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Your Guide to Magnesite’s Healing Properties and How to Use it

Magnesite is mostly used as a crystal for relaxation as it can soothe tension and ease muscle cramps in the body. If you find yourself inexplicably drawn to the cloudy white essence of magnesite, it’s potentially a sign that you need to slow down and chill out.

Resembling unglazed porcelain, a brain, or a cauliflower floret, depending on who you ask, magnesite is as unique as it is powerful. It’s mostly used as a crystal for relaxation as it can soothe tension and ease muscle cramps in the body. If you find yourself inexplicably drawn to the cloudy white essence of magnesite, it’s potentially a sign that you need to slow down and chill out.

Magnesite History

Not exceedingly rare, magnesite is found all over Europe, from Austria to Italy to Poland. You can also find it in other countries worldwide, but the purest form comes from Brazil. 

It was discovered in 1808 and named—as you can probably guess—after magnesium, the crystal’s dominant element. It forms vein-like tunnels through magnesium-rich rocks like serpentine. It is somewhere between 3.5-4.5 on the Mohs scale, which makes the stone fairly brittle. It isn’t a crystal that can take too many bangs and knocks. Keep it somewhere safe and soft as it scratches easily too.

Native American tribes used magnesite a lot. It was loved for its easiness to carve and became popular in jewelry throughout pre-Columbian America. It was used as a currency for centuries, and magnesite beads were traded individually rather than on a string like most other natural beads, a testament to its value in Native American cultures. 

Aside from its monetary value, there was something quite special about magnesite.

Magnesite Healing Properties

As mentioned earlier, magnesite is ideal for calming nerves and easing tension. It’s a powerful antispasmodic and one of the top crystals for meditation. Welcome an aura of calm over the body. It washes away worries and fears and empowers you to fully sink into the present moment and be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and senses.

Said to activate the crown chakra, magnesite facilitates awareness expansion, encouraging you to see beyond the material plane. It’s for this reason that magnesite is so good at supporting visualizations. It enhances the imagination and empowers you to picture things with crystal clear clarity. Some say it even promotes psychic abilities such as remote viewing or telepathy, but this is subjective, applied on an individual basis depending on how open and ready you are to such possibilities.

Magnesite encourages you to be honest with yourself as well as others. In doing so, it strengthens relationships and brings more trust between you and your loved ones. If something is being held back for whatever reason, it will come to the surface with magnesite. It’s great for purifying the spirit, cleansing it of wrong-doing, and opening the wearer up to unconditional love of themselves and others. With such a high vibration, it makes it far easier to find forgiveness. 

magnesite stone


Magnesite helps you harness a positive attitude towards life. It encourages you to adopt the glass-half-full approach so that you feel optimistic and enthusiastic about your future. There’s a feeling of hope associated with magnesite that’s hard to deny. If you find yourself facing difficult circumstances, this cloud-like crystal can be your one-way ticket to clarity-land. It helps you understand, on a fundamental level, how to make better decisions and how not to worry about things you’ll deem insignificant soon. 

Ideal for the overworked, magnesite lets you know when it’s time to take a break. Working hard is one thing, but when you abandon self-care, magnesite throws in the towel. It’s got your back, and the stronger your connection with this stone, the more support you’ll receive. Through constant reassessment of your priorities, goals, and achievements, magnesite helps transform your weaknesses into strengths.

In addition to being a physical relaxant, magnesite helps cool your mind down too. It stops the overthinking train from speeding off without brakes, and instead, enables you to release tiresome thoughts before they sap your energy. It’s excellent if you’re easily irritated, especially by young children, as it promotes tolerance of others, even at the summit of stress. It reminds you to look after your body and protects you from the physical manifestations of stress.


How to Use Magnesite

There are several ways you can use magnesite for your benefit. Which method you choose depends on what you want to achieve:

  • Meditation & Visualization - To access deeper meditation levels, place the stone on your third eye and relax into its power. It’s thought to promote revolutionary ideas and spark innovations that could change the world.
  • Calm during stress - Place magnesite on your work desk to create an aura of tranquility while you work. It is even better if you have multiple magnesite stones as you can enlist them all to help fight off the adverse effects of stress. This works great if you’re multitasking or facing numerous high-priority tasks at once. Hold one in your palm whenever you start to feel overwhelmed to cool off.
  • Sleep - A natural remedy for sleep deficiency, magnesite is ideal for those who can’t get enough shut-eye at night. It works even better if the subject is an exhausted parent and struggling to function throughout the day because of a lack of sleep.
  • Access higher realms of consciousness - Hold 4 or 5 magnesite stones in your closed hands and mentally bring your attention to the flame of a white candle. Keep focusing on this mental image while holding the stones and absorbing their energy. It’s said this can induce a state in which you can perceive higher realms.
  • Pleasant dining atmosphere - Leave a magnesite stone in the kitchen while you’re preparing food to bless your meal spiritually. Place it on the dining table afterward—or use a second stone—to calm tension in the room during family meals.

Magnesite is relatively easy to get a hold of, so try it out for yourself the next time you come across it. It’s undoubtedly a soothing stone to be reckoned with, but it can do so much more.

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