3 Best Crystals to Reach Your Financial Goals

Some of the most commonly sought after crystals are ones that bring wealth, prosperity, and abundance. To be financially free is a shared goal by many so it makes sense that crystal-enthusiasts turn to their geological buddies for help.
3 Best Crystals to Reach Your Financial Goals

Some of the most commonly sought after crystals are ones that bring wealth, prosperity, and abundance. To be financially free is a shared goal by many so it makes sense that crystal-enthusiasts turn to their geological buddies for help. If you’re looking for the best crystals for money, then look no further. We list the best three money-magnet crystals below. Not only that, but you can also learn how to program crystals for money and how to make a crystal grid for money too. 

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the top 3 crystals for money.


The Best Crystals for Money


Citrine is quite possibly the most powerful gemstone for money, so it’s no surprise that it made it onto the list. It’s famous for its warm and loving energy that can lift an entire room and make a smile travel like a wave, but it’s money-making properties… They’re something else.

The greatest crystal for wealth comes in a bright yellow color that fills the heart with joy and positive energy at a simple glance. It naturally raises your vibration which is key to speeding up the manifestation process. With a higher frequency, you experience more in less time. Picture a wavelength graph with time running along the X-axis. A high frequency (tall and narrow peaks) will enable you to experience more in the same period than a low frequency (short and wide peaks). 

citrine wealth bracelet

Citrine also activates the solar plexus chakra. It increases self-esteem and reduces self-doubt, making you more confident and enthusiastic about achieving your goals. It encourages you to focus on what makes you happy. Money can be made anywhere, but if you don’t enjoy what you do then you will subconsciously resist the opportunities available to you. Citrine gets you on track for success—whatever that means to you. 



Often called “fool’s gold”, the only fool is the person who thinks Pyrite isn’t valuable. While not holding the immediate value of gold, Pyrite is well-known for being a great stone for attracting abundance. Keep a little nugget of Pyrite with you if you want extra luck while attending interviews or striking business deals. It amplifies your intentions towards success, boosting the probability that you will achieve exactly what you set out to.

One of the most powerful crystals for wealth, pyrite’s linguistic origins lie in the Greek word “Pyr”, meaning fire. And that’s exactly what you’ll have in your belly after working with this crystal. It ignites the passion of the likes you’ve never seen and inspires you to pursue your wildest dreams. Everything feels possible with pyrite.

It increases strength, courage, and persistence, ensuring you never give up on your dreams. It’s one of the best crystals for success because it converts any thoughts of lack into thoughts of abundance. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is often seen as a good luck stone. It’s known to bring more direction to your career and is commended for its ability to manifest abundance. It specializes in transforming dreams into reality. 

This yellow-striped crystal is great for grounding your energy and keeping you connected to mother earth. It supports you in the decision-making process so that you remain sensible with your finances. It’s also revered as a protection talisman, warding off the evil eye and shielding you from the negative intentions of others. It’s a lot more difficult to be manipulated during business deals or at work with Tiger’s eye in your pocket. 

tiger's eye wealth bracelet

Tiger’s Eye opens the solar plexus chakra and helps you access your inner strength. It increases confidence, determination, and self-belief, boosting your passion for money-making projects. It shows you the tools for how to get what you want, and it provides the energetic support to do so but reminds you that it’s you who has to choose to act.

How to program crystals for money

Crystals for money will not work as a standalone method. You don’t place a piece of citrine under your pillow then wake up a millionaire. That isn’t how crystals work. While their manifestation properties can attract large sums of money unexpectedly, this is usually when you combine it with several other practices: visualization, gratitude, and goal-setting to name a few.

The importance of setting intentions cannot be overstated. If you’re working with natural stones to help you attract abundance, then build a relationship with your crystal. Get used to its energy and let it get used to yours. If you’ve chosen the right crystal, your energies will mesh together and you’ll feel at one with the stone, but it can take time. To help build the relationship, or to strengthen a pre-existing one, give the crystal a meaningful intention. Let it know what you want.

Choose a target that isn’t too unrealistic. You want to be able to fully believe you can achieve it, while still making it good enough to be worthwhile. Also, speak in the present tense, as if the goal has already been achieved. Wanting something implies that you don’t have it and we’re looking for ways to manifest abundance, not lack. For example, you could set one of the following intentions:

  • My income has increased by 10%.
  • I save 10% more of my salary per month.
  • I have found lots of new opportunities in my field this month.

Notice how any deadlines here are short-term. You can set longer-term deadlines, but the key is to make sure you believe it. If you’re confident enough to set higher targets then go for it, but you don’t want to set something that feels daunting or impossible to achieve because you will lose motivation. If you build slowly at first, you can start increasing the goals as you progress.

Cleanse your chosen crystals before you set intentions for them. When they’re refreshed and re-energized, you’ll want to go to your sacred space and get into a meditative state. Focus on the crystal’s energy and feel it melting with your own. Recite your intention over and over in your head, or say it out loud if you prefer. Pass the message onto your crystal with the belief that you can achieve it. 

Consider how you would feel if your intention was already successful. Try to feel the emotion as strongly as possible and pass that onto the crystal. 

Crystal grid for money

There’s no set way to make a crystal grid. They rely on your intuition and personal preferences. Some people like to create the entire foundations that the crystals will rest upon, whereas others just use a desk in their sacred space. Feel free to be more creative with it, but to make a simple crystal grid for money, follow these basic guidelines:

money crystal grid

  • Choose an intention. As earlier, you want to select an intention that you believe is possible. If you don’t believe it, then your crystals will sense that and they won’t be of much use to you.
  • Cleanse the space. You can use a table, desk, shelf, or even the floor if you want, but make sure you cleanse the space beforehand. Use a smudge stick or light some incense, and think about your intention as you prepare. Also, ensure your crystals are cleansed before you begin.
  • Write your intention down. Write your intention as concisely as possible and place the piece of paper in the center of your grid. Take your time with it and keep focused on the intention. Try not to let your mind wander, and if it does, bring it back without judgment.
  • Choose your focal crystal. This crystal will be the one to sit on top of your written intention. It will take center stage on the grid (or wherever you feel is calling to you!). Choose one of the three aforementioned crystals for money to hone in on your intention for abundance.
  • Place your other crystals intuitively. Gather the rest of your stones and place them wherever feels good for you. See if you can feel their energy connecting. They want to help you achieve your intention so place them in a way that strengthens their bond to one another.
  • Meditate on your intention. Once all the crystals are in place—and you can use as many as you like—take some time to concentrate on your desire. Let it become the center of your attention, but try to stay aware of the buzzing energy field you’ve just created. Remember to express any emotions that come up when visualizing the outcome of your intentions. Do this for as long as it feels beneficial to you.

The rest of the process is down to your crystals. Let them work their magic and perhaps consider doing this ritual once per month to re-establish your intention and gain more focus and drive. We hope the three crystals for money and the methods for how to use them will bring prosperity your way!

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