Everything You Need to Know About Crystal Grids

Everything You Need to Know About Crystal Grids

What if I told you there was an easy, creative, and effective way to amplify your intentions and utilize the healing energies of your crystals? Crystals are already an easy and exciting method of harnessing the power within yourself and focusing on manifesting your best and most authentic self, but there is a specific tool to propel that forward. Today we’re talking about crystal grids, the ultimate crystal tool. We’ll tackle their meanings, types of crystal grid boards, and some additional tips to make those most out of these powerful energy rockets.

What is a Crystal Grid?

Physically, it is a pre-printed or material grid to place your crystals upon. Metaphysically, a crystal grid uses sacred geometry to harness the energy of the healing stones and connect with each other and with your intention. It is a meditative, holistic, and positive experience for anyone who wishes to try. We’ll show you how to create your own, but it’s all about letting your intuition guide you!

crystal grids

Crystal Grid Intentions

Crystal grids, like many crystal rituals, amplify your intentions. What are they and why are they so important for crystal work? Kelsey Patel, a leading meditation teacher tells The Thirty her unique definition: “Setting an intention is activating a part of your receptivity. If you were to go out in the day, and not have set any intention or created any type of prayer or manifestation of how you want the day to go, then you're getting on a bike with no direction.”

Intentions are the most important aspect of creating the grid since the goal of the grid is to manifest said intention. Choose something clear, positive, and felt deep within your heart. It should be about you, not others. Many people choose to write down multiple goals related to the intention since a crystal grid is a spectacular moment for focused health and manifestation. 

For example, if your intention was “I am ready to release old wounds and accept new love,” then the crystals you select should amplify feelings of self-love, healing, happiness, and energy cleansing. Your written list could say things like “Say my daily affirmation in the mirror. Donate old clothes that no longer bring me happiness. Exercise twice a week and celebrate my body for it.”

Crystal Grid Boards and Vocab

As mentioned, grids use sacred geometry to form the shapes you see. Here is some 101:

The Focus Stone: You’ll see that one single stone is always placed in the center of a grid. This is the Focus Stone. It gathers the energies of others and amplifies the Universal Life Force. Most people choose a Quartz crystal point. This activates the intention of the grid and sends it up and out into the world via its point.  

crystal grid

Way Stones: These are crystals that surround a center stone located on The Path. They amplify and modify energies.

Desire Stones: These are located in the outermost portion of a crystal grid. They gather energy from the Focus and Way stones.

The Path: The lines of energy flow through the grid. It connects the Focus, Way, and Desire stones.

Types of Crystal Grid Layouts

As crystal grids grow in popularity, finding a pre-printed layout isn’t hard to do. This can help you set things up with visualization along The Path. The arguably most popular is “the flower of life.”

Flower of Life Crystal Grid Meaning

“Flower of Life” and “Seed of Life” were terms popularized in the 80s by author Drunvalo Melchizedek, an authority on sacred geometry. They are spatial arrangements said to tell us the framework of the entire universe. 

flower of life grid

The Seed of Life has seven overlapping circles with the same diameter. Six circles with equal spacing are confined within the seventh circle. This created a rosette with eighteen tear-shaped “petals” — six small circles on the inside and twelve large outer circles.

The version of this that forms nineteen circles is the Flower of Life. These figures interlock circles and rosettes for a beautiful, flower-like web of flowing energy.

Grids Based on Number

While you may find grids with 18+ circles, you can find others based on sacred numbers. For example, a grid based on sets of two (four, six, eight, or sixteen) helps manifest change. 

Grids based on three (six or twelve) help you find balance and unearth hidden talents. These are based on the Holy Trinity to harmonize the Past, Present, and Future. For best results, use hexagon crystals such as Amethyst. 

Grids based on number four (eight and twelve) act as a compass to help you find the right direction in life. 

Grids based on the number five (ten and twenty)  shows alignment in life, reminiscent of DaVinci’s “The Pentagram.” Use it to heal the heart and align the soul.

Grids based on seven relate to cycles of life such as the moon cycles (like the number 28). Use it to accept new periods of life.

crystal grid

Set Up & How to Use the Crystal Grid

Now that you’ve got your grid of choice, your intention written down, your Quartz point, and your crystals, you need to set up the board. 

First, start by cleansing everything — your grid, your space, and your crystals. Crystal healing always works best when old, stagnant energy has been swept away.

Next, lay the board or material grid down. Speak your intention out loud so the Universe can accept it. 

crystal grid

Then, lay out your stones and crystals. Some people work outward in and some people work inward out. You can choose the direction that feels most natural to you, just remain mindful of your intention and stay true to the sacred geometry. You can end the set-up by placing your written intention/goal in the center and placing the Quartz on top of the note.

Activate Your Intention

To activate, you’ll want to trace the lines of the grid. You can do so with a Clear Quartz which amplifies the intention of other stones, or you can use your fingers to physically connect with each crystal. Either way, you’ll want to envision a bright, warm light running through your body as you trace. Start with the center stone and move clockwise, from the center outward. It is recommended to leave your grid in place for up to 40 days to serve as a reminder of your intentions and focused energy. 

Amplify Your Energy in a Powerful Way

If you’ve got a hefty collection of gorgeous crystals and healing stones, there’s no reason not to delve into the world of crystal grids! For those of us who can’t choose just one or two stones to work with, these grids offer the perfect solution to utilizing multiple crystal energies at the same time. So next time you need a powerful tool to manifest your true path, turn to crystal grids as your guide. 

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