Natural Energy Aromatherapy Cones

Natural Energy Aromatherapy Cones

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Incense is the perfect route to a calm and relaxed mind. Used during meditation, it can assist in reaching higher planes of consciousness. Focus on the organic scents and let them take you on a journey into the self. They're also great for simple reflection, prayers, or just to clear the air of a room.

The first of our new collection of aromatherapy cones is a classic. Rose incense is a beautiful and soft fragrance that helps attract true love and keep it. In addition to romantic love, it boosts self-love and has been known to channel the sacred energy of the rose flower.

and peace go hand in hand. Therefore, it goes without saying that Lilies are brilliant at harmonizing the aura. Their fragrance works great in holistic healing and can help stimulate the Crown chakra.

Renowned throughout India, Sandalwood is a brilliant scent for healing and maintaining peace. It helps remove negativity from the atmosphere and floods you with benevolent energy.

is a common scent for aromatherapy. It has a purifying fragrance that is both soothing and invigorating at the same time. It’s a refreshing herbal scent that is commonly used in meditation and healing.

incense, as you might imagine, is bright and refreshing, filling you with energy and allowing you to release negative tension. It gives a confidence boost and inspires those that smell it to achieve their goals.

is a musky and exotic scent that is inextricably related to the Moon. Burn it on a new moon or a full moon to enhance its spiritual effects. It’s a versatile fragrance that is said to help with intuition.

incense is herbal in its scent and provides an instant energy-boost for those that inhale it. It allows the mind to remain active for longer while relaxing the muscles.

incense is ideal for those that want to feel the serenity of the seaside but are too far away for that to be feasible. Let the fragrance wash over you like salty waves and allow yourself to relax and soak in the scent. Its uplifting aroma will trick your body into believing you’re on a sunny beach, giving you the positive benefits without the cost of actually going.

incense is highly fragrant and refreshing. It pairs well with other floral scents, and although not as popular in the West, its soft, sensuous scent can help lift your spirits!
Choose which fragrance best suits you and your needs and allow the power of aromatherapy to whisk you into a new world of sensations.

  • Item Type: Natural Fragrant Incense Sticks
  • Fragrances available: Rose, Lily, Sandalwood, Lavender, Lemon, Jasmine, Tea, Ocean, Osmanthus
  • Color: Lavender, Green, Pink, Blue, Brown
  • Incense size: 
    Height: 1.18 in (3 cm)
    Diameter: 0.47 in (1,2 cm) 
  • Burning time: 8 - 12 min per incense stick
  • Package includes: Around 25 incense sticks + 1 incense tray
  • Function: Energy gift


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