New Year’s resolutions seem so hopeful when you first set them, but more often than not, they don’t last. Life gets in the way and drains your self-discipline. This is why crystals can be so useful. They replenish your energy and keep you motivated throughout the whole year.

If you decide upon a positive change this year, make it easier on yourself by using the energy of natural stones. Let’s take a look at some of the best crystals for new beginnings.

Rainbow Moonstone

rainbow moonstone

One of the most popular stones for new beginnings, Rainbow Moonstone is an energy amplifier. It enhances your mental power and gives you the strength to achieve your goals. Just as the faces of the moon change, so do we when we use Rainbow Moonstone. Its feminine and gentle energy gives you greater control over your own emotions, so you can bring your A-game even when you’re not feeling your best. 

Use the momentum of the stone’s energy to commit fully to your New Year’s resolutions



Another great crystal for new beginnings is the mystifying Labradorite. Well-known as a stone of transformation, this gem makes a brilliant partner for keeping resolutions and ensuring they last. 

Labradorite raises your intuition and heightens your consciousness, empowering you to plug into your internal power and use it to help manifest your desires in the coming year. Said to bring luck, fortune, and positive encounters your way, there really isn’t any competition when it comes to ensuring your New Year’s resolutions last the full year and beyond.


Clear Quartz

clear quartz

There’s hardly a list that this powerful stone wouldn’t make it onto. The all-healer is one of the best crystals for new beginnings as it works brilliantly with intentions. It helps you get rid of negative habits and adopt more positive ones instead. Clear Quartz is a stone of clarity that ignites awareness of a reality that enables you to see the path towards your goals more clearly. It’s a truly perception-altering stone that can dramatically change the way you see the world and your place in it.

One of the most important properties associated with Clear Quartz is the drastic increase in energy it brings. Your goals will feel much more within reach because your energy output towards them will be amplified. You can stay active and productive for longer with your mind focused on specific targets.

Stone Jewelry For New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you choose jewelry or natural cut stone, the important thing is the gem itself and the way you program it.

Here are a few options from our selection of crystal jewelry.

Spiritual Growth Bracelet

For a spiritual energy lift, you could try the Spiritual Growth Bracelet. It encourages positive change and ensures a balance is stricken between your emotions and your actions. The fantastic bracelet is made from White Agate, a stone that opens the door to profound growth of character and lets you choose your future direction with increased clarity.

It’s a brilliant stone to help you let go of worrisome thoughts and release fears that can keep you stranded in your current mindset. Its pure white color is indicative of its cleansing nature. It strips back the negativity of the past and fills you with the positivity of the present. 

The Spiritual Growth Bracelet will have you rising from the ashes of your previous year, rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to complete all your goals.

Dragon’s Heart Transformation Pendant

As mentioned earlier, Labradorite is one of the best crystals for new beginnings. A stone dedicated to a positive transformation of character, Labradorite has a mission to help you improve yourself. The Dragon’s Heart Transformation Pendant encourages you to set your goals high, filling you with self-belief—the most important aspect for achieving them. 

Many report an increase in their willpower following work with Labradorite. It’s the perfect stone for creating the right attitude to enter the new year. Sit back and relax. Have faith in yourself and become who you aspire to be.

Brighter Future Bracelet

When setting New Year’s resolutions, we’re all hoping for a brighter future. With Apatite, that’s more than possible. Said to reward those who think big, especially in philanthropic ways, Apatite speeds up the manifestations of large selfless goals. 

It’s a great stone for new beginnings as it crystallizes your thought process and induces a clean slate with which you can begin anew. It strengthens independence and advocates ambition. The Brighter Future Bracelet gives you the chance to create your own future and dial your brightness up. The natural energy is placed firmly in your hands.

You will experience ups and downs during these few months but if you push yourself and show self-discipline, it will become second nature. A lot of people really do want to change things about themselves but don’t have the willpower, discipline, or the know-how to do it. 

Crystals are a shoulder of support during this period of adopting new habits. They align your energy so that you feel focused and determined to see them through.

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