Crystals to Connect You with Your Divine Feminine Energy

Crystals to Connect You with Your Divine Feminine Energy

Life is a balancing act. It teeters left and right in its places of duality—good and evil, light and dark, up and down, feminine and masculine. One cannot exist without the other. So while we accept the dualism of life, letting one side go unchecked can cause an imbalance that bleeds through our entire energy system. In today’s modern world and as far back as ancient history books can tell us, masculine energy has overpowered the delicate balance of masculine and feminine. 

It’s very possible to connect with your inner feminine energy—known as the Divine Feminine—to restore balance in your soul. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, both sides live within us all and seek to become part of us. Today we’ll look at the Divine Feminine and the best crystals to help you harness feminine energy. 

What is the Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine is an energy that has been around since the dawn of time. Suzanne Kingsbury told Bustle it’s the “aspect of the self associated with ‘creation, intuition, community, sensuality (felt sense rather than thinking sense), and collaboration.’” It’s the part of you that feels within your body, before your brain tells you anything, if something is right or wrong. It’s the part of you that chooses to collaborate with others, rather than see them as competition. It’s the part of you that loves who you are and celebrates your own talents and quirks, rather than tear yourself down. It’s the part that celebrates and loves others unconditionally, too. As you can see, everyone can benefit from being strongly connected to this energy, helping make your own path and the path of the world a better, more united place.

Is yours out of balance?

To further understand the Divine Energies, know that the Divine Masculine helps you take action in life. It’s the part that uses logic to reason and understand life. It’s the part that gives you strength and assertiveness in order to achieve your goals. These two energies work in harmony to both navigate the world with strength but also bless it with compassion. An imbalance on either side can leave you confused about your path in life, feeling anxious and uncertain. 

If the Masculine is dominating, you may feel more angry than normal. You may feel cynical, selfish, or even violent. If you find yourself dominating your world, looking to get ahead without considering the greater good, or you see an inability to connect with your emotions, you may have a disconnect from your Divine Feminine. Working with crystals that emit an overwhelmingly feminine essence can help.

Best Crystals to Harness Your Divine Feminine Energy


First on the list, as anyone who’s ever tried connecting to feminine energy would know, is energy from the moon. Tapping into the lunar energy of the moonstone is perfect for elevating your intuition. If you’re questioning your life’s path and logic is ruling every decision you make, you may need to let intuition guide you rather than reasoning. Choose the Moonstone bracelets to connect with your feminine self, allowing you to enter a deep reflection that can serve you the answers you seek. The ice-like and mystic features of the moonstone are there to guide you through tough times and help you learn to accept the emotional side of life.


A rarer stone to turn to, but powerful nonetheless, is Larimar. A stone of love and peace, it encourages your energy to reach a higher ethereal level. This angelic blue crystal restores femininity to the body and helps you connect with Mother Nature. It also works to harmonize hormones, leaving you balanced in all senses of the word. If you find yourself sabotaging your own goals and hitting walls in relationships, turn to Larimar.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz has long been associated with femininity. The pale pink hue lends itself to the feelings of love, compassion, and kindness that is emitted from this crystal. Known as the love amplifier, this beautiful stone helps you see everyone as a genuine connection. With the Rose Quartz, no one is a stranger. It helps you view everyone as a sister or brother deserving of love. If you find yourself moving through this life selfishly, without meaningful connections, you may need Rose Quartz to nurture your Divine Feminity. Along the same lines, you may be too hard on yourself and need its gentle healing for your own heart. Either way, Rose Quartz is a crystal everyone should have in their collection, especially if needing a nudge on the feminine side. 

rose quartz set


Relating to the more physical side of the Divine Feminine, we have Carnelian. This gorgeous orange stone is closely connected to the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is found at the base of the torso and related to the female organs. That’s why Carnelian can help support the healing of physical symptoms around here such as PMS, sexual blockages, and lower back pain. As this area is also related to creativity, Carnelian can give you motivation and feminine creativity to bring life to the world in more ways than one! This sunset-toned stone is perfect for harnessing feminine energy into how you dress, hobbies you attract, as well as relationships and expressions of love.
Read more about Carnelian metaphysical properties in our complete guide!


This ice-like crystal is a must-have for any collection. Known as a true energy cleanser and crystal-amplifier, it can work in tandem with your other crystals to heighten your intentions and vibrations. Named after the Greek word for moon, “Selene,” Selenite is also known to awaken your inner goddess and give you better control over your emotions. So whether your Masculine is taking over and you need to accept your feelings or Feminine is letting them loose, Selenite‘s healing properties can bring a harmonious peace over your feelings bank. To feel its calm, simply place it around the house or include it with your favorite crystals in your next meditation or crystal grid session. 


selenite cleansing tower


The Feminine Accepts All Parts of Yourself

You are unique and you deserve to embrace every part of your uniqueness. Oftentimes, we may bury part of ourselves in order to fit in. Working with these crystals can invite back those feminine aspects of your soul that you have forgotten but need to be wholly you. Learning to release judgment, attachment, and fear to create the perfect balance in life isn’t easy, but discovering your Divine Feminine could be the key to a self that loves, connects, listens, and creates both fully and openly.

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