happiness • Prosperity • Manifestation
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
15 Reviews

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Experience total energetic alignment and a home of bliss and balance with this chakra-healing, Feng Shui-infusing crystal tree.Dripping from every copper branch is an enchanting crystal charged to awaken your spirit, attract your manifestations, and fill your space with effervescent joy.The tree bears a total of seven sacred crystals, one for each chakra. It sits atop a solid base of swirly Agate with additional Citrine, Aventurine, and Carnelian leaning against the trunk like cobblestone in the forest. Each crystal represents something special and unique but harmonizes beautifully to bring you and your home a beacon of bliss.Carnelian crystal of confidence and passion balances the Sacral Chakra opening you up to a life of expression, pleasure, freedom, and creativity.Citrine crystal of prosperity and joy aligns the Solar Plexus Chakra bringing your manifestations closer, empowering your self-esteem, and enabling you to control the direction of your life.Green Aventurine crystal of luck and opportunities heals the Heart Chakra to invite love, relationships, and connection, heals emotional wounds and makes it easier to trust again.Aquamarine crystal of peace and balance expands the Crown Chakra for increased spiritual awakening, mental clarity, and general connectedness to all of life and your purpose here on earth.Amethyst crystal of spirituality and healing opens the Third Eye Chakra for heightened intuition, seeing past illusions, deeper self-understanding, and an awareness of universal symbols and messages.Lapis Lazuli crystal of calming clarity purifies the Throat Chakra by removing insecurities and self-doubt and encourages your spirit to speak its truth with confidence.Clear Quartz crystal of strength and restoration stabilizes the Root Chakra for stronger self-worth, purpose, direction, and an empowered sense of belonging and importance.Agate, found at the base of the tree, is a warrior crystal used to balance energy and help you find your strength by grounding your energy. Even in the midst of struggle or challenges, Agate brings you back to your true, empowered essence and keeps you rooted like an ancient and mighty tree.And finally, Copper, an underrated energetic powerhouse, binds this beautiful structure while activating the energy within each gem.Enjoy its beauty and dance in the brilliant crystal power that will awaken your space, nurture your spirit, and bring you endless blessings.Affirmation: "I am deeply grounded by the flowing energy of my chakras. I tap into my chakras as a source of balance, strength, and life-force energy."How to use:Create total Feng Shui in your home, office, or bedroom by placing the chakra tree in the North Eastern part of the room or anywhere Sun rays may bounce off the crystals, illuminating the crystals and magnifying the healing energy of the tree. In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each item unique.
Soulful Celebration - Earrings of Joy (2 sets)
Happiness • Peace • Positivity
Rated 5.0 stars
4 Reviews

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Make every moment one worth celebrating with the positive radiance emitting from these Amethyst and Pearl earring sets. Rich in timeless elegance, this earring duo is energetically and aesthetically vibrant and sure to bring out the best in you.The deep purple hues of Amethyst beam from ear to ear and illuminate your aura with a kind, honest, and optimistic allure. Keeping you attuned to your highest self, Amethyst helps open your Third-Eye so you may confidently move through the world and share the love and beauty you carry within. Complimenting the Amethyst are perfectly polished Pearl earrings. Like a piece of heaven fell to Earth, these divine gifts attract pure happiness, celebration, and memories worth cherishing for all of time.Combined, Amethyst and Pearl are the epitome of charm and serve as spiritual allies in your quest for a happy and fulfilling life worth celebrating.Affirmation: "Life is a miracle and every moment is worth celebrating."How to wear:Suitable for any occasion and versatile enough for casual or formal, these sets are positively perfect to be worn daily. Mix and match for a dynamic look and an added flair of joy, layer as your piercings permit for double the optimism, or enjoy each set as they are. Each stone is full of intention and is guaranteed to transform your vibe.In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each set unique and personal to the wearer.
Powerhouse of Success - Trio of Stones Bracelet Bundle
Personal Power • Mental Protection • Abundance
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
5 Reviews

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Ready to become unstoppable? Find your purpose and become laser-focused on achieving what you set out to do! Like the eye of a tiger, this bracelet pack features three powerhouse crystals whose energy will stop at nothing when it comes to achieving your goals.Like your own personal pocket coach, Tiger’s Eye bears the energy of masterful motivation. By eliminating distractions, this gem empowers your decision-making, critical thinking, and perseverance. Malachite makes you a manifesting magnet. Putting your power into top gear, this crystal brings your most magnificent destiny to life! Grow and prosper your newfound magic with Pyrite. This crystal amplifies your earnings, creates a wealth of opportunity, and helps align you with your deepest desires.This compelling crystal trio is unified by the potent, golden Copper orbs that magnify their energy while repelling any negativity that may stand in the way of your goals.Affirmation: "I am destined to reach my goals, and success is mine for the taking!"How to wear:It’s time to go for what you want! Layer both bracelets on the right hand to enter the receiving mode and attract opportunities. When it’s time to prosper, lay both on the left hand to take inspired action. Never run out of motivation when wearing one on each wrist, and watch everything you touch turn to gold.In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each set unique and personal to the wearer.
Guardian Angel Lamp of Protection - Aquamarine Tree
Protection • Peace • Healing
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
11 Reviews

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Take refuge beneath the wings of Angels. This Aquamarine and Clear Quartz lamp creates a sacred sanctuary for your spirit to escape the world, rest, and heal.As your personal antidote to stress, anxiety, worry, and fear, Aquamarine helps regulate heavy emotions and relinquishes you from the weight of trauma. And the protective power of Clear Quartz sweeps in to support your journey to a happier, healthier you with hope in your heart.Aquamarine hand delivers hope from your angels straight to your heart! While Clear Quartz sheds light on your soul's purpose. This crystal lamp will brighten each day with insurmountable waves of peace, healing, and optimism.Beautifully perched on a wooden base with the Flower of Life-inspired Conscious Items logo, this healing crystal lamp sets the stage for deep understanding, spiritual enlightenment, and the ability to shift any mood toward serenity and understanding.Various hues of deep to light blue bring added brilliance to the glow of the (product name). For the ultimate Feng Shui, place the lamp at the northern end of your room of choice.  Kept in the bedroom, this lamp will lull you to sleep by gently quieting the mind and soothing the spirit. Placed at your workspace, expect increased problem-solving, mental clarity, and passion-fueled ideas.Affirmation: “My Angels are with me wherever I go, and I am safe.”How to use:Lightweight and easy to move, this lamp can readily travel through your home or office. The gentle light is suitable for a night light but vivid enough for evening reading. Set up, plug in, and feel waves of serenity, peace, and renewal radiate through your space.Absorb the harmony and calm of the Guardian Angel Lamp of Protection - Aquamarine Tree wherever it may glow.In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each item unique.
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Spiritual GPS - Guardian Car Crystal Kit
Crystal Bodyguards • Protection • Positive Energy
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
12 Reviews

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Fasten your energetic seatbelt and roll out in style with your car crystals for safekeeping. Invite the protective powers of Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, and Clear Quartz into each of your modes of transportation to evoke ease and safety into every journey.Do traffic, delays, and impolite drivers stress you out? It’s dangerous to be tense while behind the wheel. Keep your heart calm and your attention focused with the soothing power of Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz invites comforting deep breaths, compassion and care for everyone on the road, and the ability to stay chill under pressure.Black Obsidian is a car crystal necessity. Repelling danger and absorbing disaster, Obsidian is ideal for long journeys, new destinations, and daily drives on a big highway. Ground your energy with Black Obsidian for more precise, critical thinking and better decision-making on the road.Have a bad memory from a scary auto event or any nervous passengers? Clear Quartz cleanses the energy of you and your riders as soon as you sit inside. Renew your positivity every time you turn the ignition and feel universal guidance and protection as you joyfully make your way to your destination. Clear Quartz is especially good for spatial awareness and direction.Power every journey with protective crystal energy.Affirmations: "Me, my car, and my passengers are divinely guided and protected. I shield my journey with protective crystal energy."How to use:Gently slide the clip of each crystal into the air vents throughout your car before each ride and tuck them away from direct sunlight once you park. For longer, solo journeys, keep Black Obsidian closer to the driver, for a daily commute, Rose Quartz is best to have on hand, and when others join your journey, Clear Quartz is the way to go. Use the entire kit to power every journey with crystal protectionIn differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each set unique.
The Quintessential Divine Truth Bracelet Set
Heightened Intuition • Courage • Compassion
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews

or $27.25 every 2 weeks. Interest-free

Let your spirit soar to its full potential with this exclusive bracelet set. Graced with three supreme stones — Aquamarine, Morganite and Rose Quartz — this set guides you on the path to inner transformation and deeper enlightenment.An ancient stone of courage, Aquamarine helps to sharpen your intuition, calm the mind, and break the chains of old, self-defeating habits. It clears confusion and filters unimportant thoughts, so you can focus on what matters most. With the mind tended, the focus then shifts to the heart. A gentle yet powerful stone, Morganite cleanses the heart chakra, allowing you to recognize unmet needs and unexpressed feelings. This, in turn, helps reveal your inner truth and illuminate your intended pathway.The final stone brings love and compassion to your journey. Acting as a guide to help deepen your relationships, embrace compassion, and love yourself and others, Rose Quartz is a powerful stone of spiritual growth. With it, you’ll find that love is all around.Placing these three stones together not only creates an opulent bracelet set, but their divine energies become enhanced, keeping your vibrations high. Wear this spiritual treasure, and you’ll gain the greatest gift of all — trust in yourself.Affirmation: "I believe in my path and myself."In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each set unique and personal to the wearer.

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