The Ultimate Guide to Moon Water

The Ultimate Guide to Moon Water

The mysterious moon blesses us with goddess energy every evening. We use that feminine rejuvenation for full and new moon rituals, we carry her balanced energy with us, and we let her rays light even the darkest of nights with a soft glow. But did you know you could enhance your water with her energy, too? That’s right—leaving regular H2O in the pale yellow light yields moon-charged water powerful enough to usher out bad energy and empower all that it touches. 

This moon water can be used for drinking, bathing, spritzing, or cleansing a home—you name it. So if you’re a fan of the divine vibration emitted from the moon, you’ll need to add this celestial liquid to your collection ASAP. 


The History of Moon Water

Moon water has a long-standing history in witchcraft and spells. One of the oldest references to moon-charged water comes from a love spell in the 19th-century book Fontaine’s Golden Wheel Dream-Book And Fortune-Teller. Known for adding final powerful touches to witchy chants, moon water is nothing new. 

Moon above water

The moon influences the rhythms of our world. It directly controls the tides of the oceans, affects rain and snow, and impacts sea life. We as humans are made of mostly water, so why wouldn’t the moon have control over us as well? The idea here is that you bottle that essence and gravitational force in a household cup of water and keep the ethereal power for yourself!


How to Make Moon Water

Capturing the essence of the moon is quite simple.

1. Choose a Container. It can be a mason jar, a glass jug, or a regular house glassanything you have on handbut glass is the best option because it’s sturdy and easy for the moon rays to penetrate. 

2. Set Your Intention. You can either place your hand over the water and imagine a warm, loving light penetrating the water with your intention or you can choose to place the appropriate crystals around the moon water vessel. The crystal will depend on your intentionsuch as black Tourmaline for ultimate protection against bad vibes or Selenite to begin anew with the cleansing moon energy.  

3. Place Your Jar Under the Moonlight. Setting the container outdoors, directly where the moonlight will hit is the ideal scenario. If turbulent weather (rain, wind, or snow) is predicted, be sure to have a lid on your container so undesirable things (bugs, dirt, twigs) don’t contaminate the water. 

Good news: Just as the sun’s rays can reach your skin on a cloudy day, the moonlight can still stimulate your water no matter the weather! Rain or shine, try to get the container outdoors. But don’t worry if that’s not possible—or if you’re using a crystal that shouldn’t be submerged in water—setting the jar at a windowsill is perfectly fine. 

4. Pick Up Your Moon Water the Next Day! Ideally, you can grab it before sunrise to ensure the water is filled with pure moon energy, but don’t worry if you hit snooze too many times. You’ll still have a new magical liquid to use!

Your other option? Be like Victoria Beckham and purchase the moon-charged water already bottled up, but where’s the fun in that?

When to Collect Moon Water

When we say “moon water” we mean any moon! Unlike a moon ritual or Moonstone which has a wide range of benefits depending on your intention, stone, or moon phase, your moon water can be collected at any time of the month. 

If you decide to set an intention with the moon water, you can choose a specific moon phase to up the ante. 

New Moon Water: Collect the water with this fresh moon phase when you’re looking for new energy, revitalization, cleansing vibrations, or when setting intentions for the coming month. 

First Quarter Moon: Historically, this time has been used for fertility spells.

Waxing Moon: Try your moon water collection as the moon swells; this stage represents growth, plans for the future, and action-taking.

Full Moon Water: Use the broadest moon to bring you power and success. Set intentions for goal-setting during the next 30 days to come and for charging your crystals and full moon items.

Waning Moon: This shrinking moon represents renewal, releasing bad energy that no longer serves you; try collecting water as the moon wanes for banishing bad vibes. 

The only time you really wouldn’t want to collect moon water is during an eclipse. An eclipse casts shadows and reveals what lurks behind, which is an energy that won’t serve you.

Moon Water Prayer

Moon water doesn’t need as much TLC as say, a moon ritual, or a moon altar. You can simply leave the body of water to soak up the moonlight overnight and enjoy it as you wish by morning! As mentioned, a quick intention setting before you bid adieu to the water for the evening can be quite helpful. Your intention can be whatever you need the moon to help you achieve!

crystal altar

As water connects all life, many people enjoy coming together under a bright moon for a prayer circle to collect moon water. For a group ritual, joining together at the full moon would be the most worthwhile. The team at The Witches Box recommends the following incantation: “Mother Moon, Shine Your Light, Imbue This Water, Throughout the Night.”

Moon Water Recipe

Presuming you used only distilled or purified water in your moon vessel, you can enjoy the moon water straight away! Try making an energetic cup of tea the morning you collect it or add a splash to your beverages whenever you need a cosmic boost.

If you have a crystal water bottle, add the moon water, fresh lemon slices, your favorite herb, and enjoy! 


Other Moon Water Uses

Of course, your lunar liquid is good for much more than ingesting. Below are some great ideas for putting your moon water to blessed use. 

Cleanse Your Crystals: Simply place your crystals in the moon water storage to cleanse your crystals from any eclectic intentions and energies that may have accumulated. Water and moonlight are both methods for cleansing crystals, so now you’ll have a double powerful tool to wipe them clean. Just be sure it’s a crystal that can be submerged in water, otherwise, you’ll want a different cleansing method

Enhance Your Manifestation: Place your glass or moon water on your moon altar or crystal grid. Adding the water will add buzzing energy to your sacred space, amplifying the intentions and manifestations you are bringing forth during your ritual. 

Water Your Plants: Use the powerful energy from the moon water to revitalize and nourish your plants. Water them as usual and watch them spring to life.

moon water for plants

Diffuse It: Add the moon water to your essential oil diffuser and let the cleansing water enhance your aromatherapy journey all around you.

Add it to a Bath: A fan favorite, try adding a heaping glass of moon water to your bath for a potent cleanse. For the perfect witchy soak, add your favorite water safe crystals and a few drops of essential oils and enjoy your newfound self-care ritual. 

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