Virgo Birthstone: What Are The 7 Best Virgo Crystals?

Virgo Birthstone: What Are The 7 Best Virgo Crystals?


Virgos are well-known for being hard-working, stubborn perfectionists who like to get things done in their own way. So crystals for Virgos might seem like an oxymoron at first. However, that's simply not the case. There are plenty of Virgo crystals that provide a solid support for creative, passionate, and highly organized earth signs to pursue their goals. 

This zodiac sign's go-getter attitude can grow tiresome. Overwhelming responsibilities can grate on them and bring them into a state of perpetual stress. This is why healing crystals for Virgos can be so effective.

The birthstone for this sun sign reverse the symptoms of stress and help you dig it up at the root (you can check our guide for different crystals and their meanings to find relevant alternatives to the mentioned stones as well)..

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Best healing crystals for Virgos

Many people asking what crystals are good for virgos? The following list brings together seven stones, each ideal in their own way for those born between August 23rd and September 22nd. These gemstones are powerful regardless of your date of birth, but for Virgos, they have an extra edge.

1. Green Jade

Green Jade stone

Green Jade is a popular birthstone for those born under the maiden of the harvest. It encourages all those who wear it to take responsibility for their happiness. It reminds you that you got to where you are through your own actions—or inaction—and that by accepting that, you can take yourself to where you want to be in the future. Green Jade effectively gives you control over your destiny. Don't leave things up to fate. Act with free will and a sense of purpose. 

A great study stone, green Jade is the number one crystal for Virgos because its energy directly enhances all of Virgos' best traits. It boosts their attention to detail, sharpening their critical eye. It magnifies their personal goals and speeds up the manifestation process. It isn't a matter of if with green Jade, but when

This crystal is also a great conduit for multiplying your finances. Its energy attracts the aura of opportunity. Some call it luck. Others say it's fortune. Whatever you want to call it, nobody can deny that Green Jade brings more of it. Things will naturally seem to go your way with this stone at your back. And for dream-following Virgos, that's exactly how they like it. 

2. Moss Agate

Moss Agate stone

Another Virgo birthstone, Moss Agate is a calming crystal that helps relieve tension in a stressed-out Virgo. It unlocks their emotional side, helping them step out of their shell and open up to people. Virgos tend to be serious with a mask of strength that squashes how they truly feel. These repressed emotions cause inner suffering and can resurface down the line. Moss Agate prevents confusion by helping the wearer deal with these feelings early on.

The heart chakra is most affected by Moss Agate. Its soothing energy works on opening the heart and enables the giving and receiving of pure love. This crystal is particularly great when it comes to goal-setting, which, for people who fall under the Virgo zodiac sign, is music to their ears. Targets for self-betterment are met with warm and encouraging energy, especially if they're related to health, fitness, and nutrition. Likewise, Moss Agate supports goals that aim to change the world for the better, something constantly in the back of a Virgo's mind.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst stone

Amethyst is popular for a reason. It's the ultimate soother, bringing a Virgo's stress level down to zero with its calming influx of energy. It's commonly referred to as Nature's Tranquilizer because of its serene effects on the body. That slice of heavenly peace you feel while alone in quiet solitude? Amethyst rings brings that state to the forefront. It's excellent for helping Virgos remain mindful, connecting spirituality with the thinking mind, and revealing how to simultaneously be spiritual and analytical.

Virgos tend to over-sacrifice themselves in relationships, giving too much attention to their partners and not enough to themselves. This can be kept in balance by using Amethyst bracelets. Not just a stone of peace, it's also symbolic of love and helps you accept what cannot be changed. Through the acceptance of what is, Virgos can improve their relationships and understand their partners more fully. Needless negativity in the home becomes a thing of the past. In its place lies positive and uplifting energy something that all Virgos thrive on, whichever stage of life they're in.

4. Red Jasper

Red Jasper stone

A common birthstone for Virgos, Red Jasper stimulates the lower three chakras, especially the root chakra. It helps the Virgo reconnect with their element: earth. It grounds the wearer, encouraging them to be mindful and soak up the present moment. Additionally, it highlights and amplifies Virgos' organizational skills, helping them plot, plan, and prepare for success even better than before. This is the best gemstone for placing a spotlight on Virgo powers and abilities that are otherwise overlooked.

Red Jasper is great for helping a preoccupied Virgo solve problems in a fast-paced environment. Said to boost strength, stamina, and overall energy, Red Jasper is a must-have for any Virgo going through a lethargic patch. This sign despises laziness and also has a gift for self-criticism, which can lead to some pretty nasty downward spirals. If you find yourself in this situation, Red Jasper will help you rationalize your thoughts and become more productive with your time. For a balanced approach combine Red Jasper with other gems

5. Citrine

Citrine stone

The golden yellow sheen of Citrine accurately reflects the logic and intellect of a Virgo. It brings out the best of their quick thinking and helps them become more confident in their own bodies. Virgos feel happier and more fulfilled with this stone as it diminishes the power of their self-critic, which can often be overwhelming. Citrine effectively melts the ego. It lifts a Virgo's spirits the same way that they lift everybody else's. That's why it's often called a stone of joy and optimism. Negative vibrations fail to accumulate in Citrine. They're either transformed into positive energy or redirected to the source. 

Also known as a stone of abundance, Citrine helps amass wealth from left, right, and center. If a Virgo lacks motivation for whatever reason, then this is the best healing crystal to activate their natural powers and abilities. It opens the solar plexus chakra and unlocks Virgos' boundless potential. With this stone, a Virgo can access the gritty determination, self-discipline, and ambitious optimism that lies dormant within. Virgos tend to be able to reach this inner strength more easily than most, so Citrine is the perfect companion to guide the way.

6. Amazonite

Amazonite stone

Amazonite is awesome for Virgos who just don't know when to stop. Perfectionism can be a real issue. It's great to want to make something as good as it can possibly be, but where do you draw the line? Amazonite helps Virgos release their obsessive need to make things perfect. It encourages them to accept imperfection and be able to move onto the next venture without regrets. That's not to say don't give it your all; just know when enough is enough. 

Amazonite brings balance to the emotions, helping Virgos navigate the storm of their heart. It dramatically reduces fear and anxiety, letting the late summer souls relax from time to time. Getting into touch with their emotions allows Virgos to develop more empathy too. They tend to have their way of doing things, preferring not to be micromanaged, but Amazonite brings other people's views and opinions into perspective. Not everything has to be a battle for control.

7. Fluorite

Fluorite stone

Fluorite is one of the best Virgo crystals because of its light and airy energy. Virgos are often overly serious—usually because they have a lot going on and are trying to juggle a dozen things at once. Fluorite encourages them to slow down and enjoy the little moments. It injects fun into mundane tasks, putting a smile on their face rather than a frown. Fluorite rings bring inner peace by calming the mind and stopping thoughts from vying for your attention. This stone is known as a natural stress neutralizer.

Virgos are often trying to improve themselves, driven by their own critical eye directed inwards. Whoever wears Fluorite bracelets can take on new information and store it faster and for longer. It improves memory and is the perfect conduit for learning. 

But it's also a stone of protection. If the people around you are sapping your energy, then Fluorite can be the crystal bodyguard of your dreams. It deflects negative energy, especially in the form of moaning and ungratefulness. It blocks it from affecting you so that you can carry on with your day as if it never happened. Eventually, people will notice that their energy leeching doesn't work on you and their complaining will cease entirely. This ability alone would make it rank among the best crystals for Virgo sun signs, but its other properties give the healing stone a firm position in our list.

What are the best Virgo crystals to start with?

So you've read the list but now you have too many to choose from? Every stone on this list is worth your time, but deciding which one is best for you to begin with is something that you need to work out for yourself.

What type of energy do you feel like you're lacking at the minute? Is there a crystal from this list that called out to you more than the others? Are you looking for emotional balance and stability, or something to accompany you in chakra-work? There are tons of questions you can ask yourself to find the true nature of the healing crystal you need. Be honest with yourself and keep an open mind.

Those born under this sign tend to be some of the most skeptical people when it comes to energy healing or crystal powers, however don't let that statistic stop you from exploring. A Virgo's life is usually dedicated to self-improvement and gemstones can support you on your journey.

Virgo Birthstone

Can Virgos wear other crystals too?

This list is not comprehensive. There may be a stone that you feel is calling to you that isn't featured here. That's okay. In fact, you can usually sense the energy of a crystal that will be beneficial to you. If you feel as though you've found your match, then that's all you need. Your star sign does not limit which stones you can use, it only enhances the abilities of certain crystals.

What stone gives you strength?

An earth sign can achieve impressive things if they lead with their free will. You are in control of your life and the various energies and properties of a gemstone are only tools for you to advance. If you're looking for more strength and support, then you may be better suited to something like Blue Tourmaline.

Blue Tourmaline is Virgo's ascendant crystal which means it instills confidence in your abilities and is ideal for soothing self-doubt or other worries. It's a highly spiritual stone that stimulates the chakras and helps you connect to your higher self. The energies of this stone are very personal, but that's all the more motivating for a positive-minded Virgo.

If Blue Tourmaline doesn't sound right for you, remember there's a whole family of Tourmaline crystals that Virgos might like. Check out our Essential Guide to Black Tourmaline to learn more.

Another option for strength and support would be Blue Kyanite. This crystal can be life-changing as it works on the physical, emotional and spiritual body simultaneously. It's an all-rounder that's great to keep hold of when you feel the need for protection. It's another stone with self-development properties at its core, making it one of the top crystals for Virgo signs.

Virgo Birthstone

How do you activate crystals and stones?

It's all well and good choosing your crystal, but how do you actually make the most of it so that it promotes and enhances a Virgo's positive traits? You can start by programming it. Clear Quartz is one of the best crystals for intention-setting, and can be used by anybody, regardless of astrology.

First things first, you'll want to connect with your chosen stone's energy. To do this, you'll need to cleanse the crystal and then keep it nearby so that the connection between you and the stone grows. If we use Clear Quartz as an example, then you can skip the cleansing because it recharges itself automatically!

Otherwise, use Selenite to cleanse crystals from negativity and charge it with positive vibes.

Secondly, you'll want to set the crystal an intention. If you are just looking for something simple like energy protection, then you can focus on what it feels like to be safe, secure and comfortable. Try to condense this thought into a powerful emotion and send it telepathically to your crystal. Focus on the stone's energy: its color, vibration and frequency. Now, every time you return to this crystal, remember your intention. Remember the intensity of the feeling and try to replicate it every time you come into contact with that specific stone. The crystal will remember.

Finally, put it to the test. Practice programming your crystals and see if you can instinctively bring forth the emotion behind the intention every time you feel the stone's energy. This technique could change your life.

Hopefully, this list of crystals for Virgos comes in handy. Keep it in mind if you're searching for a personalized present and want to find the perfect Virgo healing stones to amplify all their best qualities.


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7 Perfect Crystals for Virgos

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